Allow me a moment to do my happy dance... NAH-NAH-NAH-NAH! NAH-NAH! NAH-NAH, CAN'T TOUCH THIS! Okay, I'm done... I just gotta say some things about this episode. First of all IT WAS SUPER-MEGA-AWESOME-SWEETNESS-EPIC-HARDCORE-RADICAL-BANANA-PHONE-SUNDAE! Er...don't know where those last three words came from... Still high... Anyway, this episode was so intense, there were times where I almost wanted to turn it off! Example: Kevin piercing Gwen with his Taedenite claw and her screaming. I literally started trembling at that! I'm not a big fan of how Cooper turned out. He's like Kevin but with blonde hair and blue eyes. He's like Kevin and Mike's love child!

ARGH! NOW I GOT BAD IMAGES IN MY HEAD! *smacks self* Out, out, out! Also, I was kinda disappointed in the ending. Kevin becomes human. LOVE that. Gwen kisses Kevin. LOOOOVE that. Kevin shows no effects of his trauma and everything instantly goes back to normal... Yeah, not buying that quite so much. Sometimes I think Man of Action should hire me. I mean, Kevin going on a guilt trip while being mentally unstable would make an EPIC Season 2 plot, am I right? Ah well. I don't care what MOA says. THIS is what I'm writing for our Kevy. Enjoy!

A gust of wind blew the newspaper off of Kevin's back. He shivered and looked up, blinking blearily. 'Blanket...gone...' Beside him, the dog stirred in her sleep. Kevin sighed and hugged her close, trying to get as much warmth from her as possible. After a few days of trying to chase her away, he had finally given up on getting rid of her. Right now, he was glad of that! '' He closed his eyes and slipped into dreamland again.

"GET AWAY FROM ME!" They were shooting at him...shooting these...hard objects. They burned as they entered his flesh... He could see in three directions at once: up, forward, and backward. On all sides, they were closing in on him.

He let out a roar and raised a tawny claw. A pair of green scaled lips opened and spat venom. With a bloodcurdling howl, a pair of black horns attempted to create a psychic shield. Warm, fur-bordered jowls opened wide. Teeth sank into flesh... Blood was flowing...

A sharp pain went through his shoulder. His strength was fading. "No...go...away..." He felt his vision becoming obscured by blackness...

Kevin woke up to the feeling of a tongue licking his face. He batted the dog away with a hand and sat up. She was sitting attentively, panting slightly. Her mismatched eyes were glittering cheerfully. Kevin felt a smile come to his face. '' He reached out and stroked her ears.

As the dog rested her head on his lap, Kevin thought back to the dream he had. Despite his inability to string words together on his own, he could still understand what was being conveyed to him. In the dream, he had been something else. Some creature he had never seen before... He had felt fur, scales, and growths all over his body. He had had such power...not like the power he had had when a mutant, but a purer power. It was great, but controlled. He had been frightened. The men in his dream had been trying to do something very bad to him. He couldn't remember what.

Were these after effects of his...most recent transformation? The thought of his monster self made Kevin shudder violently. Quickly, he pushed the thought away. Now wasn't the time to think of that. He needed food! If able, he would have groaned as he forced himself to his feet. He made a clicking noise with his tongue as he started to walk down the alley and the dog trotted after him. Since he couldn't speak, he was unable to give her a name. Therefore, he had settled to clicking twice with his tongue to call her. She probably thought that that was her name...

'Can'' Kevin thought sadly.

As Kevin walked, something caught his eye. Someone had graffitied all across the brick wall next to him. The words were a striking blue color and led along the alley. Kevin stopped where the marks began and looked at them. They were words. He looked along the wall and realized that the entire compilation was a poem. Curious, he began to read the large, blue words.

Diamond blades reflect the moons

A cold, steel light that holds no love

For the coming of fire and smoke

Nor the warmth of suns above

Pale jewels do scatter far

Pieces drift and fade away

Like the breaking of a heart

During the red decline of day

Stone can shatter, as can hearts

As can wood, as can bone

The pain that spreads like poison veins

Comes swiftly when still and alone

When wings are cut, where is the will

To fly away from shadows creeping?

When does one give up and allow

The Arsenic to start its seeping?

Lying, dying on filthy earth

Is the fate of sharded dreams

Till they are forgotten thoughts

Floating in Nirvana's seams

Kevin stared thoughtfully at the cerulean painted words. For some reason, he was able to repeat the words in his head. 'The pain that spreads like poison veins... Comes swiftly when still and alone...'

A questioning bark from his dog broke Kevin from his thoughts. ' food...'


"You've been awfully quiet." Ben commented, slurping his carrot/popcorn/chocolate/strawberry smoothie. "Still thinking about Kevin? We got Ship on patrol currently."

"I know. It's partially that..." Gwen closed her eyes and rubbed her temples with her fingertips.

"What's the other part?" Ben tilted his head, straw still sticking out of his mouth.

"I had this...dream last night. didn't feel like my dream. It was like I was there on accident."

"Yeah?" Ben raised an eyebrow. "What happened in the dream?"

Gwen scrunched her eyes shut as she recalled her dream. It had seemed so real... "There was this creature. It...looked like a lion, but it wasn't. There were other parts to it."

"What did the creature do?"

"It was fighting a bunch of men with guns. It howled as if in severe pain. I couldn't move a muscle... One of the people shot a tranquilizer into it and it collapsed. Then, I woke up."

"Huh..." Ben shrugged his shoulders and went back to his smoothie. "You must be tired from the stress of these past few weeks. You're getting weird nightmares."

"If you say so." Secretly, Gwen knew that Ben was wrong. Whatever she had seen, it was real! Somewhere out there, there was a creature that was in agony.

