Warning: This will be a Harry/Hunny fic. and Hunny will be in charge.

- Also Harry will be the only wizard in this story.

Saying Goodbye

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry stood empty of any witch or wizard, the frames still of moving portraits and the kitchen shelves sat bare. There was a quietness that was only broken by the creaking of the moving staircases as they slowly swayed in place.

Except for the Great Hall where one solitary Wizard child sat on the floor, staring at the fading sky. Fading but not into darkness. No the sky was fading away and cracking revealing gaps of a arched ceiling that had not been seen in a great many years.

Harry looked around the room and felt despair. Everything had changed, leaving behind only skeletal fragments of memory that could never be whole again. For three years this had been his home. His true home and there was nothing he could do to stop it from crumbling around him.

Harry had just finished his third year of Hogwarts. Things were looking up for him. He found a dogfather who cared for him. Who one day could be cleared of his charges, if they could capture Peter Pettigrew otherwise known as Wormtail, and hopefully live together one day. But then the unthinkable had happened.

While everyone had been frantic over Sirius Black, escaped convict from Azkaban, another unknown prisoner who had escaped with the help of his family had been helping Voldemort all year. Barty Crouch Jr. had broken his father's Imperius Curse and had his father locked in a trunk while he took over for him. Barty, posing as his father, filed for a leave of absence and went to find his former master, Voldemort. And find him he did. They waited for Harry to return home to carry out their evil plot.

Harry had been home for a week when it happened. They had come for him, in the dead of the night. Broken through the wards, quite easily in fact. Turns out no one in that home ever loved him…or even cared if he lived or died.

The Death Eater that came that night took them all to Little Hangleton's graveyard, tied Harry up to Tom Riddle's gravestone. Voldemort's father. They took his blood and made him watch old Voldemort be re-born. Voldemort then let the death Eaters who helped resurrect him kill his family, forcing Harry to watch. Afterwards he had called his Death Eaters using the Dark Mark and when they were all gathered he released Harry for a duel…Harry never expected to live past the night.

Harry could still remember everything from that night. It seemed seared into his brain. The way the Death Eaters circled him. The perverted white of Voldemort's skin. The feel of the knife as Barty Crouch pulled his face to the side and sliced a shallow two inch line on his neck.

"Don't worry little Potter, I won't kill you here, My Lord will want that honor." Barty had whispered as he collected his blood. Harry shuddered as he remembered the sick feel of Barty's tongue drag across the cut…to help stop the blood flow he had said.

The death of his family had been horrific to watch. They did not go quietly. Finally the duel between Voldemort and him began. When Harry's charm had connected with Voldemort's killing curse they had all been surprised when their wands connected in an amazing beam of light. Apparently brother wands, wands with the same cores, won't work against each other.

That's when it happened. Across the world seers from the magical world, from every race, be it wizard or goblin, from Vampire to Veela… all froze in place or sat up in their beds and had the exact same prophesy at the exact same time in every language. Harry had no idea of this, since none at the graveyard had been seers but he had been later told it went like so…

As the Sun rises, so shall your rule fall.

My children of power, I gifted authority

And received wickedness

As the Sun rises, my gifts will scorch

And all will be judged

As the Moon sets, your rule shall begin

My children of earth, it is time

As the Moon sets, my beloved one

Will be left behind

My children of earth, guard Emeralds

Who will tell of what had been.

And what could be…

Again Harry didn't know of this prophesy and as Harry's arm began to shake from holding the connection, the golden beam suddenly began to flicker and die. Voldemort had laughed and ordered his Death Eaters back, throwing another Killing curse his way…well he had yelled the words anyways and thrown his arm the right way…but nothing had happened.

Stunned Voldemort had tried again and again; it might have been funny if he hadn't been trying to kill Harry. "What have you done!" Voldemort screamed at him, wild raged filled eyes had looked at him in disbelief "Kill him!"

But when the Death Eaters fired curses at him nothing happened and as they moved in to physically grab him it was as if they all stumbled and fell face first to the ground. Some were lucky enough to land on their side but the Dark Lord wasn't one of them…At this point Harry wondered if he had gone mad from torture and this was some strange hallucinating coping mechanism.

Some Death Eaters were cursing him and others were crying out to in fear to Voldemort asking him what was happening. Harry would have liked to have known too. Just as Harry realized that maybe he should make a run for it or try to stun them…because these men might be evil but he didn't think he could kill them, for Merlin's sakes he was only 13, they all started to glow.

Harry watched as the Death Eaters bodies glowed like firebugs, flicking on and off, faster and faster, little lights of different colors coming up off their bodies, rising up and swirling up towards the sky, and then…they burst into a million little pink lights. Swirling up and seeming to be carried away by the non-excitant wind.

