Transmission Interrupted... Please Standby.

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Link has been Reestablished. Now Resuming Transmission.

Wally roared as he shot off like a bullet, intending to knock the male twin's head straight off. His fist swung downwards, but the Japaneese boy was easily able to dodge the blond's slow attack. Being more agile out of the match-up, the boy twin quickly jabbed his fist out catching Wally right in the face. As the Aussie stumbled backwards, the twin brought his leg up, kicked out, and connected with Wally's chest. The operative went crashing into a stack of soda barrels, hissing as he bounced off of them and fell to the ground.

The blond shook off the dizziness as he looked up from his down position. Seeing the twin laughing at him made him growl, and he spared a quick look to the barrels and came up with a plan. Rolling out of the way, Wally leapt up and shoved a barrel at the bottom of stack away. The stack came tumbling down and hit the deck with a crash. Once on the floor, they began to roll along the platform, heading straight for the twin.

The Japanese boy gasped as he saw the barrels coming his way, but settled his face into a frown as he ran forward. As the rolling barrels neared, he leapt into a front flip, and as he came down, his hands landed on a moving barrel. Before he could tip over, he carried his momentum and continued to cartwheel across the barrels as they rolled right under him. This went on until he reached the final barrel. He landed on it feet first, then quickly vaulted off of it as it rolled off the side. He then flipped into the air, and stuck his leg out as he came down towards Wally

But the blond operative was prepared for it. As the twin came down, Wally shot his fist out and caught the boy's foot in his grip. Grinning, he heaved the boy over his shoulder and promptly slammed him down onto the deck. While foreign boy was cringing, Wally brought up his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R and aimed down to end it. But the twin rolled off to the side, and the plank missed. The impact with the floor caused Wally to stumble backwards, and the sinister twin took advantage and slapped the weapon out of the blond's hand.

"Ah ha!" The boy cried in triumph as Wally held his stinging hand. "Now that I have disarmed you, your fate is sealed!" He then rose his hand up and brought it down in a powerful chop. But surprisingly, the operative's fist snapped out and caught his wrist, halting it right there in the air. The twin spluttered as he tried to break free. "W-What!"

"Actually," Wally chuckled as he overpowered the boy. He then cocked his free hand back, and balled his fist for a righteous left hook. "I'm more of a hands on type of guy!"


"GAH!" The twin cried as he flew backwards. He skidded across the floor as he landed, and it took him several moments to recover. As he got to his feet, he held back tears while held his throbbing face. "That hurt – AAH!" He yelped as a wild Wally suddenly tackled him, sending the two tumbling along the floor.

A few rows over, the Kid was holding his own against the other half of the Interesting Twins. The Hispanic boy kept a steady face as he backed along the deck, making sure to keep distance from the easily angered girl. He jerked his arm up as blocked an incoming strike from the twin, and suddenly bent low to avoid a swipe aimed at his head.

"Y'know, beating up girls ain't my thing." He commented as he leaned towards the right to dodge another fist. His brows narrowed and he hiked his leg up. "But it looks I'll have to make an exception!" He pressed out as he shot his leg forward."

"Don't me make laugh, pretty boy." She taunted as she caught his foot. She then twisted her hands and spun the auburn haired pilot off his feet. Acting quickly, she brought her leg up once more, and slammed it down the Kid's back and laughed as he thumped against the floor. "Your cute face will not save you from my wrath!"

The Kid groaned as he got his knees, but after taking a short breath, he gazed up to the girl out of the corner of his eyes and gave an alluring smirk. "So you think I'm cute?"

The twin blatantly blushed as she was reduced to stuttering. "S-Shut up!" After shaking it off, she growled as she went after the Kid again as he managed to recover. Her hands straightened out as she delivered blazing fast blows to the boy's midsection. When the Kid doubled over, the twin jumped into the air and twirled into scissor kick take down. One leg pressed roughly into his chest while the other came around behind his knees. Using enough symmetrical force, the female twin was able to take the Kid down and flip away while he cringed on the floor.

"How humiliating!" The girl laughed as she used her foot to flip the boy over. She then reached down, and tugged him up by the collar of his flight jacket. "Your combat skills are laughable at best. I feel almost disgraced lowering myself to engaging you!"

The Kid frowned as the girl mocked him. But after coming up with a devious plan, he let his lips quirk into a heart melting smirk. "You know from this angle, your eyes look real good in the moonlight."

"T-They do?" The twin squeaked out as her cheeks tinted over again. Her grip on him slackened before her face lit up with fury once more. "Oh no! You shall not deceive me that easily! The 'goo-goo' eyes are useless on me. Useless I say!"

"No, really." The Kid smirked as his hand reached up to gently take her own and tug it away from his jacket. His grin grew more confident as the girl was reduced to bright red mush in front of him. "It's too bad we're fighting on two different sides, cause there's way more interesting places we could go."

"W-We?" The twin fumbled as she jerked her hand away due to nervousness. Her fingers wriggled together, and she lowered her head as the right words tried to form. "N-No one has ever been interested in me b-before."

"What?" The Kid smoothly uttered as he leaned into a stray soda barrel, relaxing as he trapped the twin with his charms. "With that shining hair and cute dress, you probably have a whole line of lovesick guys begging for a chance."

"N-Not really." The twin mumbled as she fiddled with a free strand of her hair. After letting the matter simmer in her jumbled mind for a few moments, the female twin glanced up to the kid with a hopeful expression. "P-Perhaps after our mission is complete and the Kids Next Door is crushed, w-we could… h-hang out sometime?" She quickly questioned, her voice gaining a higher pitch with ever new word.

After she was finished, the Kid stroked his chin and gazed up to the stars. "That's real tempting," He then glanced back down at the red faced twin, but then spared a quick look over to the side when he heard some commotion. That was when he smirked, and gave the girl a passive shrug. "But I think I'll pass. Your not my type."

