A different take on the movie. What if humanity wasn't so tolerant of aliens? What if Metro city turned on Villian and Hero alike?

Electricity arced and buned over his skin, long blue fingers clenching into fists and back arching.


Sheer pain burned though every nerve, spasms causing him to bite through his tongue. Large and green eyes stared up at the ceiling, fixated on one spot. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, wide from heavy, strained breaths. He sank heavily back into the straps holding him suspended above the cold, stark white tiled floor.

"No response."

The voice echoed eerily.

Green eyes view tilted crazily, arms pulled overhead, rivulets of violet blood staining the skin. Head dropping loosly back and finally, a shimmery liquid fell. Glowing softly and sparkling like diamonds the tear barely had time to make it to the sharp curve of a cheekbone before turning into a delicate wisp of smoke and evaporating.

"Let's check the creatures' nervous system response to pain again"


That sound, it almost held no meaning to him anymore, just one more broken bone to match the growing list of others. He barely twitched, raw nerves already so fried and abused they couldn't possibly register any more sensations. Until they unhooked the straps around his waist, suspending him solely from both arms. Both broken arms.

He writhed.

He screamed…

The smell assaulted him first, the smell of ozone, copper and shit. Bile rose.

He didn't think he could stand the sight either. They were too late.

The slender blue skinned body hung in the center of the large, brightly lit white room. They had left him no decency, even in death. Naked, manacles around the wrists and ankles and straps around the waist kept the body suspended a few feet off the floor, tilted slightly forwards. The straps were pressed into skin so badly damaged that they could barely be seen. The suspending limbs so badly twisted it was almost surreal, bright and colorful bruises in shades of pink, dark blue, purple and black highlighting the small amount of unbroken skin like a mosiac.

A bright purple puddle lay directly underneath, splatters andstreaks spreading out for meters in either direction, like he had been standing in it, slipping in it like an animal in a trap trying desperately to escape. Feces and urine were mixed with it. He had been left here for sometime.

"Metroman! Did you find him?"

A gasp beside him, followed by the sound of wretching. Footsteps stopping behind him, just out of sight.

He stepped forwards, walking around the horrendous puddle to face him. Megamind. His face was untouched, an oaisis of normalcy in an ocean of horror. He almost seemed peaceful. Metroman reached out, fingers gently brushing over that upright face, trapped between his arms discolated and twisted round. And gasped.

Green eyes, milky with pain and suffering, pupils blown wide. A stroke on top of everything they'd done. Slight puffs of air gently registered against his hand. He was still alive.

A twitch of the head, eyes rolling to focus vaguely on Metroman's face. A whispered mass of words exhaled with only the slightest amount of breath. He leaned closer.


"T-they…w-w-a-ant…you, nehhhhxt." He reared back, those eyes unevenly tracking him, the left eye focusing off to the side. A soft light gathered at the corners.

"Please…p-pleas-se, don't let them t-take me again"

Unconscious. The brilliant green shuttered, head lolling back.


The red burned away everything but that now prescious form. Gathering it limply into his arms he leapt high, away from the flaming remains of the respecable, downtown Health Sciences Center. He would never forgive humanity for this.


So, I totally wrote this in all of 20 minutes. Will possibly be fleshed out later, may become a chapter story but can also be a stand-alone. Review :)