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Blaine flicked on the lights as he came in to his bedroom. His boyfriend, Jessie, followed closely behind and glanced around the room with a smile. He sat on the edge of Blaine's bed leaning back slightly against a leopard print throw blanket. He was so excited they were finally taking their relationship to the next level. "Your room is nice," He said softly.

Blaine had his back to him as he took off his tie from work. He turned at the sound of his voice. "Thanks." He tossed his tie to the side and moved for the bed, Jessie leaned back farther to lay down. When Blaine got to the bed, he looked down on him laying there on that blanket and all he could see was Kurt staring up at him, his glasz eyes sparkling like old times.

He took a step back. "I-I am sorry I… can't." He said quickly.

Jessie sat back up looking at him with wide eyes, "What? Why?"

"I'm… I'm… Because I am in love with someone else. I am so sorry, Jes, you're wonderful and that's why I can't do this to you." He looked away when he noticed the tears forming in Jes' eyes as he jumped up and ran out, leaving Blaine alone in his apartment.

Once Blaine was sure that Jessie was gone, he grabbed his phone and scrolled through his contacts to Kurt. They hadn't talked for years, not since they had decided to go their separate ways, but he never got rid of Kurt's number - had never gotten over him. His finger hovered over it for a moment before finally pushing the call button.

Kurt led his latest boyfriend into his room. This was a big thing for Kurt who hardly ever let men into his room. It was something special and also a test. "Kurt, what the hell is up with the stuffed animal?" Steven laughed. And another failed.

Kurt glanced at Lil' Blaine, who sat on his bed, Kurt still slept with him, his reminder of the first man he ever loved, the man he still loved. "Get out." He said lowly.

"What?" Steven sounded stunned.

Kurt sat on his bed and hugged the stuffed leopard. "You heard me. Get out and don't come back." His voice was stern

"I don't un-" He was cut off by Kurt's phone blaring 'Teenaged Dream' as sung by Blaine. Kurt eyes widened, Blaine was the only person who had that ring tone. He had made Blaine sing that song again just to record it after they had first gotten together all those years ago. It had been so long since he heard it.

"Go now!" He commanded and grabbed for his phone. Steven did as he was told, and as soon as Kurt heard his front door shut he answered, trying to sound like he didn't know who was calling. "Hello?"

"Hey, Kurt." Kurt stomach started doing summersaults at the sound of Blaine's voice. How did he still have that effect on him? "I know it's been awhile but I was wondering if you would like to get coffee with me? So we can catch up and all that."

Kurt forced himself to breathe and sound casual, "Sure. I happen to have some time off tomorrow."

"Great me too!" He could practically hear the smile on Blaine's face. He could picture it too. "You know the Starbucks in the south corner of Central Park?"

"Of course."

"How about there at ,what 11?" He asked.

"That sounds perfect. I'll see you there tomorrow." He smiled and hung up, not catching Blaine's: 'Great! I've missed you.'

Blaine got to the Starbucks a little early and ordered two coffees. He realized after doing it he really shouldn't have, Kurt's tastes had probably changed sense they had been together. He found a little corner table to watch the door, wondering if he would recognize his former lover.

He did.

In came Kurt with his head held high and wearing one of his own designs. Blaine simply beamed as Kurt walked right up to him obviously recognizing him as well.

Kurt smiled back, noting how nervous Blaine looked, and sat down eyeing the cup in front of his place. "You ordered for me?"

"Oh yeah." He answered awkwardly as he sat down again, "I hope you still like nonfat mochas."

Kurt looked up at him with wide eyes, it had been so long and Blaine still remembered that? He still knew his coffee order. "Yes, it's my favorite."

For about an hour they stuck with random small talk, but near the end somehow they got on the subject of boyfriends. Both said they hadn't had a really serious one, and both were surprised the other wasn't taken. After that they lapsed into uncomfortable silence.

"None of them are you." Blaine finally said, "None of them can even compare. I am still so in love with you Kurt." He looked up at Kurt who pursed his lips, set down his cup, and stood, heading for the door. Blaine looked down at his own cup feeling horrible, he had said too much.

"Well aren't you coming?" Kurt paused at the door, glancing over his shoulder at him. Blaine looked up startled but wasted no time following him. They climbed into Blaine's car, Kurt noticed a pretty wrapped package in the back seat as he climbed in, and headed to Kurt's apartment.

Kurt led Blaine into his room and flicked on the lights. He heard Blaine chuckle from behind him as he set down the wrapped package from his car and picked up Lil' Blaine. "Wes and David would be happy to see you still have this."

Kurt smiled and picked up the package Blaine had brought in. "Is this for me?"

Blaine smiled, "Just something I thought you would like to have." He sat next to Kurt on the bed as he opened it.

"You still…" Kurt eyes were watering as he pulled out the, no their blanket.

"Of course I still have it! But it should be yours." He told him softly as Kurt hugged the blanket to his chest.

He turned to Blaine with tears in his eyes, "I am still in love with you too." He admitted and slowly leaned into him, his eyes fluttering closed. Blaine's breath caught in his throat as Kurt's soft lips met his.

It was just as wonderful as their first.

Kurt laid out the blanket when they broke apart for air and laid back, pulling Blaine down on top of him.

Blaine moaned softly raining kisses all over his face; it had been too long. Too long since he held someone this way, loved someone this way, so long since Kurt was with him. Kurt pulled him down to kiss his lips again, running his hand up and down Blaine's sides. Things were heating up quickly and soon Blaine was fumbling with the buttons of Kurt shirt. "Blaine, wait." Kurt pushed him away a little, sounding almost shy.

"What is it?" He asked softly.

"I…" Kurt bit his lip, "I haven't been with anyone like this sense well… us." Blaine looked at him in shock, "I just couldn't… none of them were y—"

"Me neither. I just couldn't, they weren't you." He cut him off, reaching down to caress his cheek.

"Slow then?" Kurt requested softly.

"Of course." He smiled and leaned down to kiss him again.

Kurt snuggled up to the familiar warmth of Blaine, for the first time in years, until he noticed his phone ringing. He rolled onto his back and grabbed his phone from his nightstand, Blaine sitting up slightly beside him. "Hello?"

"Hey Kurt." His dad greeted.

"Oh hey Dad!" He chirped happily. There was a small pause.

"You sound really… happy. What's going on?"

Kurt smiled and caressed Blaine's cheek looking lovingly into his eyes, "I've found the man I going to marry." Blaine smiled and kissed him tenderly.

"Really?" His father asked, "When do I get to meet him?"

"I'll bring him home with me on Christmas," He didn't hear what his dad said in response because Blaine was kissing him again and he let his phone slip from his hand down to the floor.

The End