The girl's face fell and she slumped. "Wha – AAH!" She screamed in shock as the body of her brother was tossed towards her. The twins yelped and howled as they stumbled across the floor, until they finally collided with a wall of barrels.

The Kid looked down at the tangled twins, then turned his attention to Wally he was pacing towards him. "Took ya long enough."

"Hey! I did all the work 'ere!" Wally fussed as he glared at the smug pilot. "I took BOTH of 'em out while you just stood there and got beat up by a girl! You didn't even throw one punch!"

At that, the Kid just chuckled. "Sometimes a few words can get the job done just fine."

Wally scoffed. "Words are for nerds."

"Y-You mean, it all was a lie?" The girl questioned as she overheard them both. Her face then transformed into a frightening growl, before it suddenly crinkled away into tears. "I AM UGLY!" She cried as tears fell like waterfalls.

Seeing his sister's distressed caused the male twin to snap. "You…YOU MONSTER!" He snarled in the Kid's direction as he leapt up and looked ready to kill something. His finger pointed wildly at the Hispanic boy while his right eye twitched. "How DARE you toy with my dear sister's emotions! I shall show you a most horrible fate by my own bare hands! Yes! You will tremble at my might, and cower in fear at my very presence!" Without further ado, the wild twin charged at the boy; howling as his body leapt into the air.

The Kid rose a brow as the boy came closer. Once close enough, he spun on his heel and swung his leg around to meet the twin right in the face. The force of the impact caused the Japanese boy to fly back from whence he came, and he landed beside his shocked sister in a beaten heap.

"Give it up, losers!" Wally yelled as he stepped up beside the Kid. "You're no match for us! Run away now, and we might let you go cry home!"

"Uhh, he is right." The boy grudgingly admitted as he held his bruised chin. His fingers made light contact with the skin, but he jerked them away due to the searing pain. "Our tactics are for stealth, not front on assault."

The sister wiped at her eyes as she forced down her pathetic sadness. She then glared at her two foes, and her eyes became heavily sadistic as she plotted out all sorts of evil things for the Kid. "Then let us do what we do best."

Catching on, the boy grinned as he reached into his pocket. "Yes, dear sister." His hand came back out, and he revealed a small smoke bomb wedged between his fingers. Before the Kid or Wally could react, the boy tossed it down and it exploded into a heavy cloud of smoke.

"Crud!" Wally cursed as he waved the smoke out of his face. Once his vision was cleared, he looked around and couldn't find a trace of the twins anywhere. He then stomped his foot down, and growled. "Man, I hate it when they do that!"

"We better split up." The Kid suggested as he prepared to jet off in one direction. "We gotta take 'em out, and we still gotta find that bomb!"

"Let's get to it then!" With a nod of the head, the two boys took off in separate directions as they began their search for the Interesting Twins and the K.A.B.O.O.M.

High above the ship, and miniature air battle was taking place. Hoagie dropped into a dive as globs of the Common Cold's soda mucus bullets flew over his head. The boy then twisted his body around, and took aim at the hovercraft's underside with his B.A.J.O.O.K.A. The child squeezed the trigger, letting the carton fly towards it's intended target. But the Common Cold was expecting it, for the villain jerked on the controls, and his mobile curved away out of the carton's blasts radius. Once the danger had passed, the hovercraft turned towards Hoagie and sped after him.

"Why are you fleeing, Numbuh 2?" The Common Cold taunted as he gripped the wheel, focusing on targeting the little pest. "I only want to give you something!" He belted as more grotesque gunks of snot like substance launched out from the front cannons.

Hoagie looked over his shoulder, and preformed an action similar to a barrel roll to avoid getting hit. "Ew! Keep that to yourself why dontcha!" He fumed as he brought his B.A.J.O.O.K.A up once more. "Now open wide! It's good for you!"

The Common Cold paled as the carton rocketed for him in the cockpit. He jerked on the controls to avoid it, but could not escape the package fully. The orange juice exploded just off center from his hovercraft and the excess from the blast splattered all over him due to no shielding. "AAH! IT BURNS!" The man wailed as the juice hissed against his form. He furiously shook and did his best to rid himself of his weakness. "IT'S IN MY EYE!"

Hoagie grinned as he suddenly dove forward, his jet-pack carried him intense speeds, and he pulled another carton from his strap and shoved it into the RPG 2x4 weapon. "And it's about to be in your face!"

The villain stopped his wringing out his outfit once he heard the child call out. He then growled as Hoagie prepared to fire yet another carton of orange juice at him. His hands found home around the controls again, and h bid his time until the fat little urchin fired. Once he heard the telltale 'BWOOSH' noise, he launched a large snot bubble from his cannons. "Take this!"

"HGN!" Hoagie sounded out as he tried to alter his course. He twisted his body around and tried to jet away, but it was already too late. The snot bubble and carton met in mid-air and made a rumbling explosion which caused the boy to lose control of his flight pattern. Hoagie went spinning wildly through out the air, and dropped is B.A.J.O.O.K.A in the chaos. "CRUD!" The pilot cursed loudly as his weapon went spiraling down into the ocean. As it sunk into the waves, Hoagie turned when the Common Cold lowered his hovercraft behind.

"Ha ha ha! It seems your chances of victory have washed away." The villain taunted as he paused to let out a round of coughs. "It's over kid. Now give up and I'll let you off with easy with sniffles."

Hoagie clenched his fist as he glared down the Common Cold. The child looked away from the villain to where his weapon fell below. That was the only thing he had that would affect the man. After a moment of indecision, Hoagie grinned as one hand went to a button on his strap and other rose to wag a finger tauntingly.

"It's never over, til it's over, snot-nose." He then cut fuel to his jet pack, and the wings retracted as he plummeted down below. "CANNONBALL!"

