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Dino arrived back at the estate alone. Brutus and Big Ivan were securing Rivello. The house was dark and empty when he stepped inside.

"Hello?" there was no reply…. The kids should still be awake. There was never no one there.… He peered into the living room; it was dark and completely vacant. "Toni? Lotta? Lina? Bella? Davide? Dimitrio? Anyone?" He walked through the room and looked out into the hallway pulling out his gun. "Takeshi? Hayato? Ryohei?" He walked through his house and found it empty.

"I heard you found Rivello…"

Dino jumped and turned pointing his gun at the speaker. "Mother!" Dino smiled completely nonchalantly. "I did…."

"Ah…" She took a step forward and leaned casually against the wall. "And?"

"Old Ivan has him. Where are the kids?"

"They're out…" She waved her hand vaguely. "Did he say anything?"

"Mother. Where. Are. My. Kids?"

"Out." She gave him an annoyed look. "Put down that gun. It's not like you're going to be shooting anyone."

"I'm not?"

"Stop playing stupid."

"….Rivello said that you tried to kill me."

"And do you believe him?"

"…." Yes. He did believe him. No matter how much he wanted to deny it, he could see how it all worked. With her father dead there was no reason for Victoria's family to try to assassinate him, since they needed to remain in the Cavallone's good graces as their survival depended on it. There was no reason for the assassination attempt. However, his mother could inherit the family if he were to die…. He hoped to god that Kyouya found and understood the letter.

"Are you really going to shoot me?" The look she gave him cut through him.

He felt like he was five years old again. He wanted to say yes. He wanted to cut her down like he did anyone who had threatened him or his family. He felt his hand start to shake with the effort of trying to force himself to pull the trigger. Dino lowered his gun. Who was he kidding, this was his mother… and despite never being close, he didn't have it in him to kill her.

She sighed. "This is why you're a failure Dino, Just like your father…" she pulled out a gun and trained it on him. "You're all talk and no action. Such a disappointment," Dino stared dumbfounded at the gun. He couldn't move, he couldn't speak. The only thing in his world was his mother and the gun. "I'm glad I never wasted much time on you…" She pulled the trigger.

It was evening by the time Hibari's plane landed. The moment Hibari arrived in Italy he went to the Cavallone estate. If Cavallone's men had let someone kill Dino then he didn't want his little carnivores left in their inept care for long. The taxi driver made it to the estate in record time and Hibari tipped him accordingly before going inside. He let himself in the back and was immediately on alert. It was dark, disserted, and deeply disturbing to him, as Cavallone's house was usually crowded with men coming and going and the children running around making noise. He silently and efficiently searched the premises, when he heard voices further down the hall.

He carefully crept closer. It was Dino's voice hard and uncharacteristically cold talking to his mother. His heart skipped a beat. Dino was alive! He peered around the corner and saw Dino lower his gun looking like Toni did when he was caught-out doing something wrong. He saw her point her gun at him. Hibari moved quickly and silently behind her and slammed his tonfa down hard on her back as she pulled the trigger causing the bullet to ricochet off a statue and burrow into a wall. He didn't give her time to react or recover he smashed his tonfa into the back of her head with the resounding crack of breaking bone. Whirling he brought his other tonfa around and smashed it deep into her face breaking her nose and cracking the front of her skull. She dropped to the floor.

Cavallone stood-staring completely lost for words. Hibari rounded on him. Furious for everything he had done, furious for being used and manipulated, and most of all furious for making him believe he was dead. He hit Dino in the side of the head with his tonfa; knocking him to the floor, unconscious.

"Stupid herbivore." He spun on his heels sharply, and left seething.

Squalo hung up the phone. His hands shaking with exhilaration, relief, and triumph; he ran out of his office and down the hall. He burst into Xanxus's office with a loud 'VOOOOOOOOOOOOI'.

Xanxus glared at him. "You heard…"

Squalo grinned hugely.

Xanxus narrowed his eyes.

