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Yin watched as Detective Carlton Lassiter pulled into the driveway of 109 Churchill Drive, the home of ex-cop Luke Vince. Yin grinned to himself as he thought of the video he had made a little over an hour earlier, telling them about the possible fate of Luke Vince and the inevitable fate of Shawn Spencer. Of course, they didn't know that Shawn's fate was inevitable, but it was. Yin had never planned on killing the person that Shawn had picked, this time around anyway. And since the SBPD had "saved" Luke Vince, poor Shawny boy would be in for some intense pain later on. But even that was not why Yin was there, watching the Detective knock on the door. This time, Yin had another purpose.

That purpose was Carlton Lassiter.

Since Yin had made the video an hour ago, he had plenty of time to set up and make everything good and ready for the clever detective. And my oh my, was he in for a wonderful surprise.

Yin crept out from behind the fence on the opposite side of the road when he saw the detective break open the door and enter the house. He ran towards Lassiter's car, quickly removing the fuel pump relay. There. That would keep him from going anywhere. He quickly did the same to Vince's pickup, and he crept towards the back of the house, his heart pounding with adrenaline. This was why he did what he did. The suspense. The adrenaline. The hatred. The revenge.

The thrill.

So Yin waited. He waited for his plan to fall into place. And it would.

And it did.

Yin heard the gunshot that came from inside the house. He smiled.

Goodbye Carlton Lassiter.

Lassiter pulled into the driveway of Luke Vince's house, prepared to see the worst. Either Yin had done his job already, or he was there doing it now. Either way, Lassiter knew it wouldn't be pretty. He went to the front door, gun drawn. "Vince! SBPD, open up!" No response. Good enough for me, he thought, and proceeded to bust down the door.

The lights were flickering, as if someone had messed with the electrical system. A small trail of blood was on the floor leading towards a room on the right. Naturally, he started to follow it, but not before he called in for backup.

"Chief, I see a trail of blood. Looks like Yin beat us here." Lassiter admitted defeat, but he guiltily felt relief also. At least Spencer wouldn't be subject to a round of this sick guy's torture. But then again, who was to say that Yin would follow his own rules? "You might want to send in backup. This guy could still be on the premises."

"All right, Lassiter. Be careful." And with that, they hung up.

Lassiter rounded the corner, his gun drawn. He entered the kitchen, a pool of what appeared to be blood on the floor. But there was no Luke Vince to be found.


Carlton turned around to be met with a gun to his head. "Luke Vince. Good to see you're alive and well, besides the bloody nose, anyway."

"Shut up." His voice was trembling, and his hand was starting to shake.


"I said shut up!." Luke shouted, looking panicky. "I don't want to do this, but you have to understand! He has my daughter! He has my- he has my baby!" Tears were freely rolling down his face. "I'm- I'm so sorry!" He lowered the gun to Lassiter's chest.

"We can help you. We can find your daughter. You don't have to do this." Lassiter attempted to reason with him, but he could tell that Luke had made up his mind. There was no getting out of this situation now.

Luke shook his head. "I'm sorry." he choked out.

And he pulled the trigger.