One Piece: Princess to Pirate to King

There have been some changes to my story from the original, such as... not telling. WARNINGS! Spelling, grammer mistakes, etc. Genderbend!Luffy Don't like don't read.

Luffy stared out the large palace window in love. Not in love with a man, but with the sea. How beautiful the deep blue was, how the sun shined on the calm water, white gleams everywhere. Kind of like a fairy tale blue dream.

And she'll sail on it soon. She planned it out all so well. It's only a matter of time that her said plan will happen. She wasn't afraid of the ocean like others are who stick to the land, she belonged on the waves. Luffy wasn't like other girls raised by marines who'd rather have a strong marine lover to keep care of them. The blackette was a to-be-pirate with a strong passion for adventure.

Luffy closed her eyes and sighed in deep sadness. Her grandfather wouldn't ever let her out onto the sea to become a pirate as she always dreamed of. Why not? It's her life. Her choice: NOTS HIS. She moved away from the large window and made her way out the room. Letting her silky soft long black hair swing and swirl around past her waist. She was full of life, love and joy, but she always really wore the same light blue dress that went to her knees, when she would rather wear her red vest, blue shorts and sandals, instead of slippers. Her grandfather made it clear she could only wear 'proper' girl clothing than that 'worn out, pirate, traveler, summer, clothes'.

As much as she was tempted to cut her hair, she kept the promise she made with her Ace-nii and Sabo-nii.


Ace and Sabo had been walking into the small hut to check-up on their little sister. What greeted them was little Luffy with a pair of scissors in her hand. In her little hand was her hair placed in front of her face and the scissors nearing. She had the intent of chopping it all off.

Crying out, Ace tackled the small girl before she cut, and Sabo grabbed the scissors, breaking them in half before chucking them out the window. A small 'ow' could be heard. Sabo looked down at his younger siblings, sweat-dropping as the two fought. Ace was clearly winning. "Luffy! Why were you trying to cut your hair?" He demanded.

"Keep growing your hair!" Ace shouted, holding little Luffy's shoulders, "You look better and cuter with long hair! You shouldn't have cut it!"

"Waaah," Luffy had whined, "But it gets in my face all the time! PLUS how am I supposed to become a great pirate if my hair gets in the way?"

Sabo looked down at her seriously, "Well…even though I hope you don't become a pirate, you could just hold it up with hairband."

"But it'll get in the way of the hat!"

"Then leave it off!" Ace growled.

"NEVER! I promised Shanks I'd keep it on when I become a great pirate!" Luffy cried, trying to escape from under her older brother.

Ace put his hands in the air in the motion of giving up, "Fine, fine! Just a suggestion! Geez!"

Sabo sighed in frustration, rubbing his temples. Knowing Luffy was going to rant and never let them have peace, the blue-hat boy said, "How about this. When you set off to become a pirate- which I highly doubt you'll be able with me, Ace and Garp alive- you can cut your hair. When we see you- and if we do we'll drag you back- you start growing it again. Understand?"

"Shishishishi," Luffy chuckled, punching the air. "YOSH! Agreed!"

Ace got up and grumbled something about little sisters and straw-hat-men. Sabo rolled his eyes.

-End of Flashback-

She laughed openly and loudly in the elegant hallway at the memory. "I am going to be Pirate King, Ace! Sabo! Just you wait," Luffy whispered. She opened the white bag she carried with her everywhere to see the straw hat Shank's gave her.

It was near sunset, when security was at its weakest. Post were being traded as guards checked out, and checked in. Gramps wasn't here right now because of a quick mission, but would be back by morning.

It was time for the escape. Smiling brightly, Luffy opened the large windows of her bedroom and looked down. She was high up, but they didn't bother her at all. She was a rubber-girl after all. She was in her blue dress, but she had her blue shorts and red vest underneath. Her sandals where in her bag, so where some of her most precious things. She knew her grandfather was going to freak out, but just for him she left a little note for him.