"What!" The sick villain exclaimed in shock as Hoagie let himself fall into the freezing water. Still not fully grasping it, the Common Cold narrowed his eyes as he lowered his hovercraft down towards the waves. He leaned over the side looking for any sign of the kid, but after finding nothing of interest, he muttered to himself in disbelief. "That kid is crazy."

All of a sudden, something rose to the surface at rapid speeds and broke free from the crystal water. Out from below came an orange juice carton. The projectile kept flying until it collided with the side of the Common Cold's hovercraft. It exploded in a pulpy fog and the machine went veering to the side as the driver was nearly sent over into the water himself.

"GAH!" The villain screamed once more as he was covered in the vile, healthy drink. Then to his continued shock, Hoagie suddenly burst out from the water holding his reattained B.A.J.O.O.K.A with a grin. The child was wet, cold, and soggy, but he only rose up the weapon and laughed as he finally gained the much needed upper hand.

"Crazy like a fox!"

Above on the ship, Wally jumped over another barrel and landed on the deck with a annoyed moan. "Man, where is that stupid thing?" The boy sprinted on in hopes of finding the K.A.B.O.O.M bomb to blow the cargo to kingdom come, but his search was coming up short. He hadn't even seen those meddlesome twins since they disappeared.

"Probably ran off lioke the chickens they are." He mumbled as he turned another barrel. The blond then stopped and looked down at the object he almost tripped over. "Alroight!" He fighter cheered as he cradled the K.A.B.O.O.M carefully in his hands. That was one problem solved, now all he had to do was find the Interesting Twins and kick the crud out of them. The later being the easy part.

"Now if I was dork, where would I hide?" Wally mumbled to himself as he scanned around. He shifted the ketchup bomb into his other hand, and used his free fingers to lift a lid of a nearby barrel. When nothing was found in there, the Aussie simply walked over to the next one over. Still nothing in that one. Or the next one. Or the next one. Or even the one after that. "This is taking forever!" He groaned to himself as he scrunched his brows together. If he didn't have to carry this heavy bomb then he could look a lot faster. But he couldn't just leave it.

"Need a hand there?"

"Huh?" Wally looked to his left, then settled for a dull look once he recognized the auburn hair. "Oh, it's just you." The blond mumbled as the Kid walked up to him. "Have ya found those loser yet?"

"Not yet." The boy replied in negative. "Those guys are good."

"Nah, they're just lucky tonight." Wally waved off before chuckling. "They're usually more dumber-er then most stupid dummy dum-dum on the planet!"

For whatever reason, the Kid growled. "It's nice that you're cool about talking down about yourself."

"Why you!" Wally snarled before deciding to ignore it. "Forget it. Here, take this thing so I can look through some more barrels."

"Sure thing." The Kid replied with a smirk as he took the K.A.B.O.O.M. Once it was tucked safely into his hand, he grinned as he motioned for Wally to come closer. "Hey, I got something for you, too."

The blond rolled his eyes while he decided to amuse the Hispanic boy. "What? A can of hair die –"


"AAH!" Wally yelped as he was suddenly kicked back. The blond flew across the deck and collided with the soda barrels with a thunk. As he recovered, he looked up to see the Kid running away with the K.A.B.O.O.M, laughing all the way. The Aussie's eyes slowly filled with understanding as he realized what was going on. The Kid was working for those idiots all along! "YA DIRTY DOUBLE CROSSER!" Wally roared as he shot off after the boy.

"I hate hide and seek." The Kid muttered to himself as he calmly walked along the rows of soda barrels. His hand trailed along the wooden containers, and his eyes remained sharp under his shades. The ace pilot turned another corner and stopped to peer down the walkway. After seeing nothing of interest, he sighed as he prepared to move on. "Man, this getting me nowhere."

A tap on his shoulder interrupted his thoughts, and then the Kid tensed as he slowly turned around ready for whomever it might be. Deciding to just get it over with, the Hispanic boy quickly twisted around and came face to face with…himself?

"What!" He spluttered as he took a step backwards. Before he could say anything else, something was quickly shoved into his hands. The Kid looked down to see that K.A.B.O.O.M thing Hoagie and Wally were after. He looked from that, to his doppelganger smirking in front of him. "Huh?"

"Hold that for me, would ya?" The Kid cloned chuckled as he gave a mock salute. "Enjoy." Before any words could be shared, the clone suddenly jumped to the side and flipped over a row of barrels. Gone.

The real Kid stared blankly at where his look-a-like disappeared off to. Ignoring the weirdness for a second, the boy glanced down at the 2x4 ketchup bomb before confusion befell him once again. "What the heck is going on here?"


"What now?" He grumbled as he looked up. Once he saw Wally approaching, he turned in the direction his clone wandered off in. "Hey did you see that guy that looked like – WHOA!" He suddenly yelped as he leaned back to dodge Wally's unexpected strike. Before he could question anything he jumped back out of the way as the blond brought down his combined fists in a haymaker. "Are you loco!"

"I KNEW we shoulda left you behind!" Wally growled as he rushed the Kid again. "Your Fizz's kid, of course you would try and dupe us ova! Well ya made have Numbuh 2 fooled, but I'm way smarter then that!" He yelled as his fists flew rapidly.

"What is your deal man!" The Kid raged as he avoided every blow. He then suddenly stopped and waited for Wally to get close. As expected the blond shot his fist out in a hook. The Kid stepped to the left a bit and let the fist pass, then he quickly brought his knee into Wally's chest. As the blond doubled over, he pressed his foot into Wally's chest and shoved him away.

"Stop!" The Kid commanded as Wally started to recover on the ground. "You got one chance to start talking before I kick your butt across this whole ship!"

