Chapter 6: Escaping the Air Pirates

After Shadow had grabbed the Chaos Emerald from an unconscious Don Karnage, it wasn't long after he along with Baloo and Kit had left the scene did Don Karnage started to wake up from his ordeal.

"What, what happened?" cried Don Karnage as he suddenly realized that the Chaos Emerald was missing, "That black hedgehog took that Chaos Emerald of mine!"

The Air Pirate leader then headed out and noticed his men were already getting up from their ordeal with Shadow.

"You imbeciles, get your planes and shoot the intruders down before they escape!" roared Don Karnage.

"You got it boss" said Maddog as he and his fellow Air Pirates ran with his fellow compatriots toward their planes.

Meanwhile, Shadow along with Baloo and Kit had finally got back to the Seaduck.

"Well, I hope they don't follow us, but you never know for sure if you had taken care out of all of them" said Baloo to Shadow.

"Yeah, yeah, just get this plane up and running" replied Shadow.

As Baloo finally got the Seaduck up in the air, it didn't take long before the Air Pirates were following them.

"We got company!" cried Baloo as he noticed the Air Pirates coming in from the mirrors on the plane.

"I got this one" said Kit to which Shadow stopped him.

"No you don't kid, this one is mine, these idiot Air Pirates don't know the power this Chaos Emerald can really bring" said Shadow as he prevented Kit from using his disc.

"Great, he's going out there again" sighed Baloo.

But what the two didn't realize was that Shadow literally used his Chaos Control power with his Chaos Emerald to literally vanish right behind them. Outside, the Air Pirates were already firing trying to take down the Seaduck. Yet as one of the Air Pirates was closing on in, Shadow had appeared right in front of the Air Pirate.

"What the?" cried the Air Pirate as he noticed Shadow.

"You guys are going down" laughed Shadow.

Shadow then delivered a good punch sending the Air Pirate flying right out of his plane. He then used his Chaos Control to teleport himself to the next plane.

"This is too much!" cried the Air Pirate as he then leaped out of the plane.

While that was going on, Don Karnage himself was out and about his fellow Air Pirates and noticed the odd things going on with his fellow Air Pirates leaping out of their planes.

"Say, what's going on there?" cried Don Karnage as he then signaled Maddog and Dumptruck to follow his fellow Air Pirates whom were literally falling right out of their planes by Shadow.

But as the Air Pirate leader got closer, Shadow decided it was time to use his Chaos Control to literally appear right in front of Don Karnage himself. That is exactly what the black hedgehog eventually did.

"You!" cried Don Karnage as he was ready to take out his sword.

"Say boss, I got him on my crosshair" said Maddog as he was about to fire.

"No you imbecile!" cried Don Karnage.

"I got him too!" laughed Dumptruck.

"No, no,, not while I am still in the plane!" cried Don Karnage.

Shadow immediately used his Chaos Control power to escape just in the nick of time before Don Karnage's own poor plane was fired at by Dumptruck and Maddog. Poor old Don Karnage had to leap from his plane, luckily he had a parachute ready.

"You imbeciles, when you land you will be in so much trouble!" cried Don Karnage.

"Did we do a bad thing?" asked Dumptruck who was obviously clueless.

"I don't know" replied Maddog.

Suddenly Shadow appeared right in front of Maddog.

"Ah, the black hedgehog!" cried Maddog.

"Don't worry, I got him!" cried Dumptruck as he was ready to shoot down poor Maddog while he was still in his plane.

"This won't end well" sighed Maddog as he couldn't believe what was happening.

Dumptruck suddenly realized he ws all alone, as Shadow soon appeared right in front of Dumptruck thanks to his Chaos Control power.

"Time to finish this" laughed Shadow.

Dumptruck tried his best to swirl his plane to get Shadow off of his plane. Yet Shadow was able to hang on and literally leap right in back of Dumptruck to which all Shadow had to do was cover Dumptruck's eyes.

"Guess who" laughed Shadow.

"I can't see, I can't see!" cried Dumptruck was he was trying to regain control of his plane.

Shadow then immediately used his Chaos Control and teleported himself right out of there back onto the Seaduck. Dumptruck didn't realize that he was about to crash right into his fellow Air Pirates who had managed to create a floatable boat that one of them had in their inventory.

"Look out!" cried Maddog as Dumptruck then leaped out of his plane right into the sea.

Dumptruck's plane crashed right onto the floating blow up boat that the Air Pirates were using. They all managed to survive the ordeal to which Don Karnage himself got up from the water hanging onto Dumptruck's plane which was floating on the water.

"You imbeciles, when we get back to Pirate Island, I will make sure you will do extra laps around the base!" roared Don Karnage who wasn't pleased.

Back on the Seaduck which was heading Shadow home, Baloo was quite impressed with the fancy power of the Chaos Emerald.

"Wow, that Chaos Emerald must be something for you to not let it fall into Don Karnage's hands" laughed Baloo.

"Don't worry, this will never leave my sight again" said Shadow.

The scene ends as the Seaduck heads off.