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"O-okay… r-r-roar!"

Woody smiled sympathetically. "Still not scary, Rex."

The green plastic dinosaur waved his little arms in frustration and sucked in a huge breath. "ROOOOAR!"

Potato Head glanced up in annoyance from the card game that he and Buttercup were playing. "Rex, seriously. You've been working on this for about thirteen years. I think by now your roar should be declared extinct."

"But I'm a dinosaur," Rex whimpered.

"A toy dinosaur," Dolly pointed out gently. "It's not like you need to intimidate prey or anything."

"I-I know…" The T-Rex worked his fingers together nervously. "But without a really fearsome roar it's like I'm naked!"

Woody and Dolly shared an amused glance. Andy's toys had only been at Bonnie's for a few weeks now, but in that short time the green dinosaur had become fixated on one of his old anxieties: roaring. The toys had alternately tried to convince Rex that he didn't need to be terrifying or else help him with his roaring exercises, but none of it seemed to do much good. The poor tyrannosaur was starting to get paranoid.

As the Peas-in-a-Pod volunteered to imitate helpless prey for Rex to chase across the hardwood floor, Dolly shook her head.

"Has Rex always been this self-conscious?" she asked.

Woody smiled. "Not for the past nine years or so. But before that, yes. I think being played with again after so long has made him a little anxious to please." He paused, then added, "Either that, or he wants to impress Trixie."

The little rag doll grinned. "You know she's just happy to have someone who loves video games around, dinosaur or not."

"I think Rex feels the same way."

"But I don't want to hunt you down and rip you to shreds!" Rex was saying to the Peas. "I just want to be able to be able to roar!"

By now most of the other toys had joined the huddle.

"I'm sure you can roar good an' loud if you really need to, Rex," Jessie said consolingly. "Maybe you're like Bullseye. He don't whinny unless he has a real good reason, do ya boy?"

The toy horse shook his head and whickered.

Jessie smiled and patted Rex's hand. "Y'see? Maybe you just ain't the type to be noisy. Some folks make a habit of hollerin' all the time-"

"Says the voice of experience!" Woody couldn't resist adding.

The cowgirl shot him a glare. He edged behind Dolly, grinning.

"And some folks only holler when they get hog-tied with their own pull string and left out in the yard at night," Jessie finished, raising an eyebrow meaningfully.

"But I need to be loud," Rex moaned. "You heard what Andy said when he gave me to Bonnie. I'm supposed to be terrifying!"

Suddenly there was the distinct sound of a child's running footsteps.

"Speaking of Bonnie!" Dolly gasped. "Take your places!"

Instantly every toy in the room ran back to their spots. Bonnie charged through the door a moment later, her short brown hair bobbing against her neck as she hopped up and down excitedly.

"Lookit you guys!" she squealed, holding up a small box for all of them to see. "New toys! They're really neat," she babbled, opening the box. "See, what you do is you take them out-"

She pulled three speckled white orbs out of the container and set them on her nightstand.

"- and put them in water – hang on-"

Bonnie grabbed an empty glass from the stand, ran across the hall to the bathroom, and came back a moment later with a full glass. She dropped the spheres in.

"- and then you wait! And in a couple days you get a really neat surprise. You guys will like 'em, especially you, Rex," she beamed, picking the green tyrannosaur up and putting him by the pillow on her bed. "These are gonna be yours to take care of!"

"Bonnie!" her mother called from the kitchen. "Come wash your hands! It's time for lunch."

"Coming!" the little girl called back. She patted Rex on the head. "Now you watch these real carefully, Mr. Tyrannosaur."

She jumped off the bed and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

For a few moments there was silence. Then the toys cautiously began to come to life. Woody stood and exchanged a look with Dolly. If it was possible for a craft-eyed doll's eyes to get

wider, hers did. Woody knew what she was thinking.

Just what kind of a surprise were they in for?

He gestured to the nightstand. "Wanna go take a look?"

"And march bravely into the unknown?" Dolly grinned. "Sure."

The rest of the toys had gathered at the foot of the nightstand and were babbling curiously.

"How many are there?"

"What do they look like?"

"What kinda surprise do ya reckon it'll be?"

"How long until we find out?" Buzz wanted to know.

Woody shrugged. "Not sure. It probably says on the box. Hey Rex!" he called up to the dinosaur. "Does the carton say how long it takes to find out what the surprise is?"



Still no reply.

Woody threw a glance at Buzz, who was frowning in puzzlement. Silently the space ranger stepped forward and gave Woody a boost up the side of the bed. The cowboy crawled over the edge and stood up.

Rex was sitting perfectly still on the pillow, his little arms clutched tightly to his chest as he stared wide-eyed at the water glass. He looked terrified.

"Rex?" Woody walked over and poked him in the shoulder. "You okay?"

The dinosaur blinked and finally looked at his friend.

"I'm a dad," he whimpered.

"Wh-what?" Woody sputtered.

