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Old Friends and New Enemies.

(The case of Sirius Black)

When magic first took everyone Harry had demanded that he be taken to his godfather. This had been before they had found Ron or anyone else. Being a rich family, information on his godfather had been simple to find, up to his late teens.

It turns out that even as a Muggle, Sirius Black III still behaved as the White sheep of the Black family. Walburga, his mother, disowned Sirius when he left home at the age of sixteen. Later Walburga died in a freak accident, on the family yacht. After some research and a lot of man…err goblin-power?...the last known location of Sirius Black was at a motorcycle shop. He was reported to have said his goodbyes to a few friends before he took a trip through India, on motorcycle, for a year and disappearing from there off the face of the earth. It could be he decided to continue his life in India or assumed a different name and is traveling still.

What Harry later confirmed, through his spies (snakes), is that while magic may have turned them into Muggles, it did not change their personalities. Ron still had a temper; Hermione remained a bossy genius, Malfoy acted like a brat. Amazingly magic had created life experiences to influence their histories so that it would turn them into the same people they were before the "graveyard" incident.

But without Hogwarts to tie them all together there was no telling where some of them had ended up or where they would go.

(Harry in Ouran meeting...)

Harry felt as if he stood above everything, just watching over himself as fate gave him the finger with a loving smile.

"Sorry could you help an old man to the main office?" Asked his former Headmaster, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Harry stunned, took in this Muggle Dumbledore version. Dumbledore wore a grey suit with a cheery yellow vest and tie. A very modern suit, appropriate with a touch of merriment. Dumbledore's previous long beard had been trimmed shorter and neatly along with his hair. Surprisingly he also looked quite tan, looking to have spent time out in the sun. He looked the part of a very wealthy but comfortable business man.

"Ah, I know my Japanese isn't that good, do you happen to speak English?" Dumbledore asked, after Harry just kept gawking at him. Dumbledore's speech was riddled with awkward pauses. But as Harry continued to stare at him Dumbledore grew uncomfortable and a bit worried for this strange boy. He had thought that the boy, who looked like a foreigner, might be someone able to point him in the right direction. On his way to the main offices for a meeting, with his long time friend Suoh Yuzuru, chairman of Ouran Academy, he had somehow taken a wrong turn.

Now he had before him a child whose color had rapidly drain from his face as soon as he had turned to look at him. The boy gazed at him with the most peculiar expression on his face. A mix of pain and adoration.

"My boy, are you alright?" Dumbledore asked looking around for some assistance. 'Perhaps one of the students could fetch the nurse.' He thought but the few that did notice them purposely walked around the pair as far as possible. 'How odd'

Unfortunately this show of concern from Dumbledore grew to be too much for Harry. Overwhelmed, Harry recalled all the times he sought after Dumbledore for guidance and support. How he respected the man Dumbledore had been and to hear Dumbledore's concern for him again had broken through his walls. He wanted desperately to cling to Dumbledore and reassure himself that Dumbledore really stood before him. Only the knowledge that Dumbledore had no idea who he was kept Harry from latching on to his former Headmaster, but just barely.

Dumbledore watched in complete befuddlement as the boy raised both hands up to shield his face. When the boy's shoulders began to shake, Dumbledore realized that he had started to weep.

"Child please tell me what is the matter." Dumbledore pleaded raising a hand to place on Harry's shoulder. "Do you need help?"

But the only response he received was a shake of Harry's head, still covered by his hands. Unsure of what else he could do, Dumbledore flagged down another passing student and asked to be escorted to the infirmary. Placing an arm around Harry Dumbledore guided him, Harry going along crying harder with the weight of that arm…remembering the last time he had thought he had found Dumbledore.

(Harry's summer 14 years old)

For Harry's fifteenth birthday he had agreed to spend it in Greece. More specifically, an island in South Aegean, not that you could locate it on a map. Wizards had hidden several islands within the Aegean Sea, the most beautiful ones of course, to keep for themselves.

The one in which Harry was to stay at had been turned into an Island Resort, called Osanna, for the exceptionally wealthy. Owned by both Wizards and Veelas they had spared no expense. They had hired Goblins to make breathtaking works of metal art throughout the resort. They had hired artist to make extraordinary murals on walls and glassblowers to create window murals and vases, to put in each room. They had even commissioned forever blooming flower gardens to be planted on the grounds so that everyday workers would be able to cut fresh flowers for their guests. For a month this was to be Harry's home, visiting the mainland for tours on the weekends.

