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The Cullen's make my skin crawl, they just ain't natural. Feedin' off animals, callin' themselves vegetarians, thinkin' themselves above us 'cause they get to play human. Fuckin' Atypicals, wantin' to Lord it up over everyone else. Thing is, somethin' that they need to see through they're piss ass yellow eyes, is that we don't give a shit. We don't wanna change. We're just as happy as pigs in shit bein' what we are, we revel in it. Now, don't be gettin' me wrong, I don't just look at the humans like cattle, I wouldn't fuck a cow, you know? They have they're uses, and not just as food. Neither me, nor my women, turn down a warm body to take our lustful fill of before we let the bloodlust run free. But we don't want to be a part of them; it's real simple; we're apart from them. It's all about the food chain, the power, and we vampires sit nice and pretty right on the top link.

In this situation, we don't just have the Cullen's to worry about. Oh no, we have to put up with the mutated dog stink that saturates this area. It's a fuckin' joke. But I ain't gonna argue for bringin' Alec in, and there ain't no other way to skip Little Miss Priss' visions than to use the treaty with the shape shifters to our advantage and let their presence cloak us. Works for us, as long as they stay away.

Which they do, mostly. At least one of them is usually skulkin' around in the shadows, tryin' to be threatenin', as if we couldn't just rip 'em apart if we wanted to. Treaty, my ass. They seem to conveniently forget that they came to us. Ephraim Black had his head screwed on right; he knew the way shit worked. Yeah, they might be built to kill us, but it's their numbers that let them down. Ironic really that it's the humans that made that happen, settlin' here and cuttin' down their numbers and therefore bloodlines, forcin' them into reservations and tribal legends lost.

Sittin' outside of the small cabin we were usin' as Base, I smirk to myself as I scent one of the regulars around the tree line. He's one of the young ones, always comin' in a little bit closer than the others, and it ain't bravado or cockiness either. The pup is curious. And that's always somethin' that I can work with.

The first time he'd come close enough for us to see him was just hours after we got here. Jasper sensed him and clued me into his possible usefulness. For my part, I sat outside, seemingly nonchalant until I spoke out that if he let the furry go, we could have a nice little chat. Couldn't help but throw in "I won't bite" in there too. We were likely the first real vamps that he'd seen, these fuckers have been spoilt by the pacifist Cullen clan.

He looked just like the others, only I could tell that he still had some maturin' to do. The activation of the gene might make them bulk up, but it don't mean that a fifteen year old will suddenly think and act like the twenty-five year old he looked like now. He'd crept over, fastenin' up his poor excuse for jeans as he came closer. He even had a shy smile on his face. And I do so love naivety, that mixed with curiosity and you've got a great foundation for gatherin' intel. The pup hadn't been initiated into the pack long and had enough sense and questions not to buy into their bullshit, and he'd watched his sister broken by one of them and then treated like the pack whore by the others. Respect ain't somethin' that he felt for his people, and it certainly ain't somethin' that he'd learned from them. Also somethin' I could use. But best of all? The pup was underestimated by the others, and the pup could keep his mind fixed on whatever the fuck normal teenagers think about, titties and comic books or whatever. He could keep shit quiet that needed to be kept quiet.

And today, it seemed, that link would prove to be most useful.

I knew somethin' had happened when Seth came runnin' outta the woods without botherin' to untether his pants from his ankle, let alone put them on. He was drippin' wet from the rain, his skin actin' like he was his own in built sauna, steam risin' every which way. Not that I was complainin', but I shouldn't be checkin' out a fifteen year old's dick, you know?

"You have to get Bella, you've got to get her now!" he rushed out, his eyes wide and serious. I hated to admit it, but it was difficult not to like this kid. He genuinely cared for Bella and he genuinely disagreed with the way the tribes Chief had lead his people in recent years. It was...endearin'. Not somethin' I'd feel often, but I was actually thinkin' of takin' the pup with us when we finally ditch this place. With the right trainin', he'd be more than useful.

