Shadow and the Air Pirates

Chapter 1: Stolen Chaos Emerald

The scene opens up where Shere Khan is in his high top private office chambers tending to his garden, when the elevator door opened up showing an odd figure in front of it.

"This better be important to why you have disrupted me from tending to my garden" said Shere Khan as he gazed at the figure at the elevator entrance.

"Oh but it is" said the figure who revealed himself to be none other than Shadow the Hedgehog.

"You, I've heard about what your deeds have done, and I must say I am most impressed" laughed Shere Khan as he then headed back to his seat, "but why are you here in my office?"

"Revenge is my game, do you know the Air Pirate leader known as Don Karnage?" asked Shadow.

"Know him, he nearly tried to plunder this fair city" replied Shere Khan as he poured some tea in a cup, "where are my manners, please sit."

As Shadow headed toward the chair near Shere Khan's table, he sat down and told Shere Khan his story. He was on a mission for GUN who hired him to penetrate an Air Pirate base which Don Karnage had owned. Precise problem, he ran into some of the technology that they had stolen a few weeks before.

"I am surprised those Air Pirates out bested you" said Shere Khan as he poured more tea into his cup.

"Tell me, I need to find their main headquarters, do you know anyone who can possibly help me on that?" asked Shadow.

"I think I know a pilot who can help you" said Shere Khan as he gave an evil smile.

The scene then changes toward Higher for Higher, where Shadow is seen right at the main door.

"That tiger was pulling my leg" said Shadow as he glared at the place which looked like a dump despite it being improved a bit.

As Shadow continued to look around, Rebecca Cunningham noticed Shadow prowling about.

"Can I help you?" asked Rebecca.

"I need a pilot" replied Shadow.

"To carry what?" asked Rebecca.

"I just need a pilot" replied Shadow who was quite in an obvious hurry.

As Rebecca headed on inside, Shadow impatiently waited outside for her to bring out the pilot.

"This better not be the plane for me" sighed Shadow as he didn't seem to like the Seaduck which was right on the docks.

Meanwhile, inside Baloo was typically fast asleep which apparently business in general was running quite slowly for Higher for Higher for the month.

"Up!" ordered Rebecca as she began to wake him up.

"Just what now?" asked Baloo as he yawned.

"There's someone out there who wants our service" replied Rebecca.

"He better not have anything heavy for me to carry" said Baloo.

"Just get Kit and go" said Rebecca.

"Fine" sighed Baloo who really wanted to sleep more.

As he and Kit went outside, they noticed Shadow was impatiently waiting for them.

"Let me guess, you must be the pilot, right?" asked Shadow to Baloo.

"Yeah, where can I bring you?" asked Baloo.

"I need to find the Air Pirate leader known as Don Karnage, he recently had stolen something from my inventory awhile ago" said Shadow.

"Don Karnage, why would you want to go after that crazy guy?" asked Baloo.

"He stole a Chaos Emerald from me" replied Shadow, "and I need it back."

"Chaos Emerald, I've kind of heard about them" said Kit.

"Yeah, but they're only meant to be used by professionals like me" said Shadow, "a tiger told me that you know the location of this Pirate Island I've been hearing about."

"You mean you went to Shere Khan for help?" asked Baloo.

"If you don't mind, take me to the skies and show me where Pirate Island is pronto" said Shadow who was quite impatient, "are we going in this hunk of junk?"

"Hey, don't call my baby the Seaduck like that!" roared Baloo as he wasn't too happy with Shadow.

"Look, I need a ride to Pirate island, Shere Khan says you can provide me a ride" said Shadow as he game face to face with Baloo, "do I need to have a problem with you?"

"You'll get your ride" said Baloo as he headed on into the plane.

As Shadow soon walked onto the plane, he noticed it was quite obviously a dump inside.

"Bah, I can't stand this!" cried Shadow.

"Go find a seat" said Baloo as he was heading to the cockpit with Kit.

"I don't believe this" sighed Shadow as he was forced to make room for himself, "this is going to be a long, long ride."

Meanwhile back at Pirate Island, Don Karnage was impressed by Dumptruck on how he managed to steal a Chaos Emerald.

"I can't believe this, this Chaos Emerald must be worth something" said Don Karnage as he examined the Chaos Emerald, "how did you manage to find it?"

"Er, well, me and Maddog stumbled upon an intruder at one of our bases not long ago, and we found this" replied Dumptruck.

"Amazing, if there is one Chaos Emerald, there must be others" said Don Karnage, "I want information on how we can get more Chaos Emeralds!"

"But sir, we don't know where there could be anymore" said Maddog.

"Fools, there are always more stuff like this out there, you just have to go and look for it you idiots" continued Don Karnage.

"Well, we could, er take this into town being disguised, and see where there could be others like it" said Maddog.

"Fools, I say we make some sort of a device that'll track down these Chaos Emeralds" said Don Karnage to which he then just stormed out of the area, "I can't believe it that I have to come up with everything here."

Yet as the Air Pirates were about to do more research on the Chaos Emeralds, they were unaware that Shadow the Hedgehog was already on his way to seek his revenge upon the Air Pirates.