Title: Beast
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee or Disney
Summary: Once upon a time there was a boy named Kurt. But everybody in town called him Beauty.
A/N: So, a month between updates…sorry about that, holidays were kind of insane this year. But here's an update for you lovely people. This chapter's on the short side since I wanted to get something to you fast for being so patient, next one will be longer.

In Which Beast Becomes Dave

Kurt let out a sigh of relief as he and Beast finally made it back into the castle. Because of Beast's limp it had taken them quite awhile to make the trek back to the castle. Beast didn't seem that affected by the cold, probably because of his thick fur, but Kurt was freezing. Even the unheated entrance felt warm after the long walk through the snow.

"Mrs. Hudson!" Kurt called down the corridor. "Mrs. Hudson!"

"Yes, what- oh, dear," Mrs. Hudson gasped as she spotted the condition Kurt and her master were in. "What on earth happened?"

"That's..kind of a long story. Can you get me a bowl of warm, soppy water and a towel? Bring it to the fireplace, please."

Mrs. Hudson looked like she wanted to probe for more answers, but after a few seconds of hesitation, she hopped off towards the kitchen. Kurt placed a hand on Beast's shoulder, pushing him slightly down the corridor.

"Come on, don't stop here. Let's get to the fireplace where it will be a little warmer."

Beast only gave a low rumble in response, but he let Kurt lead him into the heated room and settle him down in front of the roaring fire. Kurt sat down next to Beast and pulled the injured limb closer for him to inspect. The sight of the matted fur made Kurt's stomach roll, but he hoped once he washed away the blood so he could actually see the wound, it wouldn't be so bad.

"How bad does it hurt?" Kurt asked softly.

Beast just grunted and Kurt took that to mean that it hurt pretty bad, but Beast was too manly to admit it. Kurt sighed and shifted awkwardly, not sure how to handle the changing situation he was in. An hour ago, nothing in the world scared him more than Beast did and now…Kurt wasn't sure how he felt about Beast now.

Beast had basically, alright, totally saved Kurt's life, so he couldn't be all bad. Yes, he was uncivilized and brutish, but he'd been living in an isolated castle with only kitchenware to talk to for who knew how many years. If Kurt had to live like that he'd probably be lacking in a few manners as well.

Kurt's head was swirling from all these new thoughts and he was relieved when he saw Mrs. Hudson arrive with the requested water so he could focus on something else. He began cleaning off the now dried blood as gently as possible, but that didn't stop Beast from hissing and growling in pain.

At first Kurt found it amusing that big, tough Beast was putting up such a fuss, but when Beast's restless movement got soapy water in Kurt's hair, the amusement faded quickly.

"Hold still, you big baby," Kurt admonished, trying to run damage control on his hair without a mirror.

"I can't help it, it hurts!" Beast snapped and for the briefest second Kurt felt the tiniest bit of that old fear rise up in him, but then he noticed that Beast had pulled his injured forearm protectively to his chest as if he honestly thought Kurt could forcibly pull it away from him.

Instead, Kurt said gently, "Come on, I'm almost finished. Trust me; it will hurt far worse if you let it get infected."

Beast glared at Kurt suspiciously, but after a few seconds he held his arm back out to Kurt.

Kurt got the remaining blood cleaned off without too much fuss and began bandaging the wound up. He was putting the finishing touches on securing the bandage when he finally worked up the courage to bring up what had caused Beast's need for bandaging.

"Thanks, by the way, for saving my life," Kurt said, smoothing down the edges of the bandage.

Beast shifted and mumbled, "Wasn't nothin'," under his breath and in that moment Kurt was sure Beast would be blushing if he could. The idea made him smile and he leaned in until he caught Beast's eye.

"One, that's a double negative and two, I like to think my life is kind of a big deal and I really appreciate you saving it. It was quite gallant of you, Beast."

Those chocolate brown eyes met Kurt's in an expression Kurt could quite make out, but when Beast opened his mouth, his voice was gruff and warm.

"You can call me Dave, if you want. That's *cough* that's what my real name is."

Kurt felt something flutter in his chest at those words and maybe they were sitting to close to the fire because his face suddenly felt rather hot. But his father had raised him right, so he laid one of his small hands over Bea- Dave's huge paw and he looked up at his savior through his eyelashes.

"I'd like that, Dave."