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Ch.1 – A new Beginning

"Come, Daniel. It isn't as bad as you are making it!" Dad shouted from the door, waving me in.

Sighing, I only looked around as he went back in, probably to set up his computer. Hescombe, I thought ruefully. It was a small little town that was nowhere near the claustrophobic mess of a city we had left, but I yearned to hear something other than the sounds of nature, as I had lived with high traffic all my life.

I gazed at the house we had moved to, but as much as I wanted to I couldn't complain. It was two stories high and had an attic on top of that. The sides were well maintained and painted a sterile white. A rusted three was nailed next to the door and a mailbox hung next to that. The windows were clean and reflected the late light, making me squint. To the left and right were houses of similar size and shape, another even further to the right. At the end of the street I could see that the last one was cramped looking, a beach right after it.

I had never lived near a beach – heck, I had only been to a beach once in my life! - but I could tell that I would already love it. A cool breeze came in, cooling the hot summer day and lifting my spirits with it. I could hear the seagulls and other animals and longed to go and lay on the sand. Who knows? Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

I hauled my duffel and rolling suitcase into the house, all of my possessions contained within. The stairs were to the right, the rest of the floor containing a dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. The house looked exactly as I had envisioned it from the online tour. Up the stairs there were three bedrooms and an office room, from which I could hear Dad clattering around as he set up his computer.

I took the room farthest from the office and walked in. The walls were dark green, sponge painted on. The large furniture had already been placed inside by the movers. I walked to the window and looked out. The cliff behind the house was spectacular, trees and shrubs dotting the top. I felt an immediate urge to climb to the top and gaze at the sea, but resisted as I began unpacking.

Clothing and small nicknacks were placed in the small dresser. Blanket spread across the bed. Last but not least, I placed my few treasures upon the shelves, enjoying how the light caught them. I rubbed a finger against the small statuettes and let my mind wander across them, reveling in the fragile forms that were my collection.

Mythical creatures that were the capture of human imagination filled the shelf. I had a dragon, a pegasus, and a naga. Grinning at my collection, I though back to my mom's words. For behind every great thought, there is an inspiration! A tear slid down my face, but I remained happy, the statues in front of me being the only reminder of her. It had been years since she left, claiming that the trees called to her. I turned from the small figures after a moment and walked out of the house, down to the beach.

The sand sparkled with reflective pebbles and pools of water. I looked in either direction and saw that the sand was clear. Must be a private beach or something. The sun was still high in the sky, though it had started to fall an hour ago. Waves reflected the light and carried the warmth away with them.

Sitting, I ran my hands through the sand and watched as a few gulls descended and started pecking around. They seemed completely ignorant of me. Except for one, that is.

It was small and landed next to me, seeming uncaring that I was even here. It squawked and picked up a shell in its beak, dropping it a second later on top of my hand. I smiled and picked up the shell myself. New city, new collection, right?

The bird fluttered away after awhile and I watched as the sun marched across the sky. A cat, appearing from nowhere, slid up to me and climbed into my lap. I pet its head and watched as clouds scuttled by, unhindered by the weight imposed by gravity.

There was a bang as a house door opened. I leaned my head back and watched – upside down – as two people, one carrying a small child, walked out of number five. They headed to the beach themselves and seemed completely ignorant of me. That was as I liked it though.

I was a shadow, a behind the scenes type person, and enjoyed that role immensely. People often overlooked me, even if I was in plain sight. One time, a woman had even sat at the same table as me, then scared herself silly when she noticed me. I was the one that was able to fade from focus just by being me.

Unfortunately, I was noticed. Unfortunately, it was because the man stepped on me. And unfortunately, they stopped to talk.

"Hello there!" The man said, beaming at me as if I was handing him some great artifact or a wrapped present. "I see you found the cat."

I looked down at the small thing, realizing that it was the only thing that had made them stop. If it had not been near me, the man would probably have only glanced at me after stepping on me. I sat up again and smiled up, knowing well that if I was polite and made some sort of small talk they would most likely go away, leaving me to the sun and sand.


"My name is Mack, and this is my wife Evelyn," she raised a hand in greating, her black hair swaying and mouth unsmiling. "and my son George. He's one now."

"That's great." I said, filling my voice with a happy tone, yet wishing they would leave me be.

"I've never seen you here before. Tourist?" Evelyn asked, her tone serious and condemning, as if I had interrupted something that had been planned. So this was the reason they were talking to me, they wanted me to leave.

"Nope. I just moved in to number three." I knew that even if they wanted me to leave, I had as much right as them... Unless they owned this part of the beach? Then I would be out of luck.

"Oh," she looked genuinely surprised, but covered it quickly. "Well then, welcome to Shaker Row."