Wally groaned at the pain the Kid caused but shook it off. He had been through worse. His emerald gaze lingered over to the left slightly, and he glared from under his fringe as his hand reached over to pick up his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R he dropped earlier. "I ain't got nuthin' ta say to you, ya no good backstabber!"

That didn't answer any of the Kid's question. In fact several more just popped up. "Backstabber! What in the name of Yipper are you talking abou – DUAH!" He blustered out as he was knocked to the ground. The K.A.B.O.O.M flew out of his hands, and he turned on his back to glare up at his clone who had returned. "Oh great."

"Nice try, loser!" The Kid clone insulted as he caught the K.A.B.O.O.M as it came down. "Numbuh 4, it's those twin guys! They must be using some weird disguise or something!"

"Oh no you don't!" The real Kid growled as he shot up to his feet. "You're the twins! I'm the real deal!"

"Not this crud again." Wally muttered to himself as he watched the two Kids argue. After sparing a look to his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R, he locked his gaze on both kids again and rubbed at his chin. "Hmm,"

"Will you idiots stop it!" The real Kid growled as snarled right in his clone's face. He then brought his fists up and shoved the guy away. "That's just being annoying!"

"Only because you know you're a fake!" The other Kid shot back as he glared down the original. "If you think that lame getup is fooling anybody, then you must be out of your –"


"AAH!" The twins screamed as Wally batted them away with the plank of the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. The power of the melee weapon caused their shared mechanical to break away. The twins then fell victim to gravity and skidded across the deck. Once they finally stopped they were nothing more then a dazed heap on the floor.

The Kid bent over to pick up the K.A.B.O.O.M bomb the twins had dropped. He then looked up as Wally lowered his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R and looked at the short blond boy somewhat impressed. "Wow, how did you know that wasn't me?"

"I didn't." Wally shamelessly admitted as he holstered his weapon. "I was jus' gonna knock both of ya out."

"…Well, what do we do now?" The Kid questioned as he held up the 2x4 bomb. When Wally suddenly jerked it out of his hands, he crossed his arms and let a frown mar his face.

"Now I start this thing, we get Numbuh 2, and we blow this joint!" He stated, then cringed at his unintentional pun. "And if you eva tell Numbuh 2 I said that, I'll pound yer head in." The boy then went to work on arming the bomb. He leaned away a bit, and jutted his tongue out in concentration. "Now what does this ticking thingy do again?"

Back to Hoagie's battle, the child was just flying cocky circles around the Common Cold now. Every time the villain would fire a shot, the portly boy would just laugh mockingly as he preformed an aerial flip to dodge. Hoagie grinned as he avoided another stream of snot, and flew low under the hovercraft's underbelly. He then poised upwards, and twisted his course mid-air so he was facing the rear of the Common Cold's ship. He then brought his B.A.J.O.O.K.A and let another round soar true. "Don't look now, snot-nose, but you're getting 'behind'!" He chuckled as the orange juice took out one of the back canisters.

"WAH!" The man raged in surprise as the explosion shook his ship to the core. The sickly villain readjusted his ice pack atop his head as he turned around to inspect the damage. Upon seeing his mucus oozing out of the destroyed container, he mumbled incoherent curses as he directed all snot flow to the port side. A laugh caused him to pause, and he glowered at Hoagie as he came up smirking in front of him.

"You'll never beat me, Gilligan! NEVER! My sickness is everlasting! There is no cure for my brand of evil! Soon, every little brat in the Kids Next Door will know the true misery of the Common Coo…Co..oh ah ahhhh AHHH-CCOOO!" He violently sneezed, needing a moment to recover. He then groaned, as his aches caused him to sink into his cockpit. "You know what I mean."

Hoagie frowned as he was about to counter the villain's words, but his wrist watch beeping caused him to look down to scan the readout. And with every passing word, his goofy grin got larger and larger. "Ya might wanna rethink that last bit, snot for brains. Numbuh 4 just activated the K.A.B.O.O.M and in the next few minutes, all your infected flat soda is gonna go down with the ship!"

The Common Cold blanched at the information. "NO! My wonderful plans, RUINED! This can't be happening!"

"Oh I think it is." Hoagie then reached for the last orange juice carton on his strap. An extra large container with pulp and Vitamin C. "You're finished Common Cold. Now be a good little bad guy and take your medicine!" He shouted as he waited for the B.A.J.O.O.K.A to load.

The green villain broke out into a violent coughing fit once more, and he had to hold the side of his ship for support. Once he had recovered, he just hung there. Having no clue of what to do. He the noticed the soda barrels he was using as fuel, and that he still had one full tanker of sickness left. It was at that moment, the Common Cold didn't care what the KND did to him afterwords. If he was going down, then someone was coming with him.

"I'm not finished yet!" The man roared as he leapt on the control with surprising vigor. "I may not be able to infect the whole KND Chain of Command, but I've got just enough disease left to infect some very important commanders! And the first guy on my hit list is the leader of Sector V!"

Hoagie's eyes widened in shock before he aimed his weapon on the man with deadly accuracy. "Not while I'm around!"

"But you won't be much longer!" Before Hoagie could react, the Common Cold fired one last glob of snot from his cannons. Hoagie screamed as the mucus blew him back. The substance gunked up his jet-pack and the child screamed as he fell to the ship below. "It's a good thing you know how to swim, but I doubt that'll matter after the explosion! Ah ha ha ha!" And with said, the Common Cold adjusted his flight course and flew off gunning for the Cool Commander's Convention.

"…Push this thingamabob here, mash this doohickey there, and presto!" Wally proudly wiped his hands off, and stood confident that he had completed his task. "One K.A.B.O.O.M ready ta go. Easy as pie!"

The Kid looked down at the ketchup boom and had to admit the bond did a decent job now that the 2x4 weapon was fully functional. But he still couldn't resist the chance to poke fun at the kid. "Do you even know what pie is?"

