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After their first little copulation on the plane back to Cleveland, Cooper and Jenny were all over each other all the way home. It was quite irritating; especially for a guy whose girlfriend was all the way back in Europe.

Now, even though they were home and still had time until they all went off to their respective colleges, it seemed that Cooper and Jenny were joined at the hip. Scott didn't want to say anything or jinx it or whatever but he did wonder if it what they had going on was just a summer fling or an actual relationship.

He and Cooper still hung out alone. They still went to parties; the usual, but there was a definitive shift in the way things were. Cooper still hit on every girl and still got turned down. If Jenny were there to witness any of it, Cooper got a smack that amazingly turned into a making out session. Scott almost always left them alone.

They seemed happy. They still bickered but it was overloaded with flirting and sexual innuendos which was both hilarious and strange to Scott.

All three were at another party on a Friday night and Cooper was very obviously leering at some blonde girl and Jenny was getting annoyed. Scott was sipping his beer and watching with a bored expression.

"Bite me, Cooper," Jenny said saucily. She was more than ready for a fight.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you, Jenny? You love all that kinky stuff, like the other night when I-" Cooper started but Scott had put down his beer so he could covered his ears and close his eyes to save himself from hearing all the exploits of Cooper and Jenny's sex life.

"La, la, la, la, la, la, I don't want to hear this, la, la, la, la, la, la," Scott sing-songed. When he opened his eyes again, he wasn't all that surprised to find his two friends leaning in to each other and making lovey-dovey eyes. Scott wasn't even aware Cooper could make lovey-dovey eyes at anyone.

But it was clear that they were truly happy with one another because Scott saw the look on Cooper's face when he caught sight of Jenny. It wasn't obvious and it took Scott a while to pick up on it but when Cooper's eyes settled on Jenny, his face changed. It softened despite the fact that he was grinning like the madman he really was. Scott was starting to call it his Jenny-senses.

With Jenny it was all about the way she moved; her mannerisms specifically. She stood up straighter when Cooper was around and she would sometimes lean on him at random times. It was actually kind of sweet. They worked in some weird way.

He was glad that they were going to school near each other because he didn't think anyone else could handle either of them.

With those thoughts, Scott decided to leave the happy couple alone and went off to watch one of their other idiotic classmates attempt a keg stand.

He was sure they wouldn't mind or notice.