"I want you naked and in my bed in half an hour. Don't worry I'll bring lube." Squalo spun on his heal and left narrowly avoiding a hurtling wine glass. This was going to be the best day ever.

Ryohei sat outside next to Gokudera while they watched as Yamamoto played catch with the kids. Yamamoto tossed the squishy ball with exaggerated care to the little kids and watched as they caught it or chased after it giggling and yelling at each other loudly. Normally Ryohei would want to join in the fun, but after recent events he didn't feel up to so much levity. He watched as Gokudera lit a cigarette and inhaled the smoke deeply before closing his eyes and letting it escape his mouth in a long seductive stream. Ryohei had always thought Gokudera was attractive, but in that moment he was a sex god. Unbidden, an image of Gokudera, naked, on top of him, kissing him, touching him, loving him; raced across his mind. Blushing, he tore his eyes away from him and looked around the garden. He noticed that Carlotta had gotten bored with the game of catch and was sitting on a bench reading a book behind her he saw Lussuria looking out at him from the window of the house. Ryohei felt his blood turn to ice. He looked away from him quickly and feeling guilty for momentary thoughts, no matter how unexpected, about Gokudera, Ryohei got up and moved to join the game. He didn't know why he felt guilty… After what Lussuria had done to him, there was no way their relationship could continue…. But…. He glanced back up at the mansion; Lussuria was gone. WHAM. The momentary lapse in his attention caused him to miss the ball Yamamoto had thrown and allow it to smash into his face. He staggered backwards and reeling clutched his eye.

"I'm sorry Ryohei!" Yamamoto called out to him as he ran over. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah… I'm… extremely fine…"

"Maybe you should put some ice on it…" Hayato said walking over, he reached out and moved Ryohei's hand to look at his face. "You're going to have a black eye."

Ryohei felt his face flush. "yeah… I'll… Go… get some ice…" He ran off towards the kitchen.

He stepped into the kitchen, and finding the freezer, made himself an icepack. He sat down at the table and held it to his eye and hoped it would stop hurting. He heard the door open and someone enter on his blind side. Long fingers curled around his shoulders and began to knead his muscles soothingly. His eyes fluttered shut and he relaxed into the grip. He sighed softly and tilted his head back and felt his impromptu masseuse kiss his lips softly. In the back of his mind he felt a part of him wish it was Gokudera. He opened his eyes to see Lussuria smiling down at him.

"Love you." Lussuria kissed him again.

"But you…. I… I can't…." Ryohei was tongue-tied.

"I'm sorry about that. You know I love you more than anything."

"I… I…"

"Shhhh…." Lussuria massaged his neck soothingly. "It's all in the past. It won't happen again…"

Ryohei closed his eyes and nodded. It had only been that one time… It must have been an accident… He was already thinking over justifications for what Lussuria had done to him. Lussuria smiled. He knew he would have Ryohei forever no matter what he did to him.

Dino awoke in a hospital bed. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes, squinting through the bright florescent lights.


"You're in the hospital Daddy!" Toni yelled. "Uncle Ryohei says you were so sleepy you needed a doctor to make sure you were gonna wake up in time for cartoons!"

Dino winced at Toni's loud voice. He looked around to see all his kids crowding around the bed. Memories of what happened right before he was knocked unconscious came flooding back. "Ryohei?"

"I'm extremely here…."

He switched over to Japanese. "My mother?"

Ryohei shifted uncomfortably in his chair. He answered in Japanese "She's extremely dead…. Her skull was extremely broken… There were some extreme brains…."

"The kids… they didn't see..?"

"No!" Ryohei looked alarmed at the thought. "I found her before the kids extremely could. This guy named… um…. Juilus? He said he'd take care of everything…."

Dino nodded and relaxed back in his pillows.

"Daddy… the doctor said you have a mild concussion… and you need to rest." Carlotta said crawling onto the bed next to him and leaning her head on his shoulder. "He said you should be fine."

"Thank you Lotta." He kissed the top of her head. "Where were you guys?"

