The building was being opened up. It was the tree. Riley, Walt and Huey ran up and out to see the tree. It was towering several feet in the air. The tree looked down at them and grinned. Before anyone could react, the tree caught Walt and Riley in its branches. It then looked at Huey.

"I haven't seen your face before. Are you a friend of these guys?" It asked. Huey scowled, and quickly ran up one of its roots to where it was holding Riley. He tried to free Riley by pulling the branch open. It didn't help. He then looked at the tree's face, which was laughing. He then looked back at Riley, who was still struggling. Huey looked back at the tree and scowled. Riley was shocked when Huey took out a weird looking stick of dynamite. He then watched in horror as Huey ran up to the face of the tree, broke a piece of loose bark off, and lit the fuse. Huey turned to Riley and smiled, something he rarely did, and jumped into the mouth. The tree laughed maniacally for awhile, but stopped.

"Wha, what's happening!" The tree yelled as his insides were being burnt apart.



The tree exploded, cutting it in half. Millions of splinters flew off in all directions and crashed through windows and cars. The branches let go of Walt and Riley as the torso fell backward, smashing into a tall skyscraper. The rubble quickly fell down on top of it and buried it, sending dust spewing all over the place. It buried Walt and Riley.

Many minutes after the dust settled, Riley emerged, and was quickly helped by Ed and Rummy. Ming was there too, holding the babies and sporting a look of deep sadness and concern.

"Where's Walt?" she asked. Riley looked around; he was nowhere to be found. Ming's sad expression got even deeper. Ed and Rummy frowned as well.

"Well," Riley said sniffling. "If it was something Walt would want me to do, it's to go save Cindy. That's what he would want." Riley said. Ming started to cry. Riley turned around, along with Ed and Rummy, toward the BET headquarters.

"Huey and Walt gave their lives to help me. I shall avenge their deaths." Riley said. He then turned around to see Ming still standing there with Chuck and Marty. Riley walked up to her.

"Aww, come on Ming!" he said taking the babies from her. "I need your help to. Let's go." Riley said. Ming stood there.

"Look man, she doesn't want to go, so let her stay. The three of us will be fine." Rummy said. Riley nodded and walked with them. Ming watched as they were out of view. She then heard rustling in the rubble, and watched as Walt emerged. She quickly ran over and hugged him tightly.

"Ming! Where are the others?" Walt asked.

"They left." She answered.

"Riley will be fine, for the most part." Walt said. "But he needs me, he hasn't completed his training."

Walt turned to Ming.

"I don't know if you can come with me. It's too dangerous." Walt said.

"But I want to." Ming said looking at Walt. He thought about it.

"Is there anything you can do to defend yourself?" Walt asked.

"All I can remember is that I was good at kickball." Ming said, causing Walt to smile.

"Really? Well I think this could work." Walt said.


Riley, Ed, and Rummy reached the BET headquarters. They tilted their necks upward at the tall building. Riley knew Cindy was somewhere inside.

"Don't worry man, I got the AK's and the Uzis concealed in our clothes, so if anyone makes any funny eyes or anything, Bang! We put a hole in their heads!" Ed told him.

"Wait! What about ma kids?" Asked Riley, still holding them.

"Oh damn. You make a good point. We can't go in there; Ceez will see them on camera and take them!" Rummy noted.

"Awww, crap!" Riley yelled. He thought about it for a moment.

"Okay, dis is easy, all dis means is one of us stays outside while the others go inside."

"One two three not it!" Riley and Rummy yelled.

"Awww maaaan!" Ed groaned. Riley handed him the babies.

"Okay Ed, I'm trusting you wit them, make sure they safe." Said Riley.

"You can count on me!" Ed said. Rummy handed Riley a gun.

Riley took a deep breath, and then nodded to friend. Rummy then kicked the front door open to the shock of Riley, who wanted to make a quiet entrance.

"Alright! Hands up! We know you have C-merph! Bring her over here nice and slow." Rummy yelled as he and Riley whipped out their guns. The workers at first lifted their hands, but all of them then whipped out guns.

"Oh shit! Riley get down!" Rummy yelled at loud gunfire erupted in the room. Riley leaped behind a lobby couch and fired at anything firing at him. Rummy soon joined him.

"Okay Reezy! Let's just clean out this room and bust our way through!" Rummy yelled as they continued to fire. Many people were killed. They quickly reloaded and fired again, and kept until the firing stopped. The two of them looked up to see everyone in the room dead. Blood was all over the place. Just then a voice came on the loud speaker.

"Hello Riley. If you ever want to see Cindy again, you can forget it! She's with me now! So if you decide to continue into the building, you will meet your end!" Caesar said.

"Alright Rummy. Let's head up the elevator." Riley said as he and Rummy made their way towards the elevator.

"Wait Riley! This could be a trap!"

"Aw come on man. How smart could dey be?" Riley said pressing the button. The door slid open and Riley stepped as Rummy grabbed him. Riley looked down at a deep bit and a bed of spiked. He frantically stepped backward.

"Aww shit man! Uhh, let's take da stairs." Riley said. They walked over to the stairs. Riley opened the door cautiously, making sure there was no trap, and head up the stairs with Riley behind him. They reached a door, and there were no more stairs going up.

"Aww man! He's like the fucken Riddler!" Riley shouted.

"Yeah man. It's like a maze all up in here! We probably have to figure out some kind of puzzle to get to the next floor! What is this a game?" Rummy asked.

"All right. Let's go in." Riley said opening the door.