Wally snorted. "Course I do! There's cherry, apple, banana, pizza. All sorts of stuff." He then blinked, and broke down into fits of chuckles. "You don't know what pie is? You're so stupid!"

The Kid wisely choose to ignore Wally's taunts since he had proven his own point. The Hispanic pilot then gazed down at the bomb and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his flight jacket. "So what's that thing set for?"

"I'm setting it for ten minutes." The blond answered as he bent back over to set the timer. After pressing a few buttons, the number ten appeared on the calculator screen. "That should give us enough time to help out Numbuh 2 and get out of here long before the thing goes off."

"The Kid nodded as he turned towards his plane. "Alright, then let's…" He dimly looked up into sky but then did a double take as he noticed something coming down. Without saying anything, he back a few paces away from Wally.

"What?" The blond asked confused. He then noticed a shadow closing in around him, and glanced upwards in confusion. "What the heck?"


"AAAH!" Wally yelled as Hoagie fell unexpectedly atop his form. After a grumble, the Aussie shoved the portly body off of his. "Get off Numbuh 2!" He then looked down at his orange hoodie, then his face filled with disgust as he noticed the sticky green goop. "Eww! Ya got snot on my clothes!"

"Oh, I'm SO sorry I inconvenienced you." Hoagie mumbled as he wobbly got the his feet. The pilot sniffled, then groaned. Great, the stuff was already making him sick. "I mean I only fell like, what? Three stories? Got blasted by a mucus cannon ball, and probably gonna come down with the flu. But why should any of THAT matter? I got some snot on YOU! Somebody call 9-1-1!"

Wally rolled his eyes at his friend's sarcastic display. "Fine! I'm sorry, geez!" Hoagie let out a few coughs, and the blond looked over a bit concerned now. "You alright, mate?"

"I'll be okay, but we're not done yet." He mumbled in a stuffy voice as he stood tall despite his aliment. "The Common Cold's gone on a suicide run for the CCC. He gonna try and take out as many kids as he can; we gotta stop him!" He then blinked as he remembered something. "Oh yeah, my watch told me, but you armed the K.A.B.O.O.M, right?"

"Yeah, I took care of it." Wally nodded as he looked towards the bomb. "I set it for ten…wha?" He looked at the screen confused, for it was displaying some weird symbols that didn't look anything like real numbers. "What the heck are those things supposed to stand for?" He then glared. "Are they in spanish?"

"Don't be ridiculous." Hoagie waved off as he inspected the bomb. The symbols changed with every second, yet he couldn't make heads or tails of it. His eyes then widened as a curious notion entered his mind. Cautiously, the boy turned the bomb upside down and read the screen again. What he saw made him drop it in fear. "YOU IDIOT!"


"You had it upside down! You didn't set for ten minutes, you only set it for ONE!" He then turned to the others in panic. "AND WE ONLY GOT THIRTY SECONDS LEFT!"

The Kid looked towards the bomb again and nodded his head calmly. "Then I suggest we run," His face then filled with extreme panic as he turned tail and made a beeline for his plane. "LIKE NOW!"

"WAIT FOR US!" Hoagie and Wally shouted. The portly boy picked up his B.A.J.O.O.K.A and took off after his two friends.

The Interesting Twins groaned as they rose out from their daze. Before they could speak, the Kid suddenly ran by them screaming. The Japanese children blinked, then looked back and saw Hoagie and Wally approaching. The girl glared and was the first one to speak. "You shall not –"


The two were then silent again as the two operatives streaked past them. The female gaped, but then began her tirade again. "Yes! That is right! You run because you fear! You fear our righteous presence and –"

"Um, sister? I do not think they are running from us."

The girl scoffed then turned to her brother with her hands on her hips. "Then what could they possibly running from?" Her brother's only answer was to point to the ticking K.A.B.O.O.M bomb, which was getting very close to its final tick. The girl paled and suddenly felt her stomach drop. "Ah-Ahh-Ahhh-"

"Sister?" Her brother responded concerned. He placed his hand on her shoulder and tried to gauge a response from her. "Sister, are you –"

"RUN AWAY!" The girl suddenly shrieked as she followed the two KND operatives. Her brother was quick to tag along, trailing up with the end. While the children ran towards the only way off the ship, the K.A.B.O.O.M was nearing the final digit. And once the remaining ten seconds were up, the 2x4 weapon went off in a jubilant, sticky explosion of red.


The bomb went off, and nearby soda barrels were instantly obliterated within the radius. The force of the blast cracked the deck in two, and as the red flames consumed the cargo, the boat began to give way and fill with water. Ocean water rushed into the hull and slowly pulled the tanker down into its depths. Within seconds, every last gallon of the tinted soda was merging with the sea and the only thing left of the cargo ship itself was the red haze of the ketchup mushroom cloud.

Stories above the wreckage, a slim object zoomed out from the red haze at insane speeds. Once cleared, the objected was be revealed to be a sleek, sliver aircraft. The narrow scrapped torso of a derby car made up it's haul, and two sheets of 2x4 plywood made up the wings. Hanging off the right wing was Wally, and the Interesting Twins held on the opposite wing for dear life. Flying his newest model of jet was the Kid, and Hoagie was making himself comfortable in the co-pilot's seat behind him.

The Hispanic boy closed his eyes and let the wind rushed past his face and blow his auburn hair free. He then took in his surroundings and an annoying tick emerged above his brow as he noticed the three kids hanging off the wings. "Hey! We were pushing this thing with three people! I don't wanna risk five!"

The girl twin gripped her brother harder as the male twin sweated to hold them both up. "We kindly ask that you shut up and fly!"

Wally's face morphed into a disturbing shade of green as he clutched the wood of the wing. "I think I'm gonna blow chunks."

"Okay, okay! Now that we've all gotten to know each other, let's focus on the task at hand." Hoagie interrupted as he leaned forward. "We still gotta intercept the Common Cold before he reaches the CCC!"

