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As much as Sabo wanted to leave and go complete his already towering pile of paperwork, the Whitebeard pirates just wouldn't let the poor man go. Vista was the one that usually hanged out with him, often challenging him to duels. Jozu also was often seen with the two, dueling and such. Marco occasionally could be seen with them. Ace never once would let Sabo have peace.

The vice-admiral was often pranked by his younger brother with the help of Thatch. Of course being the gentleman that he was, Sabo never front on got revenge. Ace and Thatch would get mysterious, painful traps a day following their prank on Sabo. But Ace being as dense as he was and Thatch seeing them as weird occurrence, continued to prank Sabo. Just they wait; Sabo has yet to do a serious trap. Marco would always shake his head whenever these happened, and Whitebeard would always laugh about it. He often commented that Sabo would be better off a pirate than a marine. He even invited the blonde marine to be part of his family. He was politely declined each time.

So, Sabo wasn't sure when these famous pirates trusted him so much they would talk openly about their problems and troubles. So here he was, dragged into a commander meeting by Marco and Vista. Whitebeard had again invited him to be a pirate. Again, Sabo declined.

Whitebeard laughed, and then grew serious. "An utmost important law of a pirate was broken!"

The commanders grew much more serious, even Ace had stilled from where he was bugging Sabo. 'Isn't that law-'

"One of our own killed our own Nakama!"



The shouts of anger went on and Sabo just watched with a blank face. He had a funny feeling who it was too. He stood out from the rest; his own haki feeling was just too different from these pirates...

"Marshall D. Teach."

Just that little simple name from Sabo's mouth. Whitebeard was even surprised that Sabo already knew. Looking at them, Sabo murmured, "That guy... he just stood out too much. I just waved it away as nothing, thinking it was common for pirates to have some black sheep with them. I saw it all the time and the black sheep always got along with the white sheep..." Sabo felt really bad now. He should have told them his funny feeling! They could have avoided a loss of their family! Sabo didn't want to imagine the pain and sorrow the felt when one of their own was killed. He was sure these pirates were going to strike at him and-

"That's true," whitebeard said, leaning back. "There are many pirate crews that could all be black sheep."

"Completely normal to have a black or two in each pirate crew," Marco agreed, the then pointed his thumb over to Ace, "I mean take Ace for example. He's a black sheep, yoi."


"... I thought he fit in perfectly with you clowns," Sabo muttered. This was followed by some laughs.


"I'm calling you a flammable monkey. Get it right."

"You're a binkie dolphin!"

"Why thank you for that lovely comment."


"But a dolphin is much smarted than a human being. Meaning, you just admitted to being an idiot I'm a more superior being."




Sabo patted Ace's back as the poor man was rubbing his head. "Good to know, good to know."

"Who's hunting down Teach?" Vista asked his captain.


Said boy looked up and said, "Oh okay."

"Can I speak my mind," Sabo asked, looking thoughtful. If they hadn't known better, the pirates would have thought he was trying to protect his younger brother. But this was a vice-admiral marine that made history. He wasn't placed as a vice-admiral for nothing at his very young age. They could just tell, Vice-Admiral Sabo was taking over.

"What, brat?" Whitebeard demanded.

"Why did this guy kill?" Sabo asked, staring with a cold gaze at the old pirate.

"A devil fruit," Thatch muttered, "It was the Yami Yami no Mi. A dangerous devil fruit said to be one of the strongest of the devil fruits."

He was linking up the pieces. "This guy had this entire thing planned out. He joins the Whitebeard pirates, said to be best of the pirates currently. The most likely group that could so happen to find some valuable. He kept a low profile, never did anything out of the ordinary. He was deceiving you all I bet, just waiting for the moment to get what he wanted. When it appeared, he striked and got away. So in total," Sab said, "I bet this guy already ate the dipped 'most powerful' devil fruit by now and just knows you'll send in some member of your crew to hunt him down. I have a feeling he's way stronger than your followers and could battle you head on for a while. He'll use your members for his own gain, which I'm not sure as of yet. Probably start a dangerous crew of lethal dangerous rouge pirates or something of that sort. Plus," Sabo added in his 'protect-Ace-card', "Ace isn't exactly the smartest and fall into some trap or another. Get lost or get a one punch KO."

"So you're saying I'm weak?" Ace muttered.


"Then what're you suggesting we do," Whitebeard growled, "He killed Nakama!"

"He knows. This guy will cause a lot of trouble, how about I take the case as my own. It'll be 'legal' and I'll just say to my higher ranks it's a 'Personal Vengeance Mission' or 'PMV'. Faster killing of the guy," Sabo suggested.

"You can do that sort of stuff," Thatch asked, amazed.

"Only privileged marines such as myself."

"And how the hell is this a 'Personal Vengeance Mission'?" Ace retorted.

"Simple. He killed a friend of a friend," Sabo replied back, trying his best to ignore many of the sly grins around him.

"So you accepted being one of our own, eh?"


Sabo had journeyed back to Marine HQ just a week later, gathering as much detail as possible and made a very good convincing story that even Whitebeard fell for it even though he already knew the situation. Don't get Sabo wrong, he didn't like lying, neither was he against it. It was necessary when needed.

So when he landed there he was greeted by a very upset Fleet Admiral. "Where were you, Vice Admiral Sabo? Are you becoming like Admiral Akoiji?"

Looking to the side in mock shame, Sabo said in a mocking hurt voice, "You think I'm becoming like him? I'm a gentleman that does need alone time every few months. Plus, this was because of a serious important matter."

"Your sister," the man deadpanned.

"Well, that was a side reason."

Raising a dark eyebrow, Sengoku urged him. "Which was?"

"I got a message that a once close friend of mine was killed. Despite the fact he was a pirate under Whitebeard, he was killed by one of his own crew. And you know how they're against that..." Sabo muttered.

"A pirate is a pirate. They'll betray one another. But, it is strange this under Whitebeard who will seek revenge against those who harmed one of his own. But how does this affect you?"

"This guy is called Marshall D. Teach, from what I gather he's now going by Blackbeard. What gets me though is that this pirate planned everything from the start. He was after something and wasn't found out by Whitebeard or anyone of his crew. He's been waiting for years. And when the object of his desires appeared, he killed a person under Whitebeard's nose and fled without being caught. This guy is sly, smart, deceiving, now powerful and will be a future problem to the World Government and innocent civilians. I'm declaring a PVM."

Sabo stared with a serious, blank face at the Fleet-Admiral that stared at him in shock. "He hasn't caused anything as of yet..."

"But will. I think he's trying to achieve power, wanting Whitebeard to send someone in, like a sacrifice, turn him into us, give him a possible title to achieve terrible villains," the blue-gentleman argued.

"Let us talk of this somewhere else."

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