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Anyway, this prompt by Yuri N Chuka.

Earlier this week my boyfriend's best friend asked me if I wanted an Australian Kiss. I asked if it was some kind of food, and he told me that he could show me if I wanted. All the sudden my boyfriend barrels out of nowhere and hits him over the head with a textbook. I ask him what an Australian kiss is and he says that it's like French Kiss, only 'Down under'. I stupidly reply with, "Under what? You're foot? Cause I'm not making out with anyone's feet." the sad thing is that I was completely serious. FML

Matthew loved the library. It was quiet and he could get his homework done. The Canadian loved his boyfriend, but he was loud and boisterous and it made it hard for Matthew to get anything done. So every day Matthew spent an hour in the school library, which is where he was when he was interrupted by his cousin. The Frenchman sat across from the younger man and, when he wasn't noticed right away, waved a hand in his face. Matthew was so startled he visibly jumped and made a noise of surprise.

"O-oh, h-hello, Francis."

"Bonjour, Mathieu."

The two stared at each other for a few moments before Matthew nervously stammered, "D-Do you need something?"

"Oh, no," replied Francis. "I am waiting for Gilbert to get out of detention. I assume that is what you are doing as well, oui?"

"Um, I'm doing homework, actually. But I suppose I'll leave once Gilbert does…"

Matthew tried to get back to his work when Francis didn't respond, but he had a hard time concentrating when his cousin sat there staring at him. He knew he should have been used to it by this time, since it was something his cousin had done from a young age, but it still made him feel awkward.

"So, Mathieu," interrupted the Frenchman after a few awkward moments. "Would you like an Australian kiss?"

"A-a what?"

"An Australian kiss."

"Is that like, some kind of food or something? I do like your cooking."

Francis grinned. "I could show you, if you like?"

They were both surprised when Gilbert appeared out of nowhere, hitting Francis on the head with a textbook.

"What have I told you about hitting on Mattie? You shouldn't even have to be told not to do it, he's your cousin."

"You hit on your brother all the time!"

"Wha- I don- I would never actually- Why wou-"

"Um, hey," muttered Matthew, interrupting Gilbert's flustered stuttering. "Can someone tell me what an Australian kiss is?"

"Oh," stated Gilbert, calmer now that he wasn't trying to defend himself. "It's like a French kiss, but, you know, 'down under'."

Matthew's brow furrowed in confusion. "Under what? Your foot? I'm not making out with anyone's foot."

The other two males stared at the youngest for a couple of seconds before bursting into laughter. Matthew's cheeks burned red as he realized what he said.

"Oh, well, Birdie," gasped Gilbert between laughs. "At least you're cute."