Harry had always thought himself too practical to want to spend much time at such places. 'Why spend all that money when it could be used for better things.' Harry had always thought to himself.

But after two weeks Harry had to admit, he could certainly come to appreciate living such a life. In truth Harry loved it all. The cerulean sea view, the spa treatments, the swimming pools, the fresh fruit brought to him as he read on his balcony chaise lounge every night; it was all so relaxing and luxurious for Harry.

But best of all, in Harry's opinion was going for rides on his Hippocamp, in the sea. Stunning creatures, Hippocamps looked like their front-half was a horse and the back-half a fish. They're fronts were fully scaled like snakes and had long fish tails that could curve on themselves.

The one Harry had been assigned had been an amazing gold and green colored Hippocamp called Xanthus. Xanthus had green scales with gold swirls throughout his body. His eyes were so dark a green they looked black and his two golden hooves flashed whenever he reared up out of the sea.

When Harry had first been introduced to the half submerged stable, he could hardly believe his eyes! One Hippocamp had even splashed him when he had gotten too close to her and her foal.

When not in lessons Harry spent most of his time learning how to ride and care for Hippocamps. He became a great handler and his Hippocamp grew to trust and love Harry, neighing in delight whenever he saw Harry come for a ride. The workers who took care of the Hippocamps and taught Harry how to care for Hippocamps, would joke that Harry should have been named Philip at birth. Which meant "Lover of Horses" in Greek.

For three weeks Harry lived his life as if in a dream. Finally truly happy, for three weeks he had stopped worrying about the future, about his missing friends, about why he had been the only one left. He felt young again, like a kid. Playing in the sea, exploring the grounds, sliding on the marble floors, Harry found himself ready to accept his lot in life and move on. Maybe start settling down in one place…There had been a Magical school close by that they had visited.

Harry began to dream of a life in Greece. He would probably get a tan with all the time he spent outside. He would have gotten one by now if his attendants didn't insisted in covering him in magical sun spray strong enough to keep Vampires from burning up in the sun.

For three weeks Harry felt truly happy.

Then on the week of his birthday, he had been attacked.

Harry had fallen asleep reading out on his balcony. Which he had done before, without any problems thanks to the warming charms, on the blankets.

With the sounds of the waves crashing in the distant, the soft breeze carrying the smell of flowers along with sea air and the warmth of his blankets, there shouldn't have been a reason for Harry not to sleep till morning. But something had awakened him.

"Harry" a voice softly called to him.

"hmm…I'm" Yawn "Up"

When Harry awoke enough to recognize it was the middle of the night he stopped his movement to rise. 'Did I dream someone waking me up?' he contemplated

"Harry" Again the voiced crooned.

'I know that voice!' He realized abruptly. Oh, how he knew that voice!

"Harry, hurry…"

Harry jumped out of his nest of blankets and searched his balcony. Yet Harry couldn't see anyone. Eyes landing on his telescope his tutors had gifted him for his star-gazing studies; Harry grabbed it and searched the grounds.

"I'm here" the voice called to him.

And yes! Harry could see him. At the resort's maze, Harry could just barely make out a head peeking out from the maze's entrance. A long bearded face! It had to be him.

"Hurry…" The much missed voice called, sounding weaker.

It may have been because Harry had always trusted that voice. It might have been that Harry had always been shockingly ready to jump into adventures. It may have even been the fact that Harry had come to believe that no harm could come to him whilst on magical ground. For whatever reason Harry didn't consider to question whether or not he should grab his broom and soar towards the maze on the far left of the resort. Far away, from where anyone could hear him if he called for help.

As Harry flew, he questioned how Dumbledore had not been turned into a Muggle by magic. 'But then again.' Harry reasoned 'if anyone could do it Dumbledore could.'

Flying down, Harry landed on a grassy knoll in front of the maze. "Sir?" Harry called. The moon was not yet full and the light cast long shadows on the ground.

"In here, keep quiet…" Dumbledore's voice beckoned from inside the maze

"Sir, please is this real? Harry asks walking into the maze. Harry caught a flash of movement coming from further into the maze and hurried to catch up. "Sir-Sir why are you doing this?" Harry asked feeling hesitation for the first time. Why was Dumbledore hiding himself?