"We can intercept him, no problem." The Kid nodded as he focused on the sky before him. "It's the after I don't know about. This thing's just a prototype, I had to shut the down weapons to get it into the air, remember?"

Hoagie just laughed. "What did I tell ya, Kid? You bring the zoom," He then hefted up his B.A.J.O.O.K.A and the last orange juice carton he had on him. "I'll bring the boom!"

A sly smirk donned the Kid's lips as his hand yanked back on a hidden lever at his side. "Alright then," As soon as he pulled it, an experimental turbo engine dropped out of the back and began to hum. The Hispanic boy's shades shined as both hands gripped the throttle. "Hang on!" As the words left his mouth, the turbo roared to life and the plane took off with all the kids screaming in a combination of adrenaline and fear.

Further ahead, the Common Cold chortled to himself as he saw the faint outline of a small island on the dark horizon. "The Kids Next Door CCC. The secret meeting place of all of the organization's commanding officers. Heh heh, well, we'll see how commanding they feel after I give them a taste of rubeola!" His chuckles where then interrupted as an alert sounded off from his console. "What? Does this thing have a virus too?"

But his small joke was short lived as an aircraft boomed in from behind. The Common Cold snapped to the left, and as they passed by, Hoagie and the Kid flashed him smirks before they blared past him. The ill villain looked on in disbelief as the children passed him. Somehow having survived the explosion. "Impossible!"

Wally carefully glanced over his shoulder as the wind made a mess of his hair. After seeing that they had indeed passed the Common Cold, he snapped at the two flying the plane. "What the crud! Why didn't ya just shoot while we passed him?"

"Because I only have one shot and I'm gonna make it count." Hoagie answered as the B.A.J.O.O.K.A dinged, signaling that it was fully loaded. The round boy then nodded to himself and looked down at the Kid. "Think you can pull it off?"

The ace pilot only hmphed as he manned the controls. "Watch me fly."

The Kid then tugged on the controls and pulled the jet into a half inside loop. The aircraft climbed into the air much to the dismay of the ones on the wings. Once he reached a certain height, the Kid halted in the loop and handled the plane during a brief inverted flight. Now facing in the direction of the Common Cold, he preformed a quick barrel roll and brought the plane back down into even latitude with the Common Cold. With his performance done for now, the Kid kept steady as he charged for the villain at full speeds.

"Oh? They wanna play chicken, huh?" The Common Cold then increased the speed of his hovercraft; heading towards the children and their plane at full velocity. "Time to show these punks how to get down with MY sickness!"

The male Interesting Twin panted like a dog as he held onto the wing with dear life. It didn't help that his sister was being lazy and hanging onto him and making him do all the grunt work. But after nearly falling off during the Kid's stunt, he was sure the worst had passed. That was until he saw them heading straight for the Common Cold. "Are you mad! You will never make it!"

The Kid frowned as his expression filled with utter concentration. "We'll see about that."

Seeing as they were getting closer, Hoagie stood up in his seat and hefted the B.A.J.O.O.K.A onto his shoulder. Once the heavy weapon was set, he lifted up his goggles and squinted one eye shut as he peered down the sights. The flaps of his caps fluttered against the wind, but he put it all out of his mind as he locked on the Common Cold. "Wait for it…"

The female twin shook as their plane got closer to the Common Cold's. As they neared, her hands reached down to cover her brother's eyes.

"…wait for it…"

Wally glanced to the Kid in the pilot seat, then to his friend aiming with the 2x4 heavy weapon. Deciding that it was now or never, he clenched his eyes shut and waited.


The Common Cold's puffy eyes raged as his fingers hovered over the trigger to his snot cannon. Once they were in range, he graced the button and prepared to press down fully. They were almost upon him.


At Hoagie's yell, everything happened in one fluid movement. His finger pressed back on the trigger the exact moment the Common Cold did. The orange juice carton flew from the B.A.J.O.O.K.A and globs of dangerous mucus plopped out of the hovercraft's cannons. But as soon as the carton was clear past the nose of the plane, the Kid jerked down on his console and the plane groaned as he ascended into the air. The mucus missed them by a mere inch, and they were clear.

The Common Cold, however, wasn't as lucky. The last thing the sickly villain remembered before his world exploded in a orange his was the carton as it made contact with his face.

"YAAAAA-HOOOO!" Hoagie cheered to the heavens as he watched the Common Cold's Snot Bomber go down. The green hovercraft was coated in orange and the machine spluttered and tumbled in the air before it finally gave out and fell to the ocean below. "Ha ha ha! Common Cold winning? I think 'snot'!" He laughed at his own pun before his cold caught up with him. Finally settling down, the portly boy offered an impressed nod towards the Kid. "Not too shabby, Kid. That was some pretty decent flying there."

"Decent?" The boy spoke back as he looked over his shoulder. "You think you could do better, hotshot?"

"Heh heh. I don't think, Kid, I know." Hoagie bragged as he tapped his noggin. He then pulled his goggles down and placed his hands behind his head. "You'll get there one day."

"Oh please, I can SO totally fly rings around your butt!"

"You can so totally NOT!"

"I did before, didn't I?"

"Only because you cheated! I'd like to see how tough you are without a FBM Converter to protect your paint job and auto-lock for you!"

"I'll show you an auto-lock!"

Wally tuned out the two pilot's arguments as the plane lowered into a cruising speed. The mission was finally over. And man was he bushed. He would probably sleep all weekend, and into the week if his mom let him. But that seemed very unlikely. Suddenly, his attention was drawn below as an array of lights caught his eyes. He then looked over the wing, and gasped an awe at what he saw. "Whoa! Is that the CCC?"

