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Summary: Sasuke is washed ashore a desert island where he meets Naruto, a boy who ended up there five years previous. Now Sasuke has to get off this island and back to his fiance, Sakura. He has to convince Naruto to go with him.

Author: Hiromi Not To Shabby

Title: Desert Island...Paradise?

Chapter One: Washed Ashore

Onyx eyes opened blearily, strong sunlight shone on the slowly awakening male that lay on the golden shore. Uchiha Sasuke awoke to find himself in a strange place, a place he had never been or seen before. It was a beach, palm trees and many exotic flowers behind him, crystal waters in front of him.

Sasuke sat up slowly, A hand on his head to hopefully help Subside his awful headache. He looked around, he couldn't see anything that could tell him where he was.

"Are you okay?" He jumped at the sudden voice to his left. He had just looked in that direction, how did h not see anybody? He turned toward the voice. A male, around twenty-twenty two maybe. He had spiky blond hair and entrancing blue eyes. The male also had five scars on his cheeks, two on his left and three on his right.

"Well? You okay" Sasuke snapped out of his observant gazing.

"Yeah, I'm fine thanks, head hurts though. Where did you come from and how come I didn't see you?" Sasuke's eyes narrowed in suspicion, he never did like strangers.

"I was standing behind you, you've got a nasty gash on the back of your head. I was trying to stop the bleeding." Sasuke nodded and stood, he was a little shaky seeing as he had been unconscious for a while.

The blonde male held out a hand to help Sasuke up. The raven ignored the offered help and began padding down the pockets of his worn and torn suit.

"Where's my cellphone? Great, now I'll never make it out of this god forsaken place." Sasuke stood and glared at nothing in particular, he turned to the blonde, who stood watching the raven in mild fascination. "You, what's your name?" Sasuke asked. "You speak English, yes?" Blue eyes narrowed.

"I'm not an idiot, I spoke English to you not five minutes ago. My names Uzumaki Naruto, you're welcome to come back to the camp for something to eat." Naruto began walking to the large expansion of trees and bushes. "Well? You coming or not? Food isn't just gonna walk up to you and say 'eat me, oh please'." The blond giggled and continued walking away.

Sasuke contemplated following the blonder. Naruto could be some crazy bush cannibal or something but then again, Sasuke didn't want to sit alone, especially when it started getting dark. Not to mention he was hungry. So forgetting about his worry of being eaten he followed Naruto into the trees.

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