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"So wait." LanFan said, trying to understand. "Lust sent you two here to meet us, and didn't tell us about it!"

"Yeah…" Greed said as he looked through the large table of food. "She told us to follow a carriage and when we got here, you two came out and I knew what we have to do. We're here to see that your plans run fairly smoothly. That's all there is to it. Oh yeah, I should mention, we sort of disappear be 12 midnight. Whether it is by magic or if we find a girl and…"

"Oh yeah." LanFan said, ignoring the last part of Greed's speech. "I'm sorry if I'm rude or something but what's your name."

"I'm Envy. Greed and Lust's brother." He replied. (A/N: This is not Palm-tree Envy, but Hoenheim's son. I thought he would look sort of good with Winry)

"Ok. Now what are we here to do?" LanFan said.

"You're finding your dad and granddad. And I'm…" Winry replied but growing quieter near the end.

"And you're trying to get the guy of your dreams; simple." LanFan added.

"Yeah... It's simple that all these women here are trying to get the same guy. Too easy." She replied sarcastically.

"Maybe if you dance with him… Then you can steal him away." LanFan thought.

"That," Winry said smiling. "Is an utterly genius plan. Thanks LanFan! C'mon Envy."

"How about you then. What's your plan?" Greed asked.

"Me…" LanFan said, sounding quite unsure. "I have no idea…"

"How about…" Greed said, trying to think of a plan. "The same one as Winry. You get close to the prince then start asking him questions about your dad and granddad."

"That… is a great idea." LanFan replied. "Now c'mon, we need to get to the dance floor."

As she dragged Greed off with her, she was starting to feel more and more confident. And by the end of the night, all will be resolved.

"So…" Ling said. "Do you see any girls you might like?"

"No." Ed replied flatly.

"You know you do have to try…"

"I don't want to." Ed said, getting irritated.

"Just because the girl that you've fallen for isn't here, doesn't mean anything. You've got a duty to uphold. This means trying to find a girl, before midnight."

Ed didn't pay attention to the last bit that Ling had said, because on the dance floor there was a girl, that reminded him of the maid. Suddenly, all senses stopped, and his one desire was her.

"I'll be right back…" Ed said to Ling, as he started walking to the dance floor.

"It seems that he's found his girl." Ling said smiling. "Oh crap, I need to find mine!"

"Umm… May I?" Ed said to the man dancing with the girl. The man immediately stepped aside and gave Winry a wink before going off elsewhere.

"Umm…" said the utterly shocked Winry, seeming confused that the night's plans suddenly came to effect 20 minutes after discussing it.

"Can I have this dance?" Ed said, holding his hand out.

"Umm…" Winry replied, not knowing what to say.

"A simple yes may be the answer." He said, seeming to be able to read her so easily.

"Yes." She said quietly as he took his hand and went off to the middle of the dance floor. Suddenly, the whole plan was becoming way too easy. She had a hunch that something awful was going to happen later that night.

"Your Highness, why don't dance with me?"

"Or me."

"How about me your highness?"

That was all he heard after Ed left. Many different, uninteresting ladies trying to steal him away. It was quite boring. No woman was the fair bit interesting. That is until, after what felt like forever (which was actually just an hour), he found that girl, dancing with another man.

This girl… he couldn't quite put his finger on it, but she seemed familiar. She also seemed different to the other girls. I mean that she wasn't some dumb girl wanting to get a kiss from a prince charming, but the complete opposite. Quite a smart girl, doing this for a totally different reason. And that's what he liked. That's why, he moved to meet her, not laying eyes off her, and it seems that she noticed as well, because as he got closer, she turned around.

"May I have this dance?" he asked suavely, bowing and putting out his hand.

"Umm…" she said, glancing back at her partner who magically disappeared.

"You know, one yes would be fine." he said.

"Yes, your highness." she said before curtsying and graciously accepting his hand. They moved near the centre of the dance floor where they saw their old companions dancing together. The music changed and then they both started dancing. There was an awkward silence between them and Ling thought that he should break it.

"You're not from Amestris, aren't you…" he said.