Hoagie halted in his next insult to the Kid as he looked over the side himself. There in the middle of the ocean was a small island with several lights coming from the lower half of the land. "Yeah, that's it alright." He then turned back the Hispanic boy and waved him off. "Just keep flying, Kid. That's for the big shots only. We're not allowed down –"


All five children jumped as a sudden explosion came from close behind. They all looked to the rear of the to see the tail end smoking heavily. While the others looked on in confusion, the Kid's face paled considerably. "Uh oh."

"Uh oh?" The male Interesting Twin spoke as he overheard the pilot. "What is, 'Uh oh?"

"This is a prototype, remember?" The Kid reminded as he tugged at is collar. "I never really got to test the turbo fully. Mostly because it tended to overload my Chilli Fuel Cells." He then looked back towards the smoking back, and started to sweat. "And, uh, they just got overloaded again."

Wally narrowed his eyes. "That's…bad. Isn't it?"

"Uh, yeah. I think that qualifies as bad."

The female twin appeared nervous. "What do we do now?"

"I suggest that we hang on to our underwear." Hoagie suggested before sucking in a large gulp of air. "BECAUSE WE'RE GONNA CRASH!" As he screamed the plane suddenly dived downwards, picking up speed with every passing second. The Kid managed to direct away from the island, but e had no control now. So with their fate left hanging in the wind, the kids let out a unified scream as they were put on a direct course for the KND CCC.

"So let me get this straight. Educational programming is just something adults use to brainwash toddlers?"

"Exactly! They put up a front with the bright colors, and whimsical mascots. But when the adults send the signal, the toddlers will mindlessly follow anyone wearing a purple dinosaur costume!"


"Hey! It's not funny, Numbuh 10, it's serious!"

The stunning redhead erupted into another round of giggles, and she was forced to lean on a nearby palm tree for support. "And THAT is why it's so funny." The Sector L leader then righted herself and smirked at the bald boy wearing red swimming trunks in front of her. "You come up with the most crackpot theories, Numbuh 1."

"They're not theories, I have solid proof!" Nigel pressed as he waved his free hand around. When the girl just began to laugh at him, he huffed out a breath and frowned. "Why does everyone always come up and ask my about my ideas then just laugh at them?"

"It's a mystery." The girl giggled under her breath as she took another lick of her blurpleberry ice cream cone. "Anyway, are you going on the bounce house next? The line's finally starting to thin."

"No, I'm waiting for the cheese cake to get here." Nigel waved off as he relaxed into his lounge chair. "I want to actually get a slice before Numbuh 362 hogs it all."

Around the two leaders, bright lights blared, music boomed, and delighted screams of children filled the usually quiet night air. Every commanding officer of the Kids Next Door was located in the large outdoor plaza of the Cool Commander's Convention center. Sector leaders preformed backstrokes in the large swimming pool, Elite captains had shredded their armor so they could shred on the dance floor with their skillful moves, and the officers of Global Command were currently engaged in an ever growing conga line. The festivities were in full swing, and showed no signs of stopping any time soon.

At Nigel's comment, the redhead beauty of KND Nightly News nodded as she recalled their Supreme Leader's obsession with cheese cake. "I hear you." The girl then glanced out towards the visible coastline below, and frowned when she didn't spot something that she hoped was there. "Speaking of things getting here, where's the soda shipment? I'm getting thirsty."

"Who knows?" Nigel shrugged as he glanced towards the star lit skyline. "Don't worry to much about it, I'm sure they'll…" The Brit's words then trailed off forgotten as he focused on a spot in the sky. His eyes narrowed, and he lowered his shades to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "What in blazes?"

"What?" Numbuh 10 questioned as she tried to find what Nigel was so concerned about. She the halted her movements when she focused on an descending object coming down straight for them. "Is that…a plane?"

"Yeah," Nigel mumbled in conformation as he followed the smoking aircraft. His eyes then widened as he picked up multiple screams, and he looked towards where it was headed and he gasped in realization. "And they're going to crash into the convention center!"

Indeed the plane was. As soon as it came into sight, the activities going on around them froze and everyone watched as the plane flew directly down. Finally, Nigel and his cousin glanced upwards as the plane finally hit the wall above them. The machine exploded on instant contact, and Nigel suddenly leapt up and shoved Numbuh 10 out of the way as something fell down.

"AAAAAHHH!" Hoagie screamed as he fell down at an alarming pace. The portly operative fell and landed square on Nigel's lounge chair, only for the material to bend, then send him bouncing back into the air. The pilot cringed as the concrete zoomed in, and he let out a mighty wail as he landed on the ground.

"Ooohhh." The boy moaned in discomfort as he slowly got into a seating position. "I'm too young to have back problems." He whined to himself as he rubbed his soreness away. He then looked around him, and grinned as he saw all the commanders looking at him confused. "No need to worry, I'm okay!"


"Huh?" Hoagie glanced upwards at the scream, then barely had time to scream himself as the body of Wally crashed into his own. Followed by the Kid, and finally the Interesting Twins. Now at the bottom of the dog pile, and in more agony then ever, Hoagie groaned into the ground. "Never mind."

Nigel blinked as he helped his cousin to her feet, and just stared as the bodies began to stand upright. After a moment the party went on without care, and his eyes widened behind his sunglasses as he recognized them all. "Numbuh 2 and 4?" His look traveled over to the Kid and he knitted his brows together. "I forget your name." The Kid shrugged as Nigel looked to the last two, which caused his features to display extreme aggravation. "And the Interesting Twins! What in the name of Zero is going on here?"

"We just kicked some major adult butt! That's what was going on!" Wally suddenly cheered as he pumped his fists up. He then chuckled as he crossed his arms and looked around him. "Not only did we take down Fizz and the Common Cold, we also blew up the soda shipment and saved everyone at the C…C…" His voice lowered as his face softened as he glanced around. Instead of discussing super megaly important business like he had first thought, all the commanding officers were, having a party? "…C?"