The way I figure it, is for Billy to be so far away from the sensible Chief his father had been, that he'd been dropped on his head as a baby. Repeatedly.

"She's covered," I answer him, standin' back far enough that I don't need to look up at him. 'Cause that shits just wrong. He's fifteen for fucks sake. "Spill."

"Thank fuck," he breathed out, runnin' both hands through his hair, still all kinds of agitated. That was the first time I'd heard him cuss worth a damn. "They're planning on performing some sorta ritual to mate Bella to Alpha...um, Jacob, I mean."

Now that deserved at least a raised eyebrow, which he got. I stood up straighter too. A forced matin'? And the shapeshifter's think that we're the fucked up ones. Crazy fuckers.

"Well that ain't gonna be happenin', I can tell you that. The Boss is with her as we speak, there ain't no one safer for her." I snorted, thinkin' of what Jasper had witnessed between Bella and Edward. Boss man sure has a voyeuristic streak. Kinda serendipitous that the first time he saw Bella was when she was experiencin' her own fall from grace, albeit incomplete. But then, Jasper has plans for that too.

"They've invited Bella and Charlie to dinner at Chief Black's, Charlie won't say no. They've been friends forever, and he has no clue about the shit that goes down on the Res."

I sniffed, lookin' off to the side in contemplation. This was good information; this was the shit that we needed to know. Still, it ain't like Jasper would just let Bella run off to the Res.

I shake my head, lookin' back at the pup, "Charlie can accept all he wants to, but Bella won't. She's pissed at Jacob, right? Why would she say yes?"

"Bella's pissed at Al-Jake, but she won't pass up a chance to talk to him..." He trailed off as my cell beeped in my pocket and my attention switched from the pup to my phone.

She ran. Heading towards La Push with her dad. ~ JW

Stop her. Res is a trap ~ PW

Fuck! She's already there. Get her NOW. I'm on my way. ~ JW

"Change of plans, she's already there." I get a flash of the pup's palin' face as I turn to the cabin, barkin' out orders, "Char, Maria, we're goin' on a field trip."

"She's there? You said she wouldn't go!" Pup followed me as I sprinted into the trees, knowin' my women would follow.

"Where would they take her?" I asked, ignorin' his question. Goin' over shit I got wrong was not what we needed right then.

"She'll need to be...cleansed," he spat out the word, "They'll take her to the cliffs."

I pause to stare at him for one second before changin' direction slightly to take us towards the beach. "When you say 'cleansed'?"

"By air and water...some bullshit about the elements cleansing her soul. They call her tainted," he spat out, "And because of that they'll make her jump from the cliff," the Pup's voice was mostly growl by the end of that. I knew I had to get what I needed out of him first before he lost the fight to stay in his human form.

"You keep callin' Jacob by his name and not his title," I say, changin' the subject. There was somethin' I needed to clarify. "Does that mean what I think it means?"

"I couldn't stay with them any longer, I'm sorry if that messes with me letting you know what's going on, but what they were planning," he shakes his head, which looks kinda insane while his whole body is shakin', fightin' off the phase.

"They really can't hear you now, right?" I ask.

"No," he was all snarls now.

"Good, let go and phase, I'll be usin' you and the rain to mask our scents. I need to scope out what we're up against first."

I'd barely finished talkin' when I heard the distinctive shreddin' rip of the phase, and I had a sandy coloured wolf runnin' next to me. Char and Maria kept behind us.

We went high, we had to. It was the only way to see the situation. Sittin' on a higher outcrop, we stayed silent and bathed in the pup's scent as we looked down on the scene. Neither the weather, nor the darkness was a problem with our eyesight and we could see everythin'. One pack of wolves, one Chief and one thoroughly wet bedraggled human female.

We wouldn't be gettin' her from the cliff. We needed another plan.

"Pup, you in control enough to phase back?" I asked him, I needed more information.

My answer was him crouched next to me, naked as the day he was born.