"Mustn't be caught, dangerous. Must move further down in, trust me, my boy." Dumbledore's voice called. Then Harry started to hear a crooning sound and Harry's uncertainties suddenly disappeared, a fog came over his thoughts and before Harry knew it he found himself hurrying after the voice and flashes of movement.

Finally, they had arrived to what, in Harry's past explorations, he knew to be the heart of the maze. A large fountain sat in the middle, depicting Hippocampsand sea nymphs playing in the sea. Water flowed freely and the rim of the fountain had been carved from the whitest of marble.

"Harry" Dumbledore's voice whispered behind him.

Whipping around Harry felt the air leave his lungs as he took in the horrifying sight before him! As the creature stepped out of the shadows, he at first had thought it was a Sphinx, but its face was that of a man. Cruel and cold with horrible eyes and a mouth full of sharp teeth. The creature had a body of a lions and what Harry had thought to been a man's beard had really been its mane. Worse its tail was that of a scorpion, dreadfully dangerous looking.

"What's wrong Harry?" The creature asked "Haven't you missed me Harry?" It mocked, voice changing from Dumbledore's pleasant tones to an awful rumbling growl.

"Who-Who are you?" Harry asked fearful for his life, for the first time in a little over a year. "Why did you bring me out here?" 'Oh Merlin, I have to get away!' Harry desperately thought.

"I have no name but once a man called me Leander. Let that be my name." The beast said showing off rows of too sharp teeth. "See how pale my mane looks, almost white, this is because I am the oldest of my kind." Leander declared with a shake of his head.

"W-What do you want." Harry demanded as steadily as he could. This monster scared him and since he had been in the company of all manner of beings and beasts, it said something to how frightening Leander was. Harry tried to discreetly move back, away from this wicked monster.

"I came a long way here young wizard, to make a decision." Leander said, seeming to stretch and shake his muscles in place."

"Enough tell me what you want!" Harry challenged, fear making him brash.

"Hahahahahaha, little wizard in such a hurry for your death." Leander taunted before pouncing.

Harry barely moved back in time to avoid Leander's claws! Frantically Harry threw a Blasting Charm at Leander but it had no effect. Leander stood in the same position amused at Harry's attempts to save himself. Before Harry could try something else Leander's scorpion tail shot forward and stabbed Harry in the shoulder.

"AAAHHH!" Harry screamed before he crumpled to the ground completely paralyzed.

'I can't move." Harry thought desperately as he tried to reach for his wand. Failing, Harry tried to yell for help but even his throat muscles were paralyzed so that all that came out was a pathetic wail.

'I-I can't breathe!' Harry thought as he started to panic. 'I'm going to die!'

"Now then little wizard, it is time for you to listen properly." Leander told him as he sat besides Harry, to gaze directly down into his eyes.

"It has been a year since it happened. I was eating a man…" Harry sucked in another gasped watching Leander smirk at the memory, his ghastly mouth stretched wide and gleaming full of sharp teeth. "When unexpectedly he began to speak, and not the customary monologue either mind you. Not the weeping to gods or pleadings for me to stop."

"He spoke of the end of Wizards, and the rise of the magical beings, except for one." Here Leander's horrible face twisted into resentment. "Why have you been left little Wizard, what are you?" Leander leaned down blocking out the moon light so all that Harry saw was darkness. Feel Leander's breath ghost across his face, smelling of blood and meat.

"You know I feel a pull towards you, young Wizard. I feel as if you came from my flesh. A cub." Leander told him sniffing at his face. "How odd that you should even smell like one of my own." Leander seemed truly perplexed. Before he sat back up and gave Harry a truly awful smile. Hideous eyes flashing in sick glee.

"Do you know why I am so old, young Wizard?" He asked Harry gleefully. "It is because I realized something in my youth; the young grow strong to overtake the old until they themselves are old and are overtaken by the next generation."

"Do you know why I am so old, young Wizard?" Leander asked more passionately and slightly manic. "It is because I have broken free of the circle, I ate my sons and any other young cub I came across before they could grow strong enough to overtake me!" Leander giggled, as if telling the greatest joke.

'He's insane, oh someone please help me!' Harry wished with all his being

"You are not yet strong, young cub. Should I gobble you up before you become a lion? The last wizard will surely grow up strong. Don't you see young cub. There is no other choice."

