A/N : This fanfic features the abduction and sequestration of Hermione Granger inside the walls of Malfoy Manor and is set during book seven. There will be descriptions of abuse, humiliation and torture.

(Quote in the summary is from John Webster, contemporary author of the Immortal bard.)

This is femslash : Bellatrix/Hermione. You've been warned.

My wand had been ripped away from my pocket; blood was pounding at my temples, a constraining grip forcing me onto my knees. A punch in the face was my reward when I tried to struggle; dark figures were excitedly hovering over me. Not many, but enough to render my eyesight troubled and my mind dizzy by their quick movements around me. I was attempting to crawl away, hopelessly, knowing it was not of any use. The wall I was pressed on was my last safe haven, until strong hands wrapped me in their clutches and shoved me away, pulling me fiercely to stand up.

I was displaying my last weak struggles as I attempted to walk, while being dragged into another room. A large door screeched violently with the blow that had smashed it open. A thrust in my back made me fall down in a stone staircase that was opening to a dark room; my head crashed again and again on the marble steps as I rolled down flights of stairs. My skull finally hit the ground one more time at the bottom, this last pain cutting through me. My broken arm and twisted ankle lay limply on the floor. Nausea hit my stomach and surged up to the back of my throat while the smell of mold on the walls reached me and flooded over my senses. My mouth opened slowly and painfully to spit blood.


I try to sit back against the wet, stinky texture of the wall. I don't see anything, all fell silent from the moment the door shut close after my fall. I try not to retch when I think of how I arrived here, of the werewolf's filthy fingers and breath as he took me hostage and forced me into a big junk bag before side-along apparating me into this infernal place. The excited looks Lucius Malfoy and his wife had had on their faces when the filthy scumbag showed them his catch had been simply disgusting.


"We have Harry Potter's friend!" Malfoy, this bastard of a man exclaims all joyous.

"Splendid ! Bella, come here? You won't believe what I got here, oh how our Lord will be pleased with us!" The hateful man is losing all his composure and looks like he has just been thrown a suprise birthday party.

"Let's not forget who caught the little lamb though Malfoy. I think I deserve a little something for my trouble."

The nerve of her capturer, adding to her demise by humiliating her into being an unworthy object of trade. Hermione is a sensible girl enough to know she is better off if she keeps her mouth shut, however. Violent shudders of fear are overcoming her entire body as she waits for the scene to unfold in front of her sorrowful eyes.

"Yes yes, Greyback, for the love of Merlin. Deal with my elf, he'll give you something you won't be dissatisfied of."

She experiences sudden relief as the monstrous assassin leaves the scenery. Just momentarily, until her panic comes back, ten times more overwhelming when a dark haired and tall witch enters the room, characteristic with her unique slanting gait as she advances towards her. The infamous murderer and torturer takes the sight of her in from head to toe, eyes feverish and wild, a crooked smile widening on her gaunt face.

"Excellent, Lucius! I assume this was not your doing, am I right?"

"Well no, but it is undeniably my house she was brought to, and the idea of hiring this inane beast, Greyback, to do the dirty work, was also mine." Lucius brags on, beaming, and visibly extremely pleased with himself. "You know what having this girl here means, right Bella?"

"Well of course you scarce tool. Do you think me daft? I know very well the possible outcome of having her here. Our Lord will indeed be pleased, but you do remember what he said? He insisted not to bother him unless it is for the boy."

"Yes I do know that Bella, and I do remember a time, also, where you used to pay me proper respect, as your elder and your sister's husband."

"You lost your respectability when you lost your wand Lucious. Now go back to neatly folding your laundry like the proper little housewife you are. I need you out of my sight if I have the intent of working properly."

The imperious silver blonde haired man makes quick threatening steps towards his sister-in-law, raising a lengthy menacing finger and halting it in mid-air only millimetres from her face.

"Pay attention to your words, Bellatrix, or..."

The powerful yet crazed witch is obviously resisting an urge to laugh straight in the man's face. A few high pitched chuckles escape her lips before she smirks and leans even closer to him, their noses almost colliding with one another.

"Don't be ridiculous, Luce." She hisses. "What can you possibly do to me? You're just a spineless man that has lost his only source of power. Mark my words. Get. OUT. And don't do ANYTHING until needed."

He scrapes past her, making sure he throws her a bit off balance as he does, exiting the room and taking his thunderous steps somewhere up to the second floor.

"Bella, do you need me to do something?" Narcissa Malfoy asks her sister in an attempt to calm her down after the argument with Lucius.

"Yes, Cissy dear." She answers resting an arm on her sister's back shortly, smiling fakily. "I will need you to practice a small inspection on our guest before we bring her into her royal surroundings in the cellar. You'll have to check if she doesn't have anything hidden in her pockets or somewhere else on her person. Please undress her also and the elf will bring her her sumptuous new clothes."