"Tell me more about this shit," I asked, keepin' my voice real low and wavin' my hand towards the scene below. Gotta admit, seen as I was doin' a lot of that lately, that the little lady was holdin' her own down there despite how scared shitless she must be. But then, the good Lord wouldn't have mated her with the Boss if she didn't have some fire and good sense.

"They'll make her jump and have someone waiting down there to collect her. And, if she survives, she'll be taken onto the beach and basically drugged. Then Billy will perform the bonding ritual."

I thought for a second, runnin' over the strategies in my mind. One of us needed to be in the water play grab 'n' go with Bella. I needed to call Jasper, there ain't no way we need an enraged mate bustin' in here and makin' this into somethin' it didn't need to be. I ain't afraid of the wolves, but en masse they cause problems. It's what they're built for after all. But I also knew that keepin' him outta this would be impossible, I sure as all hell knew how I would feel if this were Maria or Char.

"Speak," was the growled command as soon as the call connected.

"They've got plans on your lady, we're ready to grab her. Where are you?"

"Five minutes away from the Res, what's your position?"

"Cliffs. Up high. Come in from downwind, Char and Maria will be here. I'll have your little lady. Cause havoc and follow to the border."


Endin' the call, I turned to the others. "Pup, I need you down the coast with blankets. The little lady looks all kind of frozen, we'll be needin' your body heat to help her out, so meet us ASAP." He nodded and ran off into the night. He's got a good future in him, that one. Obedience ain't always easy to come by. "Char, Maria, you two stay up here, Boss is gonna be makin' his appearance soon but not soon enough. As soon as she goes over, create a distraction then get your fine asses on my six. We need to get across the border and meet up with the cavalry."

I gave my cell to Char, who pocketed it, knowin' that it wouldn't be no use to us if it takes a swim with me. They stayed in position while I scaled down, runnin' around the perimeter and leapin' off the cliff with no one but us the wiser. I saw Bella fall back just before I went under.

We ain't got no trouble swimmin', point of fact we're right as rain beneath the waves, but it cuts off our senses. It's annoyin', but the fact that we can slice through the water like it ain't there makes up for that bullshit. I still have my hearin', mostly, and I knew where Bella would be hittin' the water.

I could hear the chaos goin' on up top, but I kept my eyes on the prize as I swam through the water and gotta hold of the little lady just before the wolf they'd had watchin' for her made his move. I kicked out, makin' contact with the fucker and usin' the leverage to send us through the water and givin' us a good head start. Bella was alive, her heart beatin' wildly in her chest as she clung to me, but she needed to breathe. I brought us above water for a spell of oxygen for the human.

I kept us movin' as she gasped and spluttered herself a good lungful of air. I spun us as the enemy closed in, still in human form, tanned arms movin' him fast through the water, but not fast enough. I was just about to land another kick when one of my women landed right on top of the fucker. I snorted, pullin' Bella behind me now with the added back up of Maria, knowin' that that stunt would be somethin' we'd be laughin' over later. That fucker's face when Maria landed on his head was priceless. We headed along the coastline, climbin' up and out of the ragin' water as soon as we were far enough away and, with a soakin' wet and freezin' human wrapped around my torso, sprinted towards the border. I knew Jasper, and I knew full and well that he'd have the doc waitin' to take care of Bella. It was somethin' else I didn't need to worry or plan for then.

"Three, arrow formation from the east," Maria said calmly. I'd already sensed them, of course, who the fuck couldn't the way they blundered through the forest? But communication is never a bad habit to have.

I carried on runnin', knowin' to trust Maria to keep them away from me and my charge. I had one objective, and that was to get Bella to safety. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Maria jump sideways, kickin' out at a large tree and sendin' it flyin' into one of the wolves, while usin' the momentum to land a good and crunchin' kick to another. I lost sight of her as she leaped lithely into the air, somersaultin' up and over the last one and landed square on his back. The snap of his spine echoed behind me before her swift footsteps were back in sync with mine. She'd been trained well.