"You blew up the soda shipment!" Nigel outraged in shock. "Why on earth did you do THAT?"

"The soda was infected." Hoagie blankly replied as he looked around in puzzlement himself. This was the CCC? "If you would have drank it, you would have gotten sick…what the heck is all this?" He questioned wildly. "This the CCC?"

The Kid lowered his shades, and whistled at all the fun activities that were available. "Man, if this is what you guys call a business meeting, then where do I sign up?"

"This is not a business meeting." The male of the twins observed. "This is –"

" – Just some party." The girl finished for him as she looked around as well. Suddenly her eyes filled with excitement and she pointed somewhere to the left. "Is that a chocolate sauce fountain?"

Hoagie's jaw unhinged as he spotted what the twin was talking about. A giant chocolate spewing fountain that was currently occupied by the leaders of Sectors W, X and Y. Finally snapping out of his stupor, Hoagie turned to face his own sector leader with a heated glare. "What's going on here, Numbuh 1? This isn't some mega secret important meeting discussing key information of the Kids Next Door, this is just some party!"

Seeing where his friend was going, Nigel quickly brought his hands. "Easy there Numbuh 2, it's not what you think! This is just the after party."

"After party?"

"Yeah." Numbuh 10 broke in to back up her cousin's statement. "We come here and have a big meeting that usually lasts all day. Emotions run high and things get pretty stressful, so we have an after party to help us unwind before we have to go back to our treehouses."

"Oh." Wally muttered as he understood somewhat. He then looked at all the marvelous fun around him and kicked the ground; feeling jealous. "Ah, but still. I wish we could come. Everything looks so cool here!"

At the blond's statement, Numbuh 10 arched a brow. "What are you talking about? Of course you can come." Unknown to her, Nigel stiffened. The Brit shifted his eyes, and slowly began to back away.

"We can?" Hoagie asked, feeling more lost then ever. "But…we're not commanding officers."

"Yes, so you can't attend the meeting part of the convention." The redhead explained. "But you were free to play around outside until the party started." She then motioned across the plaza and pointed to the children seated the All-You-Can-Eat Nacho Cheese bar. "My sector's right over there."

Wally scratched his blond head, for none of the girl's words made any sense to him. "But that can't be true. Numbuh 1 said…!" Both him and Hoagie's faces developed fierce snarls and they turned to their leader who was trying to sneak away. "HEY!"

Nigel paused mid-step as Wally shouted. The bald boy then slowly turned to the two angry operatives, and gulped as he tried to explain. "N-Now guys, I know this l-looks REALLY bad b-but I can explain!"

Hoagie gave Nigel a dead stare. A long cringe worthy dead stare. After a few tense minutes, the boy spoke. "We risked our lives to sneak into Fizz's mansion."

Wally glared at the Brit, as he relayed his own woes of the night. "I got mauled by dogs."

"The guy goes crazy, and nearly drowns us in diet coke."

"I got mauled by dogs."

"Then we're forced to fly over the ocean to stop a soda shipment. And when we get on the ship, we're attacked by the Common Cold."

"I got mauled by dogs."

"Then we almost get caught in the explosion and chase after him. But then the engine overloads, and we crash land into your stupid convention center!"

"I got mauled by dogs!"

Hoagie growled as he flung his hands in the air. "We go through all that CRUD to save the stupid CCC! We go through all that to save a party that YOU DIDN'T EVEN INVITE US TOO!"

Wally snarled as he loaded his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. "I GOT MAULED BY DOGS!"

"I-I'm sorry!"

Hoagie's eyes twitched behind his goggles as he and Wally stalked closer to the poor Brit. "Sorry doesn't change the fact that I'm gonna be puking for weeks!"

"I honestly didn't know!" Nigel tried to reason as he backed away in fear. "I-It slipped my mind, really! But you guys know me! Just tell me, tell me anything I can do to make up for this and it's as good as done."

Wally smirked as he and his portly friend shared a sinister look. "Anything, huh?" At the bald boy's nod, his grin got larger. "Well now that ya mention it, there's one thing ya can do."

Nigel heaved a sigh of relief. Thanking the heavens that his teammates wouldn't resort to violence or bodily harm on his part. "Whatever it is, you just name it."

Hoagie cracked his neck as he limbered up his fingers. "Stand still."

"AAAAHHHH!" Nigel screamed bloody murder as he scampered across the plaza, his teammates roaring with rage right behind him. Hoagie suddenly leapt and managed to catch the Brit in a tackle, and as they went down Wally howled like a madman as he landed on top. The party once again stopped as all the guests watched as Numbuhs 2 and 4 seemingly turned on their leader and proceeded to beat the living tar out of him.

Back with the others, the male Interesting Twin looked on somewhat amused. "That idiot would forget his bald head –"

"– if it were not attached to his body." The girl finished with a sagely nod. She then winced as Wally used his S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R in an unique way. "Ouch."

The Kid spared a curious glance to Numbuh 10. "Should we help him?"

"We should." The redhead intoned, but making no move to assist. She didn't want to risk any bruises. The girl then looked off to the side, and smiled as she noticed a large dessert being placed on a table. "Oh look, the cheese cake is here."

"I call Supreme dibs!" Rachel shouted as she suddenly zipped by with a greedy look in her eyes. The four shared a brief blink at the oddness, before Numbuh 10 turned to the three behind her.

"You guys want some?"

"Sure!" Then the group consisting of the Kid, Numbuh 10, and the Interesting Twins followed and joined in the gathering crowd, hoping to get a slice of the delicious treat before the blonde Supreme Leader devoured it. With the soda sickness case finally closed, everyone began to enjoy their night as Nigel wailed in agony at the hands of his teammates.

Mission: FLAT, complete.


End Transmission.