Hey there, I saw that someone wanted a piece to match my snippet 'last thoughts'. So this is from Cullen's POV.

Rate T for violence and some graphic imagery. I own nothing. it is all bioware!


I watched you. I bet you knew that, but you never said anything. You never told me to stop and so I never did.

You were always so beautiful. I didn't tell you, but there was never so much as a single moment where I did not think it. I wish now that I had said what my heart had always begged me to say.

Maker…what I would have done just to have held you even once.

I'm sorry. I'm so blessedly sorry that I let them break me. I should have been stronger for you. I should have never let their wicked fingers delve so far into my thoughts. But I did. I had hoped to die there. I had hoped that you would be the last thing I thought about.

You made me so very angry, when you went to save them all. How could you have forgiven them so easily? I know you saw what they did. You know what they made me.

It wasn't supposed to be you. Never you. There are so many horrible things I have done, but harming you was never my intention. Losing you it the only thing I regret.

Is that smile for me? You are more of a beauty now than I ever glimpsed at the tower. You were everything to me. I am furious with you again. I scream at you that you can't leave me again. You just can't.

Your eyes have grown dim and your body cools in the small room. I can feel your magic twist around me as you go where I fear I cannot follow. It is the only time I have felt your caress.

I stare at you as my vision swims with tears I won't shed. No more tears. I look down at the blade I once considered more a part of me than the Chantry itself. It was my only joy. Or it was until the day you made me want you.

Maker you know my sins. You know that I still care for her. I deftly remove my blade from your body. I close my eyes against the sight of your crimson blood against the silver gleam of my weapon. It was never supposed to be you.

Why were you all alone? You have never traveled alone. I have always listened to the tales about you; even when I did not want to. I laugh without amusement. There is nothing left for me without you.

Don't worry my love, I'm coming.