Haruhi Isolated

I never understood people, and probably never will. To fill the time most people fill with social life, I'm obsessed with the paranormal. Aliens, time travelers, and even espers are my forte. Ghosts, not as much ever since I became atheist however that did little to damper my interests. I love conspiracy theories too, from Roswell and Area 51 to a world government. Why? I don't know and don't really care at this point. I constantly go out at night to look for aliens, and have a massive map in my room of sightings. If they're out there, I will find them. Unless they inhabit people or disguise as them, than I may never find them.

Why? Well, not only do I not understand people, I refuse to deal with them. I rarely, if ever, speak at school. Home is similar, mainly because I communicate mainly through the Internet. Online, I have a few friends, who constantly talk to me about conspiracy theories and alien sightings. The latter have been increasingly lately by the hundreds. Why? I'm not sure, but I'm determined to find out. I've sighted a couple dozen myself recently. I use a trick that seems to get the aliens every time. If you position a set of lights, one red, one blue and one green. You shine them in a special pattern, and the aliens will come every time. I'm not kidding here; an alien ship flies towards you and hovers a couple of meters near me frequently.

Now, this method does have problems. For one thing, they only stay for about 30 seconds before they leave so you have to be ready. Secondly, there cannot be too many nearby lights, which requires one to get very far away from the cities. A passing car with rather bright headlights can screw all this up so you have to stay away from the roads too. Finally, the images always come out strangely because the aliens know how to manipulate cameras it appears. Yeah, prepare to have images that look like they came out of a drug nightmare. But, I've used this method many times to photograph aliens. Too bad the only place I can do it is a field a kilometer away from the city and the roads.

Speaking of which, I remember the first time I saw aliens out there. It was amazing. I was going on something mentioned in a forum. It could have just been worthless, but it worked out. I almost gave up on it, but the aliens came at the last moment. I was ready though, and was able to FREAKING FILM IT! I put the video up on YouTube afterwards. It was removed by some strange organization for some reason. My parents also confiscated the video camera from me and threatened to do much more if I ever left again. I, of course, refuse to follow that. It was from that video an organization called Leviathan found me. Now, I'm an official member and we share secrets with aliens.

The amount I've done now confirms aliens to me too much. I've done more than just take pictures and film; I've been abducted before. I intentionally let them kidnap me, and got them to do so through a strange device I got off of Ebay. I tried the device outside, and it worked much better than I expected. I thought that at best it would cause aliens to arrive who would then quickly retreat. Instead, I was abducted by them and placed into their ship for 10 minutes. There, they spoke to me, and the way they sounded confirmed our alien friends were robotic in nature. They all came from something called, "The Data Integration Entity," and currently, it watches the Earth passively for the most part. They told me to bring a boy named Kyon to the field so they could abduct him during Winter Break the following year. When I got back, I communicated with Leviathan what I just experienced. They promised to immediately send an agent to help bring Kyon to the place during Winter Break and that my abduction was the first time they had found a proper device for it. It's too bad that the device only worked once and the following day, exploded. When I mean exploded, it blew a hole three times the size of our house into the ground.

I myself was thrown a couple kilometers by the explosion and landed on top of the apartment by family lives in. Okay, not exactly great, but being abducted by aliens made it worth it! I remember the pledge I made in Leviathan.

If they torture you, show your wounds. If they teach you, spread their teachings. If they mutate you into another being, embrace your new self. If they abduct you forever, adapt to a new life. If they want to destroy humanity, defeat them. If they make you insane, make your own sanity. If they kill you, have no fear. For encounter can only strengthen us. Society may laugh, cry, or hate us, but we will continue on. For we are Leviathan, and we don't ever give in.

Now, my parents did give me hell for it, and I still feel sore for the constant running I must do in order to reach the field I do this all that. But, it was worth it and my pledge only confirms this. I later discovered that device was freaking nuclear because the area sealed off and there were apparently worries about fallout. Okay, I didn't expect to get off of eBay a device that is nuclear and probably illegal somehow under international law but hey, I'm willing to deal with the unexpected. My parents apparently don't believe my side of things despite a FREAKING NUCLEAR EXPLOSION nearby. Are they really that jaded? I guess.

Anyway, after being thrown a couple of kilometers among other things, I had to deal with school starting. My parents were displeased with me going to just an average school despite my brains. Well, I don't care. Look, chances are by the time I get to college, the world will enter a nuclear holocaust brought by a special terrorist group currently occupying Russia seeking vengeance against the United States for various reasons I care very little about. Yes, Leviathan knows of this group and doesn't do anything because we don't care. We couldn't stop them even if we wanted to.

I enter school and feel, bored out of my mind. We were told to introduce ourselves so I decided to go ahead and screw with them some. "Hi, I currently work for an organization called Leviathan. Also, we shall all be destroyed by nuclear weapons in 4 years. Don't worry about it for there is nothing you can do about it. That's all."

For the next couple of weeks, I would just stare out the window, not really caring about the class did. I was looking forward to Winter Break, when Kyon would be abducted. Especially now because he is FREAKING ANNOYING! I hope they experiment on you, I really do. He just keeps on talking and talking no matter how many times I tell him to shut up. He's trying to be friends with me I think or some bull crap like that. I really don't care, not anymore.

Besides that, school was just boring. I understand the concept of school, however I guess knowing what I do kind of makes it impossible. My parents soon hear about my lack of concentration yet I make high grades and, of course, they hear about Leviathan. They would go after my computer, but I long ago hid my laptop with its Internet connection in a safe place with Internet connection. How does it have Internet connection and how do I pay for it? Well, the former comes from another device from eBay believe it or not, and the latter is that its now free for me. I may have to worry about being arrested one day however I probably would get the death penalty with what I know. Not the normal kind of death penalty either, they would kill me in an "accident." Hey, I know most of the world would be killed along with me later so I don't care very much.

So, what do my parents do instead? Well, not much really. They can't ground me because of ways I have of leaving the house. They try being preachy towards me instead, but they realize it has no effect anymore. They tell me I should be a better person, but I don't care anymore about them. They tell me to stop wasting my time, but I don't care anymore. They tell me that I will regret this all later, but I don't care anymore. When I left my room despite special locks on my door and warnings of physical punishment, they just gave up. The latter never happened because they realized it would do nothing except get them arrested.

Now, I've also met time travelers. Leviathan also deals with time travelers. I've even time traveled to World War 2, the Cold War, and the post-apocalyptic future. I've met time travelers a plenty too, and know that eventually humanity rebuilds out of Russia into a utopia or something. Does it concern me? Nope. The time travel itself does though. I don't have a time travel device myself, that role is left up to other Leviathan members usually. I just have happened to get caught up in the ride sometimes.

Now, this might matter because we need to make absolutely sure the abduction of Kyon goes properly, even if that means going back quite awhile. That would suck, but I'm willing to deal with it to ensure the aliens get to have Kyon. In return, we later learned from another abduction, they will enter a special relationship with us. I, with the rest of Leviathan, will get to meet the Data Integration Entity. We will truly take a huge step forward for humanity.

This should all go as planned now. What could possibly happen to interrupt it? What can happen when we can just do it over? Erasing any mistake with the power of time itself. After all, we are Leviathan for a reason.