See, she was responsible... so Luffy thought so. I mean, she left a note explaining what she was going to do, not giving a damn what her Jiji thought.

Luffy gave a big grin and imagined what her grandpa would do when he saw the note. He was going to freak! Trying hard not to laugh, she jumped down into the forest way down below.

In the morning.

Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp was happy as usual. But today he was even happier. He had a surprise for his little princess granddaughter. He got her a beautiful new dress for her so she didn't need to keep on wearing that light blue one on herself every day (even though she looked adorable cute in it).

Usually he would burst himself threw the walls, but his little girl was a girl. And she may be changing if he busted in. And then she would never want to talk to him again or even see him! Chuckling, he knocked on the door, the nicely wrapped box in his hand. He wanted her dressed in it today because Akoiji and Lucci (either males being the hopefully soon-to-be-grandson-in-law) were visiting today "Luffy! Luffy-hime! Rise and shine! Grandpapa has got you a lovely present!" he sang.

No answer.

He knocked again, "Luffy! Are you awake?" He said a bit louder.

Still, no answer. Absolute silence.

Ticks and vein marks appeared all over Garp's head. Losing his patience, he roared "LUFFY!" The vice-admiral punched the door forcing it to fly off its hinges, slamming against the far opposite wall. "LUFFY! IT'S RUDE TO IGNORE YOUR GRANDFATHER LIKE THI- Eh?"

Garp's ranting paused as he looked around the much-to-clean, neat room with no Luffy inside. Dropping the box onto the floor, Garp ran inside the room. He felt a slight breeze, and turned towards the window that was wide open. "LUFFY!" he yelled in shock. Then he spun wildly around. "Evil pirates must have taken my sweet Luffy! There must be some ransom note here!"

He ran threw out the room, lifting things and throwing them when he didn't see any ransom note or clue. "WHERE IS IT!" he roared.

Fleet Admiral Sengoku came running into the room to see Garp destroying the room. "Garp!' He yelled," Why are you destroying your granddaughter's room!"

Garp paused looked over at Sengoku then continued. "Someone kidnapped my little precious jewel!" he threw a love-seat towards Sengoku who dodged it as it slammed at the wall behind him. "I am looking for a Ransom note or some clue! HELP ME SENGOKU!" Anime tears leaked from his eyes as he continued to destroy his granddaughter's room.

The Fleet Admiral stepped into the room and looked around. He saw a note attached to the wall, in the most obvious place can be. He grabbed the note, reading it swiftly, a massive sweat drop on his head as he stared dumbstruck at the note. 'Immaturness must have skipped a generation and landed on his granddaughter. Does she not pay attention to her own grandfather's words?'

Sengoku cleared his throat and said sternly to the depressed Garp, "Here is your answer." He held it out to the panicking Garp. "I believe she'll be punished for this when we get her?"

Garp snatched the note, read it once. His eyes widened, and then read it again. His face seemed to darken. Sengoku looked his friend, waiting for him to say the words. Or hoped more likely. Garp laughed out loud, much to Sengoku's shock. "So she decided to follow her dreams? WHY THAT LITTLE SQUIRT!"

He looked down at the not for the last time, chuckling.

Bye, Bye~


PS- I'm keeping my side of the bargain with Ace-nii and Sabo-nii.

Catch me if you can! 3

Luffy was grinning, holding long, loose hair in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other. Grinning, she threw the cut ten locks into the ocean, grinning as it disappeared in its depths. Throwing the scissors onto the boat, she looked up at the bright sun. Luffy was going to be a pirate! Finally! Grinning brightly, she screamed to the ocean and sky,


X\ Sorry for people who didn't want a Marine!Sabo. He's briefly mentioned in here but don't worry, he'll turn into a pirate later. Wanna know why he's a marine? Well you'll have to stay tuned for that. Sorry. I really wanted to do a marine!Sabo cause I saw this really cool fanart and I couldn't help myself.

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