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It was a normal day at camp, with campers doing their thing, and peace and happiness all around. It was such a nice day that no one noticed the two shapes on the horizon of the shore, on some kind of raft.

"What's that?" Annabeth pondered as she walked by. She informed Chiron of what was going on, and they waited. The raft got closer and closer until…

BLAM! The raft slammed into the magical barrier surrounding the camp and began to sink… in slow motion. It took 3 whole minutes for the raft to actually sink, and the occupants used what looked like tape to repair it and continue. Percy, arriving to see what all the commotion was about, heard something in my backpack…sticky tape…

Chiron finally let the barriers up after seeing the raft bump into it 37 times, hearing arreba…arreba…

Soon the raft landed on shore and a Latina girl with a pink shirt and a backpack stepped out, followed by a monkey in shiny red boots.

A/N: Have you died yet? No? Then I shall continue to tell a tale of utter patheticness and OOCness!

"Hola! Soy Dora!"

"And I'm Boots! Oo, oo, ei, ei!"

Percy finally stepped forward and introduced himself after 5 minutes of awkward silence, everyone's eyes transfixed to the face on the Dora's backpack.

"We're looking for Crocodile Lake." She turned randomly at you. "Do you see Crocodile Lake?" She waited a few seconds, and then Percy heard a random click and Dora turned toward the lake.

"There it is! Come on! Vaminos!" And Dora continued in the direction of the lake singing some tune about laziness and self-esteem.*

Percy face palmed. And to think I actually introduces myself. He continued to his cabin in shame.

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