"Help me!" Harry called desperately but it came out scarcely a whisper, thanks to his paralyzed state. "Help me!" he gasped urgently as Leander began to sniff at his hand and croon softly to him. Placing one massive paw on his chest, claws digging into him.

"Help me!" Harry tried frantically, as Leander licked his hand and opened his mouth. A smile curving his lips up and wide apart.

"Get Away From Him!" Two voices hissed unexpectedly!

"AAAAHHHH!" Leander suddenly roared! Holding his back paw up off the ground and staggering to the side. In the distance, Hippocamps neighed in alarm having heard his wail and alerted the residents of a predator nearby.

"Stay away from him!" A Viper hissed at Leander. Its fangs out and flashing in the moonlight, while another viper crawled on top of Harry's chest, coiled up ready to attack. "Go away nasty one!"

"Damn little pests!" Leander roared in his fury, back paw already swelling at the bite site. "I'll…" But abruptly Leander stopped as lights and the sound of alarm went up in the resort. Leander gave Harry a sinister look, clearly wanting to finish him off but they would be searching for Harry now and by the time he took out Harry's vicious little snake protectors he might have time to slay him but not enough to escape capture.

"Do not think yourself safe, little wizard." Leander told him limping back away from him. "We will meet again." and with that promise Leander staggered off into the darkness.

"Foul smelling beast!" The viper on his chest, a female if Harry wasn't mistaken, spat after Leander.

They found Harry soon after. It had taken Harry three days to recover from the venom and the wound from Leander's sting. His party had been canceled in order for Harry to rest, which he hadn't minded after the incident. For the next couple of weeks Harry would find it hard to fall asleep.

He'd dream of sharp teeth and horrible eyes that mocked him. Dreams of Leander coming for him, calling with the voice of his former Headmaster. They never were able to discover how Leander had come to the island or where he had hidden if he still stayed on the island.

Finally on the day of his 15th birthday Harry decided to leave early. Uncomfortable with the excessively attentive guardians.

Before they had permitted Harry to do as he liked on the island, believing him safe. As long as Harry arrived on time for his training as well as his meals they had let him be. That had all changed. They hovered over him, shadowed his every move and insisted that he rest when he did not considered it necessary anymore.

There had been a lot of anger towards his current minders, for letting him get hurt, no matter how much Harry protested it had been his fault. "Yes, My Lord, you did make a bad choice. But you are still a child, and it is our duty to protect you. Your guardians grew complacent and neglected to place the monitor charms as is required." His contact in Greece had lectured him.

"What charm!" Harry had demanded scandalized. Apparently the Magical beings, worried with his reputation for getting into trouble, had decided that whoever was to be his guardian at each new location would place a monitoring charm that would give the caster a warning if Harry were ever in danger. And if for whatever reason they could not cast the charm they would assign someone, usually one of his attendants that week, to recast it on him every other day.

Harry had been upset with the thought of them casting spells on him without his permission; he had refused to speak to anyone for days. Then, once he had settled on another part of the world, Harry had been able to reflect on what had happened to him. He had for the most part, thought he had brushed off the whole incident as he done before with such events. End of the year life or death situations just happened to him, why break with tradition. Though this one had been a little late.

But as the weeks passed and the dreams continued, Harry found himself beginning to hate Leander. Hate him for making him want to leave the country where he could have seen himself living. Hate him for ruining his birthday. Hate him for the scar that he left on his shoulder. But most of all Harry hated him for using Dumbledore's voice.

Because if he never found Dumbledore, his last memory of hearing his voice would be of Leander using it to lure him to his death.

Now, that did not need to be the case. Dumbledore had found him! 'How!' Harry kept thinking 'How can this be possible!'

They had searched for him, searched far and wide. Information on Dumbledore's family had been easy to find. His father, surprisingly, had been sent to jail for attacking three boys and had later died during his time there. When Albus's mother and sister had died in an accident, Albus and his brother had gone their own ways. From there things became a mystery. Where he went how he made a living, how he communicated with his brother even, they could not find. But now here he was, asking Harry for directions to, of all things, the main offices.

No-one noticed a certain pair of eyes follow them as they made their way down the hall to the infirmary.

(Ouran's Infirmary)

After arriving, Harry had been able to control himself enough to express how he didn't need any help.