Shock must have set in then. The kidnapping, the torture, watching his relatives die in front of his eyes, witnessing the re-birth of his enemy, dueling and losing only to have his enemy and his followers fall before him and then burst into lights around him...it was too much. Too much.

Harry gazed at the remains of his relatives. The only blood related family he had was dead now, and he didn't know if he felt any remorse over it. Harry thought about leaving but he couldn't leave their bodies here…could he, should he find help and come back. What if he couldn't remember the way back? His body hurt; maybe he should rest a bit…

Dobby the house elf found him as the sun was coming up, sitting in the same place as he had been for hours unable to decide what to do or even really think. Somehow Dobby had known where he was and forced Harry to his feet. He had taken Harry to the goblins where they treated his injuries.

Harry slept for 14 hours straight but it took him 24 hours to respond to anyone and ask why he was with the goblins and not the wizards.

That's when they told him, everything had changed. Magic itself had rebelled against the evil of wizards. No longer would it allow its blessed children to use its gifts for greed and bigotry. Voldemort resurrection must have been the last grain of rice to tip the scale. Coming back to life like he had…well Voldemort had severely pissed off the laws of magic and nature.

So that night every wizard and witch had been judged. Those who had used magic to gain power over those weaker than themselves, to subjugate and torture the magical creatures of the world had their bodies taken by magic, to become one with the earth's magic once again.

Those who had been innocent in life found themselves with new lives. They had been turned Muggle by magic. Their memories modified so that they believed themselves to have always been Muggle. Whole new business had had appeared overnight. The Chang's Technology corporation, The Malfoy's financial Business (run by Miss Malfoy after the death of her husband, shot to death…tragic), the Bones Legal Law firm, The Weasley's family run hardware store to name a few of the newly magical made business.

"You're lying. It's not true!" Harry had raged. He had snarled at them and cried out. Demanded that they take him to Hogwarts, to the Weasleys, to Dumbledore, to his godfather, Sirius Black.

"They won't remember you." They had tried to explain. "It's all gone; you are the only wizard left with any knowledge of the magical world."

Harry hadn't believed them till they had taken him to a Muggle school. They had found where one of his friends now went. Harry watched as Ron, his best friend for three years, got off a Muggle school bus and headed inside. He had passed by Harry, not even giving him a glance, too busy talking with another Muggle about how he hadn't really studied for the math test that day…Harry had run back to the car where they were waiting for him, tears falling freely. Finally convinced that everyone he cared about was gone to him.

It had taken Dobby's frantic worried pleas two days to convince Harry to eat anything, three to get him talking again. And four to convince him that they would care for him and that he would always be provided for. That he was not as alone as he thought himself. Harry really loved that elf for all he had done for him.

And so that is how Harry found him-self at Hogwarts, clearing out and packing everything to move out. Most magical schools could still be used but Hogwarts had been a special case. It turns out that the only way Hogwarts was able to still stand after all this time, without constant upkeep which the Ministry had not wanted to provide for, was by Wizardry magic.

Each year as the students came, they unknowingly gave a small bit of their magic to help keep the castle up. Without new wizards and witches coming in the castle had been slowly drained of magic and was falling apart…

"Mr. Potter, we need to leave soon…the stairs are starting to fall." Griphook advised as came into the Hall.

"Are you sure there is nothing being left behind?"

In an odd show of tenderness, for a goblin, Griphook laid a hand on the young boys arm.

"Yes, the castle has stopped hiding things for weeks now; there are no more moving rooms or changing hallways. Everything has been mapped and checked; it was just the basement that needed clearing today anyways and that area was barely used except for dormitories and the potions lab."

Harry nodded his understanding but he felt rooted to the spot. 'No yet' his mind whispered. But Griphook was already tugging him out the door. And as Harry stepped out into the hallway the sound of thunder reached him and he felt the ground shake.

"One of the higher staircases giving out." Griphook informed him.

"Will it all come down, then" Harry asked, his voice strained with the vision of his Hogwarts in ruins.

"Hard to say, Hogwarts was infused with magic, can't know till the last is gone what is solid and what was only supported by magic."

'The last of wizard magic gone' Harry thought feeling the acids in his stomach churn and his body tighten.

Stepping out into the mid-day sun Harry had to hold back a scream. 'This can't be happening, I'm not ready.' his mind insisted. If it weren't for Griphook he would have stayed in the Gryffindor tower, curled up in his bed, waiting to see if the tower fell with him in it. He might have wanted it to after everything that had happened.

"Harry, it's been decided that we would allow you to choose which tribe you would like to stay with till the schools start up again." Seeing the downcast eyes and tightening of the lips, Griphook sighed and stopped their walk down the path, to turn the wizard boy towards him.

