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7. Piece of Me - Britney Spears


Their kitchen door near hung off it's hinges where the villain-turned-hero had slammed it open. Roxanne had expected this, however. She couldn't keep him from the newsstands forever. She calmly returned her bagel to it's plate on the table and went to stand.

"Now, I know you're upset-"

"Upset? It's SLANDER! It's a SCANDAL!" He tossed the offending articles on the table, and glared over them, seething, "Have you READ any of this disparage?" A finger flew to the page, " 'MEGAMIND - Reformed or Renagade?' 'Metrocity's New Hero spotted accosting Globe Paparazzo' 'MEGAMIND, dating Courtney Love', 'MEGAMIND/RITCHI call it quits!', 'MEGAMIND-' "

" 'Seen gallivanting with Metro City's late hero Metro Man in these revealing photographs'?"

Megamind blanched.


Roxanne turned over the magazine, and sure enough-there they were. Clearly doctored photographs, of him and the not-entirely-dead hero. Gallivanting. The caption below it read, 'Secret Love Affair of Long-Time rivals revealed; tragedy caused by jealous rage'.

"How-how are they allowed to DO these heinous things?" He sputtered, dropping down into a seat at the table. Roxanne gave a light shrug, scanning the page and pictures.

"That's what happens when you achieve any public recognition, Megamind. It's all a part of the celebrity life." She nabbed her bagel, and dropped a kiss on his forehead as she passed. At the door, she thought to look back, grinning.

"Besides. It's not like you and Metroman had a thing anyway. Right?"

A deep, purple blush rose to his cheeks and ears. "No-! No, never, never, not ever, nothing ever-no-just No."

Roxanne raised her eyebrows, and looked at the article again. For a moment, maybe those pictures didn't look quite so doctored. And maybe her boyfriend was protesting just a bit too much.