"We were visiting grandpa Romario." Catallina said leaning against his other side. "Grandmother said he was lonely and we needed to visit him so that he would get better."

Dino stared up at the ceiling. Everything felt fuzzy. He wasn't completely sure everything that happened was real….He tried to remember and he had a vague recollection of…. Kyouya…..

"We drew you pictures while you were sleeping…" Isabella held up a picture she drew of two Hibirds holding hands… or at least two yellow blobs with orange beaks their yellow blob wings touching.

"It's very nice Bella. Thank you."

"Hayato and Takeshi had to leave. Davide bit Hayato on the leg and he had to go get all sewed up by the doctor." Isabella said. "Takeshi has a funny laugh…."

Toni grabbed the remote and turned on cartoons. He sat on the end of the bed swinging his feet.

Dino sighed. At least things were settling back to normal.


It had been over a week since his mother died. He had gone to her funeral and played his part as the grieving son well. Romario had returned home, and Kusakabe was still by his side helping him heal.

It had been a long week…. A very long week. Dino got ready for bed, putting on his pajama pants and forgoing a shirt, he lay down and tried to clear his mind so he could sleep.

He heard the click of the door knob turning and the door opening and looked over to see a shadowed figure standing in the doorway. Entering silently, he shut the door behind him, cutting off the harsh light streaming into the room. He moved forward, and Dino recognized him from the grace in every approaching step.

"Kyouya." He whispered standing up from his bed to face him.

Hibari said nothing, he walked up to him and stopped; standing mere centimeters away. Dino could feel the electricity from his body. He could almost feel the tension in his muscles. Neither of them moved. For once Dino wasn't sure of himself. So much had happened… He wasn't sure if Hibari had found it in himself to forgive him yet.

Hibari moved first. He slowly brought his hands up and pressed them against Dino's muscled torso. His fingers glided over his stomach and up to his chest, tracing the outlines of his abs and pecks. At his touch Dino shuddered slightly in anticipation. In one swift movement Hibari grabbed Dino's nipples and twisting slammed him against the wall causing Dino to yell in shock and pain.

Hibari leaned forward and whispered in Dino's ear. "I'm going to make you pay."

Oh God. I hope so. Dino thought careful not to say anything out loud. However, his thoughts must have shown on his face, because Hibari gave him a glare as though to say. No you don't.

Hibari bit him hard on the shoulder. Dino exhaled sharply, a mixture of pain and pleasure. Dino wasn't about to take abuse without a fight. He pushed Hibari off of him and hooking a foot behind his ankle twisted him around and pushed him down onto the bed. He ripped open his shirt, not bothering with buttons. Hibari snarled at him and wrapped his legs around Dino's waist and twisted him around so that he was underneath him. He reached for his pocket and Dino pulled his shirt down and wrapped it around his wrists as a pair of make-shift handcuffs.

"Come on Kyouya," Dino said resuming his position of dominance. He licked Kyouya's neck and forced him into a kiss. "I thought you were going to make me pay…" Hibari struggled angrily, trying to free his hands from his ruined shirt. Dino smiled and kissed down his neck and nibbled his ear. Kyouya lost himself for a moment in the sensation. Dino kissed down to his shoulder and lightly scraped his teeth over his skin. Kyouya shuddered; he had to focus to stop himself from giving in.

Hibari brought his legs up and managed to kick him in the stomach. Dino grunted as he was propelled a few steps backwards. That was enough. Kyouya managed to break free of the shirt and grabbed a pair of handcuffs out of his back pocket. Dino raised an eyebrow wearily.

"But, Kyouya, I already had you tied up," Dino said smiling.