"I know things are hard for you right now My Lord..."

"Don't call me that!" Harry hissed trying to free Griphooks hold on him"

"But you are our Lord, Harry. You are the Lord of Magic, accept it. Magic choose you, the only none magical being to still wield magic! It's up to you to do with it as you wish now, My Lord."

"There could be others out there, we don't know how this works, the Veelas still..."

"Hold their charm, looks and are still able to change forms, but even the full blooded Veelas have notice a change in their powers. Magic for us has become wilder, a careful dance to hold onto control. No you My Lord, you are they only true holder of magic now. It tames itself for your use."

Harry cursed as he felt tears fall down his cheeks, he had thought they had dried up, but the emotions had been stirred up again as he faced walking away from Hogwarts possibly for the last time.

"You are not alone…Harry, you are now ours, ours to protect and raise. Wherever you choose to call your home the magical beings there will know of you. The spirits of the forest would see you safely home, the creatures of the sea would guide you through storms and even the dragons would welcome you to their nest as one of their hatchling."

"I know. I know." Harry wiped away the tears and this time urged Griphook to continue on.

As they reached the gate and the car waiting in front Harry turned one last time to look at Hogwarts, his home…He thought he heard the faint sound of thunder…another staircase giving out.

"Come Harry" Griphook beckoned from the back of the car. The driver stood waiting also to the side, holding the door open for him. A tall man who was apparently a demon, Harry couldn't tell which kind though.

As the door closed on his side Harry Potter, past Boy-Who-Lived, Savior of the Wizardry World, Gryffindor Golden Boy and present Lord of Magic spotted one of the towers pointed roofs cave in on itself. As if to prove he had no choice but to leave, Hogwarts days had ended.

Later that day Harry could be found between two Vampires fussing over his appearance.

"No, No! Jacqueline, this color would look wonderful with his eyes!" Maria gushed excitedly.

"But that's too plain!" Jacqueline protested.

As they went back and forth, Harry couldn't help but smile a bit; they reminded him of the Gryffindor girls arguing over what to wear out. They always seemed to argued over clothes. Course he had never been at the center of it.

Today he was to have dinner with the Vampire clan station in London, along with the Lycans, Veelas, goblins, sirens, demons and some other representatives he couldn't remember. They would be going over territories and divisions of now empty magical lands. Without the Ministry hording it, it was surprisingly easy coming to agreements. There seemed to be room enough for all communities so far to live in comfort. There were even talks of working out migration patterns and allowing neutral zones for forests to replenish themselves.

And while Harry was happy that the magical beings were finally enjoying full rights and freedoms, he couldn't help but feel slightly sick of the whole matter. These were lands, that not even a year ago belonged to wizards and witches, being divided up amongst them.

But Harry never voiced how hard it was for him to hear these preceding. He knew if he did, they would most likely stop and wait for him to decide what to do with the land. Harry honestly couldn't imagine what else could be done with it. Nor did he want to be the one to decide who got what.

Besides he was the one who had given them the land in the first place, as the only wizard left the guarded forests had gone to him.

"Here change into this, My Lord."

Focusing on his attendants for the week Harry realized that they had finished picking out an outfit. Expensive looking wizard robes, which had been tailored to fit his form and with interesting stitching. Robes, Harry imagined, Malfoy to have once worn.

Marcos turned out to be surprisingly good company, for a demon who look so fierce. The magical creatures so far have been nothing but kind to him. They claimed that they all felt a connection to him, as if he where one of their own, and in the cases of where family is very important such as the Lycans…well Harry had never experienced such feelings of security from adults before.

"You should take a tour of our estate and see for yourself how our students are taught the more physical forms of defense." Marcos told him as he added more greens to his plate.

Harry signed and said nothing to the additions. Besides providing for him, they all felt a need to mother-hen him. Something, while at first, Harry accepted in pleased bewilderment now drove him slightly mad.

"Have you decided on a magical school yet?"

"I think I'll do as Eric suggested and learn from tutors while visiting different schools. I always wanted to travel and this way will introduce me to the different families and communities till I decide on where to settle."

"Ah, an excellent idea. It used to be common for wizards to travel aboard before school, learning from different cultures. It should be a wonderful experience for you, My Lord."

Harry's eye twitched at the title. Seems like he would have to get used to it.

"Ah! Haru-chan come eat cake with us!" Hunny exclaimed pulling Haruhi along while giving his best puppy dog eyes.

"Hold on, alright I'll go just slow down!"

"Come on, Takashi!"


Takashi smiled as he watched Honey bully Haruhi into joining them for lunch. Not that anyone would call it that. The three moved on without noticing Harry Potter walking passed them, heading outside for lunch.

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