"Now, now I know boys tend to brush things off but it is better that you get yourself checked up." Dumbledore insisted as the doctor (not nurse, Ouran was wealthy enough for its own doctor and nurse) took his vitals. "You still look a bit peaky to me, so no harm done letting them check." When the doctor finished they declared him healthy but with a slight rise in blood pressure. The doctor went off to make a call leaving them alone.

"So then…" Dumbledore began again pausing awkwardly Japanese heavily accented.



"Y-You don't need to speak in Japanese Sir, I'm English. I was born in England Sir." Harry informed him seeing how Dumbledore's grasp of the language wasn't as fluent.

"Ah, how wonderful. I myself am British too! What a coincidental meeting." Harry almost snorted. 'You have no idea Sir!'

"You know I'm happy that I found another English speaker, for some reason I have never been able to fully grasp the Japanese language and that is odd considering I have mastered the Khoisan language.

"Khoisan, Sir?" Harry questioned never having heard of such a language before. Dumbledore gave him a mischievous smile before going off in a strange sounding language filled with different sounding clicks." When done, Harry could only stare at Dumbledore helplessly. "Ah, well that is something, sir."

Dumbledore chucked at his expression. "I spent quite some time in Africa, so it became necessary to become familiar with such a language." Dumbledore informed him. "Oh! I just realized something, my dear boy; I have yet to properly introduce myself." Dumbledore exclaimed looking very jolly.

"I am Albus Fiorello, and you would be." Dumbledore introduced himself reaching out a hand for Harry to shake. Harry offered his own hand out of habit but was dreadfully confused as to why Albus had lied about his last name. Did he not trust Harry or had he gotten it changed for some reason?

"P-ah no sorry, Harry Potter." Harry said offering his own hand, blushing at his mix up of almost introducing himself last name first.

"Gone a bit native have you." Dumbledore chuckled, blue eyes twinkling just as before. Then while still having a hold of Harry's hand Dumbledore gazed at Harry over his glasses. "Now then Mr. Potter, if you don't mind could you please tell me what happened out in the hall." Dumbledore's eyes were kind but sharp, compelling Harry to answer him.

Harry pulled his hand back and looked down at his lap. His hands unconsciously griped each other as he struggled to find a suitable lie.

"I wouldn't normally involve myself in something like this." Dumbledore stated. Again Harry had to stop himself from laughing. 'Nosy old man couldn't stop involving himself with everything!'

"But that was quite a serious reaction you had to me back there. It might help if you tell me."

"No-no its nothing like what you might be imagining, Sir." Harry stalled for something to say but then he impulsively decided that maybe the truth might be the best approach, for once in his life. "You see sir you reminded me of someone I once cared for very much, like a g-grandfather even, though we weren't related. He looked out for me after my parents passed away." Harry told him, voice strained, refusing to shed any more tears today. "You not only look a great deal like him, Sir, but you-you even sound like him."

"Oh dear, I see how that might have been a shock to you. I'm so sorry…"

"No, you don't have any reason to be sorry Sir; it was just as you said. A shock that's all." Harry reassured him locking eyes with him, not wanting to have Dumbledore apologize to him for something.

"Did he pass away very recently?"

"Years, Sir. I shouldn't have had such a strong reaction."

"No nonsense, I myself have lost loved ones and I know firsthand how the departed can still have a strong hold on us. I can understand." Dumbledore reassured. Then he made the decision to hand Harry his card. He felt for this boy for some unknown reason. It could have been the pain in the boy's eyes or maybe he reminded him of himself or maybe of the son that he and his dear husband, Domani Fiorello, could have once had if they had decided to adopt. Whatever the reason he pressed the card into Harry's hand.

"Listen Harry, I can see you are of the good sort, I'm only going to be in the country for a few more days but if you are ever in Venice or need help that's my phone number there." Dumbledore pointed, tapping the number on the card for Harry to see.

"Thank you Sir!" Harry said before the doctor returned.

"Alright Potter-sama please stay here and rest for a bit, we have contacted your guardian's and…" But before the doctor could finish Kasanoda had busted in through the door.

"Harry! Where is he!" Kasanoda cried out frantically. He couldn't see Harry sitting to the left of him on a bed (not cot but bed) slightly behind the doctor. "How hurt is he! What happened to him! Someone better..."

"Ritsu, calm down I'm right here." Harry called to him; bringing his hysterical questions to an end and getting his attention away from the now frightened looking doctor. 'Ritsu could get a little too intense.' Harry thought to himself, feeling a small smile tugging on his lips.