"These are for you this time." Hibari moved a step forward. Dino moved a step back he bumped into his dresser and his fingers fumbling behind him he opened a drawer and removed his whip. Hibari raised an eyebrow at him, he maintained his calm demeanor despite feeling his heart beat quicken. He rushed forward. Dino moved aside and the whip slapped Hibari across the chest leaving a long red mark. Hibari allowed a small smirk. He moved forward again this time dodging the whip and stepping inside Dino's guard and kissed him. He sunk his teeth into Dino's bottom lip and forced him backwards toward the bed. Dino brought the whip around again and it wrapped around Hibari's arm and pulled him backwards. He managed to get Hibari's hands under-control again wrapping the whip around them, tying them in front of him. Hibari smiled at him, and smashed his restrained fists into the sore spot on Dino's leg where his bullet wound was still healing. Yelling in pain, Dino let the whip loosen as he let go of it to brace himself from the fall. He landed and Hibari was on him pushing his face into the floor, and cuffing his hands behind his back.

Dino cursed as Hibari kissed his back in a manner that he could only think of as smug. He tried to stifle a groan as Hibari kissed his neck and sunk his teeth into his skin. He pulled Dino's pants off of him and grabbing him by the handcuffs pulled him up onto the bed. He kissed him fiercely, pushing his tongue into his mouth his hand moving down Dino's chest. He paused for a moment his fingers hovering at Dino's belly-button. Dino managed to push himself forward and kissed Hibari. He kissed his earlobe and down his neck stopping at the spot where his neck met his shoulder and brushed his lips against his skin in a soft kiss. He began to suck on the spot eliciting a small moan from Hibari, who had forgotten his position of dominance in the heat of the moment. Dino bit down there, making Kyouya cry out slightly. He smiled and kissed Hibari's earlobe.

"So, why don't you uncuff me, and I can give you what you want?" Dino whispered teasingly into his ear.

For a moment Hibari's resolve waivered. The idea of Dino's hands on his flesh, tying him down to the bed … He almost gave in. But, this was it. He was going to do it this time. This was payback.

He pushed him back into the bed and kissed down Dino's chest. Letting his tongue trace around his belly button; he could feel Dino stiffen beneath him writhing slightly as he kissed farther down his body. He bit into Dino's hip and could feel his need as Dino arched his back pressing into the mattress. Hibari licked the length of Dino's cock illiciting a stifled moan. Hibari smiled to himself. Dino clearly thought he was getting a blow job.

He kissed back up Dino's chest and bit his shoulder. Dino let out a gasp of pleasure and pressed against him. Hibari reciprocated, grinding against him, letting him feel his erection against his. He kissed Dino passionately, biting his bottom lip and making him moan. Hibari broke the kiss and smiled at him bringing his fingers up and sucking on them.

"So, you finally work up the courage to be on top?" Dino said trying to conceal his trepidation.

Hibari didn't say anything but continued to suck on his fingers making them wet. He spit in his palm and slicked himself.

"I never thought you were very interested in being top…" Hibari could hear Dino's nervousness in his voice.

"You talk a lot when you're nervous." Hibari remarked hooking Dino's legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward, relishing in how flexible his partner was and kissed him.

"I'm not nervous," Dino said looking away from his smug expression. "I'm perfectly…" He gasped. Hibari pushed a finger inside of him. "Ok, I'm done." Dino tried to propel Hibari off of him by pushing back with his legs. Hibari smirked and grabbed onto the headboard. Dino didn't have the leverage in his position to do anything.

"Isn't your favorite expression turn-about is fair play?" Hibari whispered into his ear. Hibari had the upper hand, the control, and it was clear on his face he was enjoying it. He pushed his finger in farther and moved it around. Dino squirmed uncomfortably beneath him.

"You're a smug bastard." Dino hissed. Hibari responded by pushing a second finger inside. Dino held in any sign that he was in pain. Hibari moved his fingers stretching him further and Dino's eyes widened in shock. Hibari withdrew his hand and braced himself. Dino couldn't help himself he closed his eyes in anticipation of Hibari's next move.

Kyouya pushed himself inside him, and Dino felt his body explode in pain. His eyes shot open. Usually, he was fine with pain, even enjoyed it during his normal nighttime proceedings with Hibari, but this was agony. He knew that Hibari was well aware that he was much more the sadist than the masochist; he must be doing this on purpose.

"You're so tight." Hibari breathed in a quiet moan, pulling out agonizingly slowly.