Char appeared next, jumpin' down from a tree to my right, her gorgeous form splattered bright red with blood and stinkin' just like what she'd likely torn apart. Char had always been the messy one.

"We've got another four coming, lover," she purred.

Two of them were tryin' to cut us off. Maria and Char worked together; dancin' like the deadly bitches they were while I came to a skiddin' halt and ducked under the frontal assault. Bella had a death grip on me as we skidded along the forest floor, the wolf flyin' over us and tackled mid air by a ragin', roarin' Jasper as he joined the fray. More were comin' up on us, I needed speed. I got my wish when Edward, black eyed and feral appeared before us. Instincts took over and I threw Bella, as gently as possible, over to him and he took off at his impressive speed as I jumped to my feet and ran to take on those that thought to thwart us.

For a small fuckin' tribe, these fuckers bread like rabbits, and there were more wolves litterin' the floor around us than I'd been expectin'. Still, we ain't no one to mess with and it was with a glee known only in battle that I threw myself into the fight.

Thing was, as much as I knew Jasper needed to kill and maim and kill again, he also needed to be with Edward and Bella right now. Revenge is a dish best served cold and I've no doubt in how Jasper operates. He'd want a clear head for whatever fate the wolves and their chief would be facin'.

"Border, now!" Jasper commanded, just as I knew he would, and we all turned and ran full out.

The Cullen's, minus Carlisle, Esme, and Alice, were all waitin' for us and makin' up our numbers. If the wolves had any sense at all, they'd be tuckin' tails and runnin' just as soon as they saw what was waitin' for them.

Jasper carried right on runnin', wantin' to see Bella and confirm her status, as we all joined the ranks and turned to the remainin' six wolves that were pawin' at the ground and growlin' up a storm. It was all theatrics and intimidation tactics; I knew they wouldn't risk crossin' the treaty line. Not with so many of them down for the count...or permanently. And we ain't lost a one of us. I smirked, relaxin' my stance and raisin' an eyebrow in question and challenge. To form, they walked backwards slowly before tuckin' tail and runnin' away.

Without lookin' to either side I held my arms out, and as I expected, got them both full of my women, their heads restin' on my chest. Jasper and Edward weren't the only ones that needed to make sure that no harm had come to their mates. It was one thing to know how well trained they were, to have seen them in action, and to trust their abilities. It was a-fucking-nother to expect that to mean you didn't give a shit. And my women? Fuck knows I give a shit about them.

I leant my head down, whisperin' as if that changed whether or not everyone else would be able to hear it, "I'm guessin' that this means they know we're here."

My only answer was a couple of snorted, but good natured, laughs and a smack to the chest.

We'd had to hightail it towards the road, I didn't want Seth to end up in any trouble from Edward or Jasper. They wouldn't exactly be in their right minds right about now, and any wolf would be an enemy, regardless of what Seth actually was. And that was the one that saved Bella. Without him, we would've been late, if there at all. And fuck knows what that ritual might've done or meant for her if it had gone ahead.

"Lover," Char caught my attention before she handed me my phone.

Get Bella's dad away from Billy's. She won't calm till she knows we have him. He's passed out in the living room – JW

"Sounds about right," I muttered to myself as I replied.

Consider it done, Boss. I'll be needin' Seth back, he's the one that clued us in – PW

"This should be interestin'."

Ten minutes later and we were skulkin' around in the shadows, watchin' the Black's little red house and all the not so little bodies within it. It was like watchin' Jerry Springer live, just without the tittie flashes and baby daddy issues.

"We need to move in, NOW," we all heard Jacob shout, the growl almost hidin' the whine, but not quite. "They'll be expecting us to stay back, regroup; we can take them by surprise."

"We must eradicate their dirt from the world," Billy added, and he didn't sound happy either. "You will gather those uninjured and those well enough to fight, and you will go to their nest and kill them all. Treaty or no treaty, it is our duty!"