"No I'm not Your Highness." She politely replied.

"Let me guess… Are you from Xing?" he asked.

"Correct Your Highness."

"You know you can call me Ling right?"

"It's quite rude to do so."

"I don't want to order you…" he said cheekily.

"Alright… Fine Yo- I mean, Ling." She said as he grinned.

"I think it's fair that if I ask you a question. You can ask me one. Don't you think?" He said.

"It's your choice Ling." She replied back.

"Then go ask me a question." He said.

"Hmm… Other than Prince Edward's party, do you have any other reason to be here?" she asked.

"You know that's a pretty smart question." He said.

"Don't get off topic and just answer the question." She stated.

"Alright! I am also here in Amestris to find a bride. My father ordered me to. He said that I couldn't succeed the throne if I didn't marry someone soon…" he replied.

"Wow… Okay, your turn." She said.

"Alright… Do you like me?" he asked.

"What do you mean? As in like as a friend, or like as in, like?" she asked.

"You choose." He said.

"I do like you as a friend, even though we just met. And the other one…" she said, thinking about what she would say. "Maybe."

"Maybe you do like me or maybe you don't?" he asked eagerly.

"It's you choice." She said, smiling.

They played on with this game until such time that they got tired of dancing and moved outside to the balcony.

"You know what?" he said, looking out to the land.

"Yes Ling." She replied.

"You never get a view like this in Xing. I live in the city, where it's busy all the time. But here in the country-side, you get to see so much more." He said, admiring the view.

"I see." She said. She looked at the time, 11:50. She had spent the whole night with the prince and enjoyed too much of it to even ask him a simple question. She had to do it, before the clock stroke midnight.

"Hey, you know what else?" he said.

"What else Ling?"

"I haven't even asked for your name! Isn't that quite stupid?" he said, turning to face her.

"Yes, quite stupid…" she said, suddenly getting nervous.

"So I'll be polite when asking. May I know what your name is?" he asked her.

"Umm… My name is…" she started, but suddenly they heard big bells ringing and she checked the time. "Midnight!" she said before running off.

"Wait. Your name is midnight." He said, trying to understand until he realized that she was gone. "Hey! Wait!"

"Winry!" LanFan cried, trying to find her friend as the spell started to wear off.

"LanFan!" she heard someone cry, as she turned and saw Winry rushing towards her.

"We have to go; now." She explained before they ran towards the doors.

"GUARDS!" They heard someone cry. "Catch those girls!"

They heard footsteps rushing behind them and they knew they had to run faster. They kicked their shoes off and tore their dresses at the bottom. The magic was working, seeing as their clothes were turning into rags, but they didn't care. All they wanted was escape.

"Fu! Catch those girls!" LanFan heard Ling cry, but she didn't care. Soon, they were surrounded by the prince's guards and a man dressed and full black with a mask on.

"Winry," LanFan whispered. "I'll buy you some time while you escape."

"No way. I'm not leaving without you." She whispered back.

"You have to. The spell's running out and we don't need both of our covers blown."

"You two! Stop whispering!" she heard Prince Edward cry.

"Go-" LanFan said, but suddenly, a huge wave of light surrounded them. LanFan saw herself being transformed back to her old state.

"What's happening?" Ling cried before suddenly, it all stopped. Everyone who saw them gasped in shock and horror. They saw two girls, dressed in palace working clothes, who were trying to escape.

"Wait!" Ed said, grabbing on to Winry's arm. "You're the girl I saw with the lady."

"And you're the girl I saw practicing Xingese martial arts in the training grounds." Ling said, facing LanFan.

"You mean you're the guy who freaked me out that night!" she replied.

"You're name's LanFan?" he asked as she nodded.

"LanFan?" they heard another voice ask as they stared at the Xing bodyguard. "Your name, is LanFan?"

"Umm… yes…" she replied as he took his mask off. When she saw who it was, a wave of happiness overcame her and she rushed over to hug him.

"Grandfather!" she said as she did.

"Wait…" Ling said, trying to understand what was happening. "Fu's granddaughter is the girl that I saw at the training grounds and was with tonight. What I'm wondering, is why the heck you're here instead of Xing?"