Despite the pain Dino felt a rush of pleasure shoot through him as he heard Hibari's exhalation.

"My…my nightstand, second drawer down," Dino panted. Hibari somewhat nonplussed opened the drawer; it was empty. "Behind the back panel." Hibari removed the panel and a tube of lube rolled out.

"You're a paranoid fuck." Hibari said staring at the drawer. He picked it up and applied a liberal amount to his fingers, applying it to himself and Dino.

"It's not paranoia if they're…" He was interrupted as Hibari pushed himself inside of him. Despite the added lubricant he felt like he was being split open. He could feel every slight adjustment Hibari made as he moved forcefully inside him. The frustration built up in Dino's mind, he did not like to be tied down like this, he did not like not having any control. With his legs on Hibari's shoulders he had no options. He wanted to touch Kyouya with his hands to feel his skin, make him moan. As Hibari thrust deeper into him he hit a spot, streaks of hot pleasure shot through his body. A moan escaped between his lips, and he felt his toes curl. The pleasure built with every thrust until finally… He felt Kyouya tense and then cum. Kyouya let out a long sigh and pulled out. Dino lay there motionless, in shock as Kyouya cleaned up and lay down next to him.

"Wait? That's it?" Dino said rolling over awkwardly onto his side to look at Kyouya.

"Hn?" Kyouya always became useless after sex. He yawned and pulled the covers over himself.

"You're… not… I mean…" Dino stuttered. "I'm still…"

"I know." Hibari said. "It's called. 'Pay back'"

"You could at least uncuff me." Dino said perturbed.


"You're a bastard."

"I know." Hibari reached out and pulled Dino close to him, holding him to his chest. Dino bit his nipple. Hibari swatted him.

"Come on…" Dino moaned into his ear. He reached out his tongue and licked Hibari's earlobe, drawing it into his mouth and gently running his teeth along its edge. He knew it was working. Hibari stiffened slightly tilting his head back as Dino ran his tongue along his neck. Dino bit down illiciting a soft moan from Hibari. He could feel his lover's cock harden against him. Hibari rolled away from him to try and regain some control over himself and steady his resolve not to continue. He got up and disappeared into the bathroom to clean up. Dino took his chance and awkwardly maneuvering he managed to get the handcuffs up and over his legs so that his hands were bound in front of him. Hibari returned and laid back down his back to him. Dino reached out and ran a finger down Hibari's exposed spine. He spun around. His eyes narrowed dangerously at seeing Dino's new position. Dino waved. In an instant Hibari was on top of him straddling him pinning his arms down with his knees. Unbeknownst to Hibari, Dino had managed to get a hold of the lube; he popped the lid off and covered his fingers.

"You're supposed to stay," He growled.

"You know you've exposed yourself." Dino said with a smile.


Dino didn't have to answer him. Kyouya gasped as Dino thrust one if his fingers inside him. He shuddered slightly and leaned forward to grip the headboard as Dino expertly moved his finger reaching out and brushing the nerves that Dino thought of as the "off switch". The slightest touch was enough to turn off all of Kyouya's higher brain functions. He had enough movement with the handcuffs to be able to hold Kyouya's hips and move him to a better position on his chest. Dino brought Kyouya up so that he was on his knees over him and leaning forward so that Dino could take his cock into his mouth. At the same time he added a finger. The combination of movement was exquisite. Dino slowly rubbed his fingers in just the right spot, curling them into the nerve ending causing Kyouya to moan, while simultaneously running his tongue over the tip of his lover's erection. Kyouya removed a hand from the head board and tangled his fingers in Dino's hair. Dino kept his fingers moving on the spot, taking more of Kyouya into his mouth.

"ah." Kyouya's breath caught at the change in feeling.

"hm?" Dino replied drawing out the vibration around Hibari's shaft.

"Dino…" The name came spilling out of Kyouya in a moan. He was so…. Close….