Thinking of creatures in agony immediately brought Gwen's thoughts back to her beloved Kevin. "When will Ship be reporting back to us? It's my turn after him, you know."

"I know." Ben said patiently. "It'll be about fifteen minutes."

Gwen nodded reluctantly and leaned back in her seat. "It's been six days, Ben. The day after tomorrow, I'm going to try to talk to him."

"I won't stop you. This was the deal." Ben tossed his empty cup to the side. "But remember, you gotta be careful. If he runs again, don't try to chase after him."

"I know..." Gwen stared at a stain on the table. "I just...can't stand seeing him like this!"

"Me neither, Gwen." Ben reached over and placed a hand over his cousin's hand. "Me neither..."


Kevin made sickening gagging noises in the back of his throat as he expelled the contents from his stomach. In order to save money, he had bought food that was way past the sell date. Now, he was paying the price for the expired milk, bananas, and hotdogs that had made up his meal. He didn't even notice the dog nearby, barking worriedly and spinning in circles. A few minutes later, he passed out, his head falling into the pool of sick.

A few minutes later, a pair of gray-furred feet were padding down the alleyway. Yellow eyes darted to the left and right as their owner sniffed the air suspiciously. "Ugh!" He muttered. "Someone just hurled!" He hurried his pace, wanting to get away from that smell and back to his temporary hideout. If he just left this alley and...

Something caught his eye. Curiously, he turned his head and let out a gasp of shock. Kevin Levin was lying on the alley floor, completely zonked out! "Hm..." His fangs baring in an excited grin, the figure stooped down and started going through the sick conman's pockets. "Maybe he has..."


"Whoa!" The figure immediately jumped up. "Um...nice doggy... Nice doggy..." The dog growled back. He could see that its eyes were different colored. Something about them unnerved him. "Back off, poochy..." He muttered, trying to bend down toward Kevin again. The dog snapped at him and he jumped back. He considered just stunning the dog but decided against it. It wasn't worth it. He'd pick Kevin's pockets some other time. With an annoyed snort, he turned on his heel and began to walk away.

He hadn't gone three steps before a pair of jaws closed on his ankles. "OW!" He tried to yank his foot away. "LET GO! YEOWCH! CRAZY MUTT!" The dog pulled him off of his balance, causing him to crash to the ground. "Why you stupid-" He stopped as the dog trotted back over to Kevin's fallen form. Its eyes were looking piercingly at him. It looked at Kevin and then back at him. It didn't take an idiot to realize what the dog wanted.

"No way!" The figure stood up and shook his elongated head. "There's no way I'm gonna be Kev's babysitter!"


He rolled his eyes and walked closer. He'd might as well just stun the stupid canine and be on his way. Just as he was preparing however, something made him stop in his tracks. The dog bent down and licked Kevin's upturned cheek. This caused a pair of yellow eyes to unwillingly go to the fallen teen's face. It was pale and filthy. His eyes were twitching under his eyelids. His teeth were gritted as if he was in some sort of severe pain.

'Walk away, man! Just walk away!' He started to turn away but found himself stopping. 'Get it together, sap! Just go!' His feet refused to move. After a few minutes of indecision, he breathed a sigh of defeat and moved back toward Kevin. "Dude, you are so gonna owe me big time!"


He was in a white room. Blinding lights shined bitingly into his forced-open eyeballs. His lids were being held apart with little metal hooks. He couldn't blink. He was whimpering in pain. He tried to lash out, to fight back, to distract himself from his agony. His feet were bound, as was the rest of him. He couldn't move! His eyes had stopped tearing ages ago. He could no longer see in front of him. He was only aware of the light...only aware of the light...

He heard voices. They were saying things... He couldn't understand them. He felt another needle jab into his side and take some of his vital fluids from within his veins. He tried to yell at them to stop but his mouth had gone as dry as sandpaper. Everything hurt. He wished that they would just kill him already... He wanted to die...

Wanted to...

Soft, pure cloth surrounded him. He felt a certain...cleanliness, like the feeling one gets after a bath. There was something warm draped over him. He was on a bed, rock hard, but very comfortable after his past few days in the alley. Slowly, Kevin opened his eyes. To his total shock, there were two bright yellow orbs looking at him from across the dark room. A word successfully formed in his mind.


I decided that, since I was disappointed with the lack of Awesome Argit in the series, I'd put him into this fic to play a part. Good? Bad? And the dreams ARE important. Keep that in mind. And yes, I wrote that poem myself. I write a lot of them. That one took about half an hour...give or take a few minutes... Anyway, back to the episode! MOA, you have skyrocketed my expectations! I will not tolerate anything less awesome than this first season! You'd better not let me down! You've proven you've got the skill. KEEP USING IT! Even though I could have thought of a better ending... Ah well, can't have everything! Seriously though, this finale was enough to make me underwhelmed by the following GENERATOR FREAKING REX episode! I'm NEVER underwhelmed by GR! B10 has moved up to the top of my list again, my friends! Let's keep our fingers crossed for a Season two that will have us on the edges of our seats.

One more thing...ANOTHER PROPHECY CAME TRUE! Kevin has a stepdad who was the one to kick him out when he was eleven. SCORE! CALLED IT in...ONE OF MY STORIES! Well, that's all. Intense episode. Should be the model for the rest of the series. Please review! Solora out! ^_^

PS- One more thing: MOA loves the fangirls. It's been proven. There was no other point to having Kevin's pants still in place but his shirt gone when he changed back. That was pure fanservice. MOA just gave us obvious fanservice. LOVE HIM! Kevin is SO FREAKING HAWT!