She's sitting there, giving you the death stare even though you've never said two words to her. She hates you. You don't think you've ever done anything to her, but she hates you.

She hates everything. Absolutely everything.

She's perpetually apathetic unless she's angry. If you piss her off, you'll be begging for death pretty damn soon. She's never "apart" of anything and she's not your friend. She's a loner and only speaks when she has something sarcastic or morbid to say.

She can read your mind. She can hear your thoughts and see your dreams and relive your memories. And that's why she hates you. Because you exist. Because you force her into your own mind without realizing it. Because you make it impossible for her to have a real life.

She only has two emotions. Apathy and hatred. If she's angry, she'll show you by being cunningly cruel. She never raises her voice and she'll stare down anybody who thinks they can best her. She's brave because she's not afraid to die.

She's insightful because she knows what you're thinking, what everyone is thinking. She can tell you anything you want to know but she never will. She doesn't like anybody because she knows too much about them.

She's generally rude and flippant towards people, writing them off as insignificant because she knows what's going on in their shallow minds. Nobody can impress her or surprise her.

She can't stand anybody. Everybody irks her somehow. Either they're completely stupid and useless. Or they are mildly intelligent and waste it on shallow things. They all annoy her in one way or another.

When she arrives at her new school she isn't expecting much. She's too smart to even consider hoping for something better then her past schools. She doubts she'll ever find anybody she can stand, let alone respect as an equal. She knows she'll never find happiness. She knows that she'll always be alone.

But remember, she still hates you.