You may be wondering why this story had updated even though it was finished.

To explain it simply, this is a rewritten version of Xingese Cinderella.

In my opinion, a better version as well.

So I hope you all enjoy the new and improved version of Chapter 1 of Xingese Cinderella.

Xingese Cinderella


Once upon a time, there was a young girl, no older than the age of five. Her name was LanFan. When she was younger, her life was as perfect as perfect could get. She had a strong father and a caring mother who loved her dearly. She also had a doting grandfather, who was proud at her skills in Xingese martial arts, even though they were only beginner.

The picture of perfection had shattered when her mother had died. She, along with the rest of her family, was devastated by her death, but this wasn't all. Her father lonely and depressed married another woman, who had two daughters of her own. This woman was very beautiful, but that beauty was only skin deep. Inside she was a cold, heartless witch who only married him for money and power. Her daughters were no different from her either. They were cruel, conceited and downright hideous.

This tragedy though did not stop. After a time, her father and grandfather had to leave. They were hired to protect the Crown Prince of Xing, Ling Yao. They left her alone, with her cruel step-mother and step-sisters believing that she would be in good hands. What they didn't know was what happened after they left. She was abused and turned into a slave. Soon enough, a young merchant working for the royalty of Amestris came by, hunting for young women to become servants to the king. For an ungenerous sum, she was sold to be a servant and work in Amestris. This is where we would start.


13 Years Later

As the sun rose up, a young woman woke up with a scream.

"What happened?" a feminine tone asked frantically. Aquamarine eyes fell upon her best friend, who was panting heavily as she had awoken from a horrible nightmare.

"I had that nightmare again." The girl replied curtly, though the best friend was unconvinced. The girl glared at her before going back to lie down on what she called a bed. She placed her hands over her eyes, trying to block out the painful memories of her nightmare.

"Don't worry." The blonde said reassuringly, standing up to sit by the frightened girl. The girl looked up from her position to see her best friend gaze upon her with sympathetic eyes. She managed to form a weak smile before sitting up. "It was just a dream. Now let's get out of bed. It's time to work." The girl nodded.

This girl had ebony black hair and a pretty face, though no-one really notices it. She was a servant, working in the main castle in Central in Amestris. She wasn't born in Amestris though. She was from another country, though she didn't live there anymore. Also, her nightmares were about her deceased mother. About the day she died. There was also the picture of her father and grandfather leaving her. Then the day that she was sold to a traveling merchant who bought kids to make them work as slaves. Life was cruel to her and she knew it. The girl, was LanFan.

Her days were quite hard and fell into routine. Every day, she worked in the castle, tidying rooms and serving dishes, though they never gave a scrap of anything to her for the hard work and effort she put in. She had never seen anyone royal, and they her. The servant's job was to do work without being noticed or seen. The only ones who could see and serve royalty and guests were the maids, which her friend Winry was. At least she got to eat, while all others starve. That was her life. And life was hard now as they were having a celebration. It was Prince Edward's eighteenth birthday, and many guests were coming to the festivities.

She hated the fact that no-one could appreciate the work she had done into at least helping set up for the arrogant prince's birthday. If she had a choice, she wouldn't even be setting up the party. Realistically, if she had a choice, she would be out of that palace in a flash, and instead, trying to find those last two family members she had cherished for her entire life.

After what seemed like forever, the day slowly edged into night, and she, along with Winry were finally free to go back to their quarters. Grumbling, she went back to sit down on her bed, waiting for the blonde-haired beauty who had come straight out of the shower.

"You know what I heard?" Winry asked, hoping to at least pique the interests of her friend. At the enthusiastic response, Winry sighed wearily and sat down beside LanFan, nudging her and awaiting the reply.

"What did you hear?" LanFan mumbled out, purely out of sheer boredom, and to appease the anger of Winry. Winry beamed at her, and despite herself, LanFan couldn't help but smile back.

"I heard from one of the senior maids that everything will be even busier for you and me. Prince Edward is supposedly having guests from across the desert!" Her tone started to get giddy and LanFan couldn't resist, rolling her eyes at the girl's excitement. Winry noticed her actions and smacked her playfully on the arm before returning to her story. "All the way from Xing! Doesn't that sound amazing? I heard that it was the Chang's Princess Mei and the Crown Prince Yao."

At the mention of Prince Yao, LanFan perked up, showing immediate interest to the subject at hand. Winry noticed her actions, and waited subtly for LanFan to fall within her trap.

"Had you just mentioned a Prince Yao? As in, the Crown Prince Yao?" LanFan asked, her tone eager and excited, reflecting what Winry's had been just before. She was smiling like a child during Christmas, and Winry couldn't help but feel happy at the new change in attitude by her friend, even if she knew it wouldn't be a change forever.

"Now now there. Why are you suddenly so interested my dear friend?" Winry smirked as LanFan's demeanor changed from overly bubbly to viciously murderous. "You're not suddenly falling for some prince you haven't even met with now are you?"

LanFan snorted. "Of course not." She growled at Winry, who cautiously slid away from her infuriated friend. "Why the hell would you think I'd fall for someone I've never even met in my life? I am not, may I repeat, not in love with some stupid, unknown prince from the other side of the desert. I do not think or feel like a love-struck bimbo."

"Okay then. You don't have to act all angry at me. It was only a guess, no need for you to overreact with the denial." LanFan ceased her anger and huffed in frustration, crossing her arms and looking pointedly away from her. Winry sighed dramatically at the childish behavior before continuing. "If you aren't in love with him, then why are you so excited for their arrival?"

LanFan took a deep breath and looked at her best friend. Her own exhausted ebony eyes meeting with anticipated blue orbs. "I just thought that, that maybe, my grandfather and father would be his escorts. When they left me, it was to protect this exact same prince. Now I'm just thinking that possibly, I could have the chance of finally meeting them after so long."

Winry's hand found its way to latch itself comfortingly on LanFan's shoulder. Her anticipated expression was now washed over into another sympathetic expression. "There could be a possibility. But maybe, something could've happened, like the same situation as my grandmother."

It was LanFan's turn to comfort her best friend. She knew that it was hard for Winry to bring up her grandmother, but just talking about her out of the blue must have been a tough choice. Winry looked up to see LanFan smiling warmly at her. Just seeing the smile on her face boosted her spirits. A pregnant pause followed soon after, but was broken when Winry stood up and walked across the room to settle within her own bed.

"You don't have to worry about it. I won't trouble you with it anymore." LanFan gazed at her friend, who gave her a final smile before rolling around, to what LanFan could guess was to sleep. She herself then turned around and tried to sleep, but her mad thoughts kept her tossing and turning the whole night. The ideas and possibilities the dealt with her family buzzed like bees within her head. Old memories kept resurfacing, and she had to control herself so that she wouldn't scream out from the frustration she felt.

Why was it that one statement had driven her so insane?