"Is he for real? He knows what just happened, right?" Emmett muttered under his breath to me, followed by silent laughter.

I shook my head; nothing about that man would surprise me anymore. "I remember his father; he was a good man, sensible. It seems it skipped a generation."

Silence fell as I surveyed the situation. Goin' off heartbeats alone, I could tell that there were six wolfboys in the main room, and one human. A second human heartbeat was goin' slow in the back bedroom. Made our job easier to some extent. The plan was easy; distract, grab, retreat. And, if we had a chance at a little bloody fun, then we weren't about to pass that up either. We were all still high on battle fever. Even the Atypicals were still in battle mode, almost made them seem like real vampires.

"Girls, I need you stripped down and in front of the house. Emmett, you're with me on grab duty," I ordered, used to people just doin' as I said.

"What do you mean 'stripped down'?!" Rose hissed at me, Emmett noddin' behind her and not lookin' as if he was too opposed to the idea.

I looked Rose straight in the eye, "Exactly what you think it means, Rose. The best distraction is one aimed at the victim. They're a bunch of boys turned men, with all the hormonal changes that come along with that, but in epic levels. They're animals at heart, wolves. It might be distasteful to you, but titties are gonna be the best distraction we've got right now, other than a dump truck full of dog chow. And I ain't seein' none o'that around here, are you?" I didn't wait for her to answer. "They might hate our kind, but they love titties. And between the three of you, you've got three pairs of bouncin', round and rosie tipped titties. You three walk up to the front of the house nekkid and I guarantee you that they'll be pausin' long enough for Emmett and I to grab Charlie and us all to get out of there before even a one of them has spouted anythin' other than a woody, let alone a wolf. Understand?"

This wasn't about us catchin' an eye full, or even tryin' to debase the women. It was a tactic, pure and simple, and a good one. I didn't give a goddamn whether she liked it or not.

We kept up the starin' game over the space of a few seconds, and as I knew she would, it was Rose that gave in. There was logic in what I was sayin'. If there was a bunch of female's in there, it'd be me and Emmett sportin' the stripper package. But it wasn't. And that's just the way it was.


I smiled, and waited while the women got ready, gatherin' their clothes into a bundle and handin' it to Emmett for safe keepin'. Three nekkid, and impressive, ladies walked out into full view of the lounge window. As expected, all of the wolves strode out of the house, lookin' the women up and down. I didn't like it, and by Emmett's tense demeanour, he didn't like it either. But shit was how it was, and now it was our turn to do our part.

We ghosted around to the back of the house, pausin' at the squeakin' wheels of Billy's wheelchair as he made his slow way into the bedroom where Charlie was layin'. It would've been the perfect time to kill the bastard, which was what he deserved. But I already had a plan in place for that, somethin' nice and special, and just for him. The window was easily large enough to accommodate either me or Emmett, and we could see Charlie flat out on the bed as Billy looked down at him. We could hear the wolves out front, askin' the women what they were doin' instead of attackin'. Which was the point, of course, but it didn't fail to make me think even less of them. Seriously? This is the oldest trick in the book.

I was debatin' just bustin' on in there and knockin' Billy out, or to wait, when the old zealot made his own way out. For someone that knows there are three vamps outside the house, he was eerily calm. He had far too much faith in the pack. Especially after tonight. It was easy to pop the window open and slip in. Even easier to pick up Bella's dad and hand him out to Emmett, who was now holdin' the unconscious Charlie in one arm, and the women's clothin' in the other. Truthfully, I could've carried him out myself, but I was gettin' some sick form of satisfaction by havin' Emmett act like the ninja equivalent of a Busboy.

But, shit needed to stay professional, so I signalled for Emmett to pass me the clothes, and I tied the clothes up with Char's long sleeve shirt, keepin' it secure and motioned for Emmett take Charlie off to safety. Just in time. He hit the shadows of the tree line just as the first rip of a phase tore through the air. It was with a grin that I jumped up over the house to join' in the fight.

The fun was just gettin' started.

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