A bit of a cheating twist on the song-drabble challenge. Songs were completely random, but I allowed myself a bit more time to finish each story. I have a full collection now, and may upload more in the future~

Not Enough - 3 Doors Down

The office was cold.

It was always cold. The weather outside was getting cooler, crisper. He never did bother to figure out how the air systems in the building worked, where the quintessential thermostat was. So, it stayed cold.

A few piles of circulated cash shifted by his foot. Unopened boxes of electronics creaked near a far wall. A poorly hung painting went crashing to the floor, snapping the super villain back into the present.

Megamind had packed the room to the nines with wealth and -stuff-. Hundreds of treasures. But that wasn't the reason for his mental suffocation. He turned his chair towards the large glass panes behind him. The statue was a thing of Hell, in his opinion. Every time he looked at it, all he could see was the steaming, bleached skull at his toes. It was his absence that filled the space, drowning him. Choking his lungs.

Megamind swiped the edge of his desk, money, gadgets, and various lucre flying to the marble floor.

And it killed him. Even in death, there was far too much of the man-even in death, he couldn't escape that smile, that coif, that witty infuriating mouth. And Megamind was dwarfed by the memory, and secretly, so secretly he didn't dare to think it…by the hurt, deep in his damaged heart.

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