Today, for once, I managed to get my boyfriend's mind off the hockey game.I muted the TV and cuddled up to him.Only thirty seconds into snuggling, he shoved me onto the floor and screamed, "GOAL!" FML

Gilbert loved when Matthew played hockey. He loved the intensity in the other male's eyes. He loved the way his posture changed. He loved the way his voice was suddenly impossible to miss and he went out of his way to shove people around. He especially loved the way they would celebrate when Matthew won. He also loved when Matthew watched hockey, because all those great things were still alight in Matthew when he watched a game, even if it was on television and he had seen it ten times before. However, Gilbert might have felt a little neglected (although he would never admit it) when Matthew would give every ounce of his attention to every single game. But Gilbert had a plan.

Matthew sat on the edge of his couch, cheering on whichever team he was supporting. Gilbert scooted closer to his lover and snuggled against his neck.

"Trying to watch the game," responded the Canadian.

"But, Baby~ I want to cuddle~"

"Cuddle?" repeated Matthew, looking at his boyfriend, hockey mode slipping just a bit. "B-but the game is on. We can cuddle later, eh? After we celebrate," added the now smirking man.

The Prussian pouted and decided to fulfill the plan.

"Please? You fit against me so perfectly. I love you, Birdie."

Canada's eyes softened and he pulled Gilbert closer to his body.

"I love you, too, Gilbert."

The albino smiled and muted the television. When Matthew didn't protest, he turned his attention back to the Canadian. Gilbert softly kissed his lover's neck, receiving appreciative hums. He made his way up to Matthew's ear. He was just about to take the soft lobe in between his teeth, when he found himself smacking into the coffee table, rolling over it, and then falling on the ground, all the while hearing his boyfriend yell, 'GOAL!'

He decided he hated it when Matthew watched hockey.

A/N: I saw this FML and immediately thought of this. And I imagine that Matthew would shove Gilbert hard enough to send him skidding off the coffee table.

Edit: This was originally supposed to be a one shot, but I just get too many ideas from FML, so I decided to make it a little ongoing series with different FMLs. I'll also make some other series for different pairings. If you see an FML that you like and want a story written for, I'll happily accept suggestions!

Also, disclaimer I forgot to add: I do not own Hetalia or the FML stories used.