Author's notes: Hey everyone! It's me winxfairy18 again. In this story Max finally gets a girlfriend. There might be some things that were used in the episode "Max's Secret Girlfriend". So that's why the title might seem a little familiar. Like I have been saying before, I don't own WOWP. Enjoy! P.S. Mason is still dating Alex in here.

Max's New Girlfriend

Max's POV:

It was Saturday afternoon and I was in our family's sub-shop taking orders. My brother Justin was working the cashier while Alex and Mason were in the lair.

"Hey Max table #3's order is ready" my dad yells.

"Ok" I said as I walked over to the counter.

As I picked up the tray and walked to table #3 I accidently bumped into this girl around my age.

"Oh My God, I'm so sorry" I apologized as I helped her up.

"It's okay, it was actually my…fault" she said back.

As she talked back, the both of us looked at each other's eyes and we both looked in love.

"Hi, my name's Jenny. What's yours?" she asked.

"Oh, my name is Tom Hamson" I said.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Tom" she said.

"So, I was just wondering. Would you like to go out sometime with me?" I asked.

"Yeah I'd like that. Here's my number" she said as she wrote it down and handed it to me.

"So say the movies at 7" I said.

"Sure, it's a date" she said as she turned around and left the restaurant.

After she left I turned around a yelled "YES". Then everybody in the restaurant stared at me. So I just walked upstairs to get ready for my date tonight. The only thing that I'm worried about is that I hope my family doesn't find out.

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