"My stepmother gave me away to a slave trader when I was five. I was sold here and worked ever since."

"So that's where that evil woman took you." Fu muttered in disgust.

"Yes. And tonight, I was here to find my grandfather. Which I have done! But where is father?" she asked.

Fu bowed his head down in sadness. "Your father, he-"

"Oh." She said, her voice filled with disappointment. "He's… gone…"

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't protect him." He said.

"It's alright grandfather. I am at least happy to see you once again." She said, trying to smile even with the pain that was practically killing her inside.

"So wait. You're name is Winry?" Ed said.

"Yeah. Why?" she asked.

"I seem to remember a girl named Winry…" he said, trying to remember his old memories.

"Well that is easy to explain…" Hoenheim said, suddenly popping up.

"Oh my gosh! Your Highness!" Winry cried, suddenly curtsying for him.

"It's alright Winry." He said, trying to calm her down. "Ed, you know her because she's Pinako's granddaughter."

"Who?" he asked.

"The woman blacksmith who always gave you a beating." He explained.

"Oh. You mean that old hag…" he muttered.

"Don't insult my grandmother!" Winry cried, suddenly hitting him with a wrench that appeared from thin air.

"OWW! That hurt Winry!" he said.

"That's what you get. Even if you are a prince." She huffed.

"So I used to play with you when I was younger." He said.

"I guess so." She replied.

"Alright. Would you like to not be a maid anymore?" he asked.

"Where is this conversation leading to?" she asked back.

"Just wondering if you want to live in the palace. You wouldn't have to work anymore." He explained.

"Umm…" she said, turning to LanFan. "What about it?"

"It's your choice." She said. "Do it. I'll be fine."

"Okay. I accept your offer Ed." She replied happily.

"How about you LanFan? What are you going to do now?" Ling asked.

"I'm seriously not sure anymore…" she said, wondering what she was actually going to do with her life.

"Young Master, May I have a say in this?" Fu asked.

"Sure thing old man. What'cha wanna say?"

"I propose, that my granddaughter come back with us to Xing." He said.

"But what am I gonna do there! I can't live in the emperor's palace for free!" she cried.

"I think we can work something out with that." Ling said with a grin as he took Fu with him for a small discussion.

1 Year Later

"I'm so excited!" Winry cried as they arrived at the Imperial Palace. It's been a year since she's seen her best friend and she couldn't have been happier. Especially for what special thing was about to happen soon. She was practically bursting with excitement.

"Yeah." Ed said, seeming not to be as enthusiastic as her.

"Ed! C'mon! Be happy! This is my best friend we're talking about!" she said, hitting him with a wrench.

"Alright! I'm happy! Yeesh! You are so pushy!" Ed cried.

"Then you shouldn't have proposed to me then right?" she replied smartly.

"Yeah. I'm still regretting it now." He muttered jokingly, earning him a very painful wrench beating.

"Hey LanFan. It seems that our two special guests have arrived at last." A man muttered to the woman who he was linking arms with. Winry stopped killing Ed and they both turned to see…

"LanFan!" Winry cried, tackling her best friend.

"Long time no see, future Queen of Amestris." LanFan said.

"You too, Miss future Empress of Xing." She retorted.

"You guys know that's really not something to brag right." Ling said.

"Yeah, you can talk Mr. Emperor of Xing." Ed said smugly.

"Yeah. You can as well, Mr. future King of Amestris." Ling retorted, adding emphasis on 'future'.

"Who cares?" Winry replied. "Anyways, I think we're supposed to be getting you ready. I think being maid of honour means that I have a lot of preparing to do."

"Help me!" LanFan mouthed to Ling as she was being dragged off by Winry.

"No way." He mouthed back as he grinned widely and she scowled and turned away.

"You know what. This is just like this old story that my mother read to me. But just, well… a little bit more whacked-out." Ed said, still looking at the direction the girls went.

"What story?" Ling asked.

"Well… if I can vaguely recall it… It's called Cinderella…"

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