To the left of him Harry noticed Dumbledore appeared surprise at Kasanoda's entrance but he beamed happily at Kasanoda for the concern he showed for Harry.

"Well now I see your friend has arrived and you are clearly in capable hands, so I'll take my leave now." Dumbledore stated as he got up from his seat, patting Harry on the shoulder. "Now remember what we talked about, you are welcome come visit or call if you ever need help, understand."

"Yes, thank you Sir!" Harry said as he waved goodbye watching him leave. 'With this card I'll be sure to find out how he's really doing!' Harry thought to himself, already planning on sending his spies (snakes) in to make sure he was truly happy and well.

"Harry, what happened, I got a call from the fellas saying you had to be taken to the infirmary?" Kasanoda asked bring his attention back onto himself and away from the empty door. Kasanoda then noticed the tear tracks Harry had on his face. "What's this?" He asked gently tilting Harry's face up. A look of concern spreading across his face, while thoughts of revenge floated through his mind.

Harry shook him off and scrubbed at his face with his arms, feeling incredibly embarrassed now that the shock had worn off. 'I thought I was over this, Dumbledore just surprised me that's all.' "I'm fine Ritsu, nothing to worry about." Harry told him, hoping Kasanoda would drop the issue but knowing that they never did. Honestly it's not like he was a baby.

"Harry come on…" Kasanoda started a bit frustrated. 'Why won't he tell me what happened?"

"Yes something did happen but I'm fine, come on we're friends, you're not my babysitter. If I say something is fine then just drop it! OK." Harry replied a bit aggravated, then winced feeling bad for snapping at Kasanoda.

Sighing he turned to see Kasanoda looking upset but clearly trying not to ask any more questions. "It really was nothing; I would tell you if it wasn't. Trust me OK." Thankfully that seemed to reassure Kasanoda enough. They wound up going home early both feeling too drained after everything that had happened to continue with classes.

Plus Harry wanted to inform his contacts about the incidents with Dumbledore or Fiorello as he was now going by.

(Host Club)

While Kyouya like to think as himself as a master strategist and an expert in human behavior he would be the first to admit that sometimes there were individuals who stumped even him.

Tamaki had been one of those people and now it seem Potter was turning out to be another such individual. Kyouya had never expected for things to turn out this way. First he had of course researched Potter's back ground and that had given him almost nothing to work on besides the basics.

But when he had inquired about Potter's friendships or academic record it had all seem simple enough. Potter received average grades, he had no known friends and he had, gently, refused to join any clubs…reasons unknown. He had been described as a polite student by teaches and the few classmates that did recall Potter at all, said that he seemed very quiet and shy. Kyouya had also known that Potter had very potent but secret herbal cures and balms.

Potter having experience in self defense, or that he had a temper, or that he seemed to be best friends with a yakuza heir... Kyouya would have to sadly admit to not knowing. Which bothered him greatly, he had been ready to brush thing under the rug but now…

What could cause someone like Potter to lose control like that? Kyouya wished he hadn't seen Potter in the hallway. Wished he could forget his hunched shoulders shaking in silent tears.

'Damn it! If only he could make sense of Potter. One day a mysterious shy loner, the next a yakuza fighter with a temper and then in the same day he's a sad child needing comfort. How could someone be that complicated? It made Kyouya want to learn his story, when he couldn't really afford to waste the time on him. He should be focusing on how to acquire more funds for the host club! If he could get Potter to somehow agree to join the Host Club he could have kept him close by to study him…now it looked to be a hopeless cause.

'There has to be a way, maybe if we…."

"Hey Mom." Tamaki said interrupting his thoughts.

"What is it, Dad?" Kyouya asked, deciding to indulge his little game.

"This is just….Yes this is just a suspicion of mine but compared to me, who only spends time with Haruhi in the host club, do those devil twins, whom are in the same class as Haruhi, spend more time with her…and consequently, get more chances to get to know her more?"

"What? You just noticed now?" Kyouya asked with a small smile, really it should have been obvious to their Host King for quite some time now.

"AAAHHH!" Tamaki cried out, he hadn't noticed at all!

