A/N: This is the final story in my 'Nightmare' series. In this story, Alvin is in bed with the flu. Meanwhile, Leonard is coming back, but this time he's coming back to apologize to everyone. Will Dave and the others forgive him?

It's been a month since Alvin and Dave were released from the hospital. It's been the same amount of time since their last incident with Dave's abusive brother, Leonard, who was in rehab. Dave's gunshot wound was still healing, but the bandages would come off in a couple days. As for Alvin, all he needed was rest and relaxation.

Right now, it is dark and quiet inside the Seville residence. It was almost 2:30. Dave quietly walked down the hall and toward the boys' room to check on his sons. As quietly as he could, Dave opened the door to their bedroom. Simon and Theodore were asleep. But Alvin wasn't in his bed. Where could he be?

Dave then noticed a light coming from the bathroom and followed it. The door was cracked a little. Dave opened the door and found Alvin lying against the wall.

"Alvin?" Dave said quietly.

Alvin opened his eyes and found Dave walking toward him.

Dave knelt down in front of his son. "You OK? What happened?" he asked.

"I threw up" Alvin mumbled.

"Threw up? Was it something you ate?" Dave asked gently.

"I don't know" Alvin mumbled as he began to drift off again.

Dave felt Alvin's forehead. "Alvin, you're burning up" he said.

"My head hurts" Alvin moaned.

Throwing up, warm body temperature, fatigue, head hurting; Alvin could be catching the flu. He already had four of the many symptoms.

Dave went to the medicine cabinet where he found the thermometer. Then he went back to aid Alvin.

"Alvin, can you open your mouth for me?" Dave asked gently, taking a seat next to his son.

Alvin's eyes opened slightly and he saw the thermometer. As wide as he could he opened his mouth and Dave placed the thermometer inside.

"Keep that under your tongue, OK?" Dave said gently.

Alvin nodded.

While the thermometer tried to find Alvin's temperature, Dave stayed by him and waited patiently. After a few minutes, the thermometer beeped.

Dave took a look. Alvin had a temperature of 101.3.

As carefully as he could, Dave cradled Alvin in his arms and carried him out of the bathroom.

Dave walked into his room and laid Alvin, who had fallen back asleep, on the bed.

"You lay here. I'll be right back" Dave said gently. Then he left the room. Several seconds later he returned with a cold cloth in his hand. He gently placed the cold cloth on Alvin's forehead.

"Hopefully this will bring your fever down a little. You try to get some rest. I'll take you to the doctor later this morning" Dave said softly.

Alvin's answer was a hard, dry cough.

Dave climbed in bed next to his son. He fell asleep after a few minutes.

Around 8:30 that morning, Miss Miller had come by with the girls to watch Simon and Theodore while Dave took Alvin to see the boys' pediatrician, Dr. Katie Lee. Just as Dave had suspected, Alvin had caught the flu. Dr. Lee had told Dave that there was a minor flu bug going around and that Alvin may have caught it overnight. After receiving some medicine to help bring his fever down, they went home.

At home Alvin was back in his pajamas and was now relaxing in bed. His nose was a little stuffy, so he had to breathe through his mouth. A cold cloth rested on his forehead.

Dave walked into the room with the medicine the doctor had given them and a spoon. He took a seat on Alvin's bed.

"What is that stuff?" Alvin asked Dave tiredly.

"The doctor wants you to take this. It's supposed to help your fever go down" Dave answered as he filled the spoon with the medicine.

"Do I have to?" Alvin asked.

"You do if you want to get better" said Dave.

Alvin sighed and let Dave give him the medicine. He didn't like the taste.

"All right, Alvin. Try to get some rest. I'll come up to check on you in a couple hours" said Dave.

Alvin turned over on his pillow while Dave left the room.

"How is he?" Miss Miller asked when Dave returned downstairs.

"The same way every kid feels when they get the flu; miserable" Dave answered.

"How long does the flu usually last?" Theodore asked.

"He'll be fine in a a couple days. All he needs is plenty of rest and fluids" answered Dave.

Just then the doorbell rang. Dave went to answer it, finding Linda on the other side.

"Hi Linda" Dave replied.

"Hi. How is everything over here?" said Linda.

"Well, Alvin has the flu, but it'll pass in a day or two. And I can take these bandages off in a couple days" Dave said.

"Has Leonard been by?" Linda asked.

"Thankfully, no" Dave answered.

The doorbell rang again and Dave went to answer it. On the other side was someone everyone was familiar with.

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