Rex began to wring his hands. "Sh-she told me they're mine… they can't be mine… I'm not ready for this…"

"Now hang on a second! What makes you think-"

"The box!" Rex wailed, pointing a trembling green arm. "Just look at the box!"

Woody glanced over to the nightstand. The flimsy cardboard box lay on its side, pieces of plastic packaging spilling out along with something that looked like it might be an instruction sheet. On the side of the box were pictures of a white oval in different stages: an orb in a glass of water, a somewhat bigger orb with cracks in it, a broken orb with something green poking out of it. The last picture was of a little green creature standing upright.

"Uh oh," Woody breathed.

The front of the box read "Grow-A-Saurus."

"C'mon Rex, take a nice breath in…and out…there ya go…"

Rex was grateful that at least one toy in the room knew what it was like to have a panic attack. Jessie had climbed up on the bed and begun trying to calm him once Woody realized that the toy dino was hyperventilating.

"You gonna be okay, Rex?" Woody asked gently.

The tyrannosaur whimpered. "I – I don't know…"

Jessie patted his arm. "Sure you will," she soothed. "You just got a little shook up, that's all."

Rex moaned.

By now many of the other toys had gotten onto the bed or the nightstand and were exploring the contents of the Grow-A-Saurus box.

"It says here," Hamm read from the instruction sheet, "That once placed in water, the eggs will grow and begin to hatch within twenty-four hours-"

"Twenty-four hours?" Rex shrieked.

"- and that the hatchlings will reach full size within forty-eight hours," the piggybank continued, "At which time they will be ready for fun and games."

"Neat!" Trixie squealed. "Does it say what kind of dinos they are?"

Hamm flipped the sheet over. "Eh, negative. Looks like it could be a variety pack." He pointed his hoof at the colorful photograph of several different types of baby dinosaurs posed in fake Jurassic shrubbery.

"Variety?" Rex panted. "Variety? You mean like herbivores and carnivores all together at once?" His arms flailed in horror. "What if they try to eat each other?"

Hamm snorted. "Inconceivable."

"They're toys!" Woody said for the umpteenth time. "They're not going to eat anything unless we teach them how to, right?"

Rex wrung his little hands. "I thought Bonnie liked me," he whimpered.

"She does like you!" Woody protested.

"Then why did she make me a father?" he wailed. "Why didn't she pick Trixie to be the parent? She's a dinosaur!"

"Me?" the triceratops squeaked. "Oh no, no no no no no! The only thing I know how to take care of is a computer!"

"But you're a girl!"

"I'm a career girl!" Trixie shot back.

The tyrannosaur shook his head vigorously. It wasn't fair! All he wanted to do was play video games and get played with by Bonnie. He didn't want to be a parent. He didn't want to be responsible for someone else. Rex had a hard enough time keeping himself from getting into scrapes, much less keeping a couple of babies out of trouble. He wasn't ready for this!

"What if they don't like me?" he moaned.

"Rex, Bonnie's just playing," Buzz spoke up.

Woody nodded vigorously. "Sure she is!"

"But she told me they're mine!" the T-Rex wailed. "She wants me to take care of them!"

"She's pretending," Dolly put in.


"Rex," Woody interrupted. "They are toys! You don't have anything to worry about."

"But what if they're tyrannosaurs?" Rex cried. "It doesn't matter if they're toys or not! What if they expect me to be a role model? How can I be a good example if I can't even roar?"

"Try it again!" Jessie encouraged. "Maybe now that you got somethin' to roar about, you can do it!"

"Motivation!" Mr. Pricklepants cried.

Instantly the other toys chimed in.

"Try it, Rex!"

"You can do it!"

"Knock my ears out, Godzilla!"

The tyrannosaur perked up. "Really? Do you… do you think this will do it?"

"You ain't gonna know until you try, are you?"

"Well, I… n-no…"

"Go on!" Trixie said excitedly.

Rex laced his fingers together nervously, took a great big breath, hesitated… Trixie was beaming at him. He sucked in another big breath and gave it his all.

"ROAR!" he shouted.

The toys winced.

Rex looked to Jessie for a verdict. The cowgirl bit her lip.

"Maybe I can teach you to yodel," she suggested.

*grins* Yeah, I totally borrowed Wallace Shawn's line from "The Princess Bride" and gave it to Hamm :D

Hello everyone! This will be a three chapter fic, so the fun is definitely not over yet! I love Rex to death and have known from the start that I wanted to write something for him, but I wasn't sure what. I thought about a Rex and Trixie romance, but that seemed a little obvious. The idea of Bonnie possibly making Rex and Trixie get married and have babies popped into my head, and I wondered how paranoid Rex would feel about having to be a role model and a parent, not to mention a married dinosaur. And then I thought "No wait! Even better! Let's make Rex a single dad!" It's a simple concept, but I think I have a few surprises up my sleeve for you :)

The other two chapters are about seventy-five percent complete. So, I plan on posting once a week for the next few weeks. I'll see you again next saturday! ~Owl