"According to my calculations." Kyouya began pulling out his handy whiteboard they always kept nearby. "Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi spend about nine hours together. You on the other hand, only spend about one or two hours at the club." Turning to Tamaki to make his final blow…ah point Kyouya finished with… "The truth is Tamaki, you are only involved in a mere 3% of Haruhi's daily life activities."

"I had no idea! I don't want to hear it!" Tamaki wailed, horrified at the idea of spending so little time with his precious daughter. Running to Haruuhi and pulling her close. "O'Haruhi! You should not spend any more time with those dishonest and depraved twins anymore!"

"Dishonest!" Hikaru protested feeling a bit insulted. 'Koaru was the only dishonest one!'

"Depraved!" Koaru protested feeling a bit insulted. 'Hikaru was the only depraved one.'

However Tamaki was already forming his own opinion on where the problems really came from. "Yes, I see. All faults lie on the fact that we have gotten distracted with this Potter fiend! We should have been focusing on the fact that you're hiding your gender as a girl from everyone!" Tamaki declared, fist clenched in disapproval.

"We must not let enemies of the Host Club (Harry and Kasanoda) distract us from out obvious goal." Tamaki cried tears streaming down his face. "Haruhi we must return you to the female population, so that you can have healthy female relationships and friends; that is Father's wish!"

'Good grief, what is his problem now.' Haruhi thought to herself with a sigh. 'Can't he be normal for once…wait Father?' "Who said you could call yourself my Father?"

"Change back, Haruhi! Daddy wants; Daddy wants you to change back!" Tamaki wept grabbing a hold of her once again.

"There's no need to hurry." Hikaru and Kaoru both pointed out. "Remember tomorrow is the physical examination, everyone should find out then."

"Physical examination?" Haruhi asked not having heard of it.

"Oh yes that is tomorrow." Kyouya thought out loud, more to himself than for the others sake 'the Potter quandary had really distracted me.'

"I guess…everyone will find out I'm a girl, huh." Haruhi acknowledges without any anxiety.

'Oh No, Not Good!' All the males in the host club thought at the same time.

"Don't worry Haruhi; at tomorrow's physical examination we will protect your secret of really being a girl! So that you can stay with Daddy!"

"Say what?"

"Alright men, we must start planning!" Tamaki declared already pulling out the blackboard and writing in bold black letters across the top.

Sign: The Great Strategic Plan to Hide Haruhi's Gender!

Haruhi decided it was a good time to head home...

(Back with Harry making a telephone call)

"That's right, Fiorello. He also mentioned that he spent time in Africa, someone check it out. Whatever information you can gather send it to me by tomorrow."

"Alright we'll get it done, My Lord." Shun one of his best detectives promised.

"Thank you, I appreciated it."

"Are you sure you are alright…" Shun asked, and really Harry couldn't help but role his eyes.

"Yes don't worry about it. It was just a bit of a shock. Honestly there wasn't any need to call you too."

"I respectfully disagree, My Lord. While in Japan, it is my duty to ensure that no harm comes to you, as your primary contact."

"This better not turn into something Shun-san, I don't want to be spotting pixies in the bushes acting as your spies again!"

"I wouldn't dream of it, My Lord…"

"Or sending your Kuda-gitsune to spy on me." Harry added just in case.


"I Knew It!" Harry exclaimed when Shun said nothing. "I have better not see that pipe fox of yours anywhere near Ouran. That's an order." Harry rarely liked to give such specific orders but if he didn't stop them now he knew, just knew that they would quickly go overboard.


"No, end of discussion!"

Harry could hear Shun sigh in frustration on the other end, but really nothing had happened so far that warranted them acting so protective of him. They were going have to learn that he did not want them constantly babysitting him every day of his life.

Luckily Shun was good enough to change the subject. "You should be able to move into your new home this week. The modifications have been completed."

"That's great; I'm surprised it didn't take longer."

"Oh, and before I forget for tomorrows physical, we have requested your own private room."

"Thank you, that's great. I wouldn't want just anyone to be able to intrude on my physical examination…"

As the conversation went on, Harry had no idea he had just jinxed himself…

End Note: Thank you so much for all your great reviews! They have kept me going with this chapter…Not my favorite one, but I have BIG plans for the next one.

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Lastly, I know no one really wonders where I get names but I do sometimes put some thought into them and I thought these were really good-

Leander: means Lion Man

Fiorello: means Little Flower…Dumbledore the bumblebee found his flower "husband" and took his last name.

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