Suddenly, Dino stopped everything right before Kyouya could reach the point of satisfaction. Dino couldn't help but smile at the look of shock and pleading need that flashed across Kyouya's face in that instance. The hand in Dino's hair became a fist and he pulled his head back so that Kyouya could clearly see his face. He glared daggers at him.

"Turn about is fair play," Dino grinned hugely up at him. Kyouya narrowed his eyes dangerously, he was not amused. "I can keep you on the edge for as long as I want…." He licked the length of Kyouya's cock. He felt Hibari's hand tighten painfully in his hair again. "You know you want me inside of you…" He pushed a finger back inside and brushed against the 'switch' to prove his point. That was it, he'd won and he knew it. Kyouya slid down his body stopping just before his pelvis. He leaned forward and kissed him and reaching around stroked Dino's erection eliciting a soft moan. Hibari carefully moved backwards, their eyes locked, guiding Dino's erection so that it penetrated him. He closed his eyes and couldn't suppress a moan as he felt Dino move inside him. He started moving slowly gradually increasing pace until finally he was riding Dino hard and fast.

Dino was close. He was almost there. He could feel Hibari's muscles tightening and fluttering around him and it felt so good. He wanted to cum. He didn't care if he did before Kyouya, it would be a little bit of revenge. Kyouya must have seen it in his face, he slammed his hand down on Dino's neck cutting off his air-supply. Dino gasped and writhed in shock, Hibari wasn't able to string a coherent sentence together and settled with a growl that turned into a moan as Cavallone's cock slammed into his spot. He pushed back against him and moaned his hand tightening around Dino's throat. Dino gasped as Hibari's fingers dug into his skin and he could see stars as Kyouya finally came tightening around him and pushing Dino further inside him. Dino couldn't hold it in. He came hard, finally reaching exquisite ecstasy.

Hibari let go of his throat and dismounted collapsing on the bed next to Dino panting. He could hear Dino's contented sigh and somewhat labored breathing next to him.

Dino looked at him and held up his still bound hands. "Please Kyouya… I want to hold you…"

Hibari managed a glare before weighing his options and finally mustering the energy to get up and fetch the key from his pants pocket. While he was up he grabbed a box of tissues and wiped his cum off of Dino's chest. He unlocked the handcuffs and threw them in the vicinity of his scattered clothing. Hands finally free Dino immediately grabbed Kyouya and pulled him down to his chest in a tight embrace.

"I missed you… God I missed you so much…" He whispered stroking Kyouya's hair.

I missed you too… I missed the way you look at me after sex all raw emotion and passion… I missed how you yammer on about stupid herbivorous things while I'm trying to work… I missed your massive cock… I missed how I was the only one allowed to touch you like this and the only one you held like this… I missed how you never let me push you away….. Kyouya laid silently next to him all these things screaming inside his head and being unable to say them. He nuzzled Dino's neck. There was a long moment of contented silence. Until, Dino shifted and Hibari knew from the movement of his body that he had a pressing thought he needed to express.

"… So… Your plan was to fill me full of cum and give me blue balls?"

Hibari shrugged. I wanted to make you feel the way you made me feel. I wanted to make you feel wanted, needed, an important part of something, and then just at the point when you're feeling like you've finally found that part of yourself that's been missing, that you didn't even know you needed, and you feel complete and whole for the first time in your life… it's gone and you're left feeling used, unsatisfied, and alone. "Same thing… smaller scale…" He finally mumbled into Dino's shoulder.

"Kyouya…I… I'm sorry…I…" Dino began.

"Tch. Omnivore…. Just promise you'll never do it again…"

"I promise." Dino said his throat tight with emotion. "I…" Hibari interrupted him by putting a hand over his mouth.


There was a moment of silence while Hibari snuggled closer and Dino tried to relax enough to fall asleep.


"Shut up."

"I didn't say anything."

"You're thinking too loud,"

"Sorry," Dino shifted. "Kyouya….?"


"Did you find the letter?"


"So you signed the documents?"

"yes… Get to the point…"

"Kyouya… We're essentially married…."

"…. what?"

The End.

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