She snaps her fingers and a tiny female House elf appears. She gives her order to it before it disappears again.

She then turns her back to Narcissa and Hermione unexpectedly and with a small flick of her wand, opens the door to what seems to be a grand dining room.

"Pettigrew, you are listening behind doors again, you are too afraid of being in a room with us but you are too sneaky to stay in your proper place is that it?" Bellatrix's tone of voice is soft and it could seem gentle to somebody who didn't know her, but the threat is underlying in it. "While you're here, go down in the cellar and check if everything's in order and nothing is where it shouldn't be. Reinforce the security measures and come back here to tell me when you're done." She orders, used to rule everything and everyone in her world. Peter Pettigrew bends his head at her. "Yes ma'am, it will be done immediately ma'am." He flees the room like on rails and there is no sound coming from there a second later.

"Perfect. Go ahead with what I told you Cissy."

Narcissa Malfoy is visibly repulsed from the task at hand, as if touching Hermione would make her dirty. She, nonetheless, drops to her knees in front of Hermione and starts shuffling through her pockets, avoiding the places in which her blood has spilled from mistreatment while she was being trashed around in the bag. She finds nothing special : some scrolls of paper, a quill that has split in two and that has stained the inner pocket of her vest, some thread, glasses in their box and a small book she knows very well from having read the stories in it to Draco many times in a row as a child : The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Hermione does not move an inch while the blonde haired woman rummages in her pockets. She once in a while glances at Bellatrix and the witch never lowers her wand while she supervises her sister's ministrations. Hermione sure has a real Gryffindor courage and temper but she is not red-blooded or suicidal enough to attempt anything at that point. Her wounds make her ache enough as it is and she does not want another collection of them to match. Mrs. Malfoy has finished searching her pockets and she starts disrobing her. She is wearing muggle clothing and she understands by the temporarily puzzled look on Narcissa's otherwise straight unemotional face that the woman is not accustomed to it. She struggles for a few seconds with the zipper of her lilac jumper before finally achieving to take it off. She is wearing a black tank top under it with no bra because she had been preparing to join Harry and Ron in their tent to sleep before she was kidnapped. When Narcissa frees her of her jacket, she hears a shifting noise at her left and looks up. Creepy Bellatrix is looking at her, but her gaze is resting nowhere near her face; it is fixed on her heaving chest. She flinches at the thought this horrid person is leering at her and she makes a move to conceal this area of her body. She is stopped immediately by a strong hold on her arms as Narcissa stares straight at her with a raised eyebrow and a look in her blue eyes that means : "Don't you even think about moving, filthy little thing." She lowers her eyes again, wanting to close them to not see this happening but she fights this temptation because that would mean lowering her guard, instead she looks at Narcissa's hands as the witch starts unbuttoning her jeans. She glances again at the dark figure still standing there and she sees her briefly wet her lips, now ogling at the lower section of her body. The whole scene is silent however. Narcissa pulls firmly on the denim material and Hermione understands she has to lift her ass so the pants can be pulled down. She cooperates: there is nothing else to do. She is now in her knickers and tank top and she can see all the blue and red marks on her arms and legs; there are small cuts and bruises everywhere and she refrains from sobbing. The woman in front of her is now forcing her to raise her two arms so she can pass the top over her head and toss it to the other side of the room for the elf to pick up.

By then, Bellatrix is salivating and not focusing strongly on pointing her wand at her anymore, she is totally wrapped in her lust and she smacks her lips soundly; they are now dry. When she hears the noise and turns her pretty head towards her sister, Narcissa Malfoy's mouth gapes open almost inelegantly, something very uncharacteristic of the usually gracious witch. She sees the darkened orbs and the desire flickering in them and decides to break the tension. "Bella..." Her sister seems to shake herself out of her trance and she looks at her. "Is this sufficient? I don't think I have to go all the way in undressing the prisoner right?"

"Of course." The usually self-confident Bellatrix appears still troubled and she looks like she is searching for her words. "This will suffice Cissy, you'll dress her up now." She snaps her fingers again and the House elf immediately appears with a fresh set of clothing, including a simple white t-shirt and some sort of grey discoloured sweatpants.

They are hurriedly put on her by Cissy while Bellatrix dismisses the elf, and then the Dark Lord's most persistent follower is instantly pulling her up and roughly bringing her along and through a corridor, kicking her when she does not move fast enough. "MOVE, Mudblood. Do I look like I want to play around?" A vicious kick is inflicted to her arse. She almost drops to the ground but her persecutor holds a tight grip on her and she doesn't let go until they get to the door. Bellatrix pushes a quivering Pettigrew out of her way. "Everything is in order ma'am." She barely acknowledges him and the next second the door of the cellar is blasted open and Hermione is falling into the darkness.