Chapter 1 - Leave Me Alone

His onyx eyes watched her from a distance through the trees. She stood on the cliffs as she held the camera up to her eye and snapped almost a thousand pictures of clouds, trees, grass, the oceans as it crashed against the cliffs, rocks and boulders in the sand below on the beach, even the rocks and boulders in the green grass on the cliffs. When the wind picked up her scent was carried through the trees and it hit his snout like a ton of bricks. She smelled like gardenias. The scent was so strong it made all the fur on his over large body stand up. He inhaled deeply.

He watched as the breeze blew her long honey blonde locks around the curves of her body. She had curvy hips and he watched as her chest moved up and down as she breathed softly, taking in the ocean scent. A couple of times her eyes had wondered towards the trees. He shook his fur out as he pried his eyes from her beautiful form. Emily would have his ass if he was late for dinner. It was almost worth it. He inhaled one more time as the scent of gardenia's intoxicated his senses as he slowly turned and took off to Emily and Sam's. He could only hope she'd still be there after he finished his meal.

Paul stepped out of the tree line in front of Emily and Sam's house as he tugged on his navy blue cargo shorts. As he walked barefoot up the back steps of the porch to Sam and Emily's. This was the one place that had remained a consistent in his life since he was sixteen and started phasing. He had inherited his mother's house when she passed from cancer. He shook his head of thoughts of his mom as he walked in the back door and saw all his pack brothers turn their eyes towards him. He smirked at them as he plopped down into a chair at the table.

Jared chewed his food as he watched Paul plop down into his chair and stare off into space while he tugged on his bottom lip with his thumb and index finger, "What is up with you bro?" Paul quirked his eye brow, "Hmm?" Jared's eyebrows shot up in question, "What...Is...Wrong...With...You?"

The rest of their pack brothers around the tables laughed at their exchange. Paul glared, "Watch it pups." Jared chuckled, "What's got your shorts in a bunch man? You come walking in here all quiet and shit. You're he loudest of us all. What gives?" Paul shook his head, "I don't know. I feel weird today."

Paul eyed the plate of food that Emily had sat down in front of him warily as he pushed the plate away from in front of his position at the kitchen table as he stood up and walked to the back door.

"Paul..." Emily's voice stopped him in his tracks as he looked back, "Yes Em?" She frowned as she looked at the plate on the table and then back to Paul's eyes that looked distant and were increasing in distance the longer he stood there, "Aren't you going to eat?" Paul shook his head, "I'm not hungry Em. Will you keep it in the oven for me?"

Emily blinked a few times as she nodded slowly, "Sure...Let me know if you get hungry, I can warm it up when you're ready." Paul nodded solemnly, "Thanks. I'm gonna go finish patrol." As he walked out of the house closing the door behind him.

Jared swallowed the bit of food in his mouth as he exhaled hard, "Okay we have a serious problem." Jake, Embry and Quil looked up from their plates, with questioning eyes as Jared made a face, "HELLO! Paul just turned down food. Does anyone else find this even remotely strange?" Embry screwed up his face as he scoffed, "Paul's just being Paul. He's always been the lone angry wolf."

Jake and Quil nodded in agreement. Ever since the guys started phasing Paul's temper had been out of control, but now that he was older he had better control of it unless they were patrolling. Paul was usually an ass making side comments and being a dick all the time. It was just who he was. When the guys started imprinting Paul announced to everyone he didn't want to imprint because he didn't want to become a whipped pussy like the rest of the guys in the pack.

Seth quirked an eyebrow, "Maybe he's sick or something."

Jared suddenly chuckled, "Oh he's sick or something."

All the eyes at the table were suddenly on Jared as he continued to chuckle to himself. Leah growled, "Care to enlighten us dickhead?" Jared snapped a glare towards Leah as he cleared his throat, "Think about it. He was acting funny as soon as he walked in and he didn't eat."

Sam's eyebrows shot up, "You're not thinking he..." as Sam trailed off when Emily leaned against his shoulder, he arm wound around her waist on its own accord. Emily smiled, "You don't really think..." She inhaled as the same thought ran through her mind as she smiled as she bit her bottom lip.

Jared nodded as he laughed harder, "He imprinted."

Paul had phased the second he hit the tree line and ran at top speeds back to the cliffs. His prayers were answered when he returned and saw the girl still there, she was laying with her back flat in the grass and her feet were propped up on a rock as she continued to snap pictures left and right. Her hair was pooled around her, she looked incredibly comfortable and completely in her element.

Paul laid down under a bush as close to her as possible, surprised his big body was actually completely concealed by the bush. He had to admit he'd practically been stalking her since he'd imprinted on her. He'd been keeping it from his pack brothers. He didn't want to imprint. He hated the thought of it. Not being allowed to choose his own soul mate in life and being pushed to be with a stranger or friend whoever the Quileute God's picked for him.

For the last few weeks since he'd imprinted on her he was pissed off. He had been happy with his life up until this point. He dated whoever he wanted and had small flings and didn't stay attached to anyone. He liked it that way. Now suddenly this stranger moves into town and he's suddenly connected to her in every way and doesn't even know her name. He stifled a growl as he sat and thought about it. But his imprint moving caught his attention as he slowly pushed himself forward with his back legs and belly crawled and tried to creep closer when his big front paw snapped a twig he stilled his movements.

He watched as her beautiful face turned towards his hidden position and he was suddenly aware his onyx eyes were locked onto her deep violet eyes. How does one even acquire purple eyes? What the hell?

Their eye contact was broken when Paul not only her heard someone chuckling in his head, but several someone's chuckling in his head and groaned inwardly when he was aware it was the whole pack.

'Dude I can't believe you finally imprinted!' Jared's hyper voice squeaked out.

'Hey she's a hottie man! She doesn't look like no Quileute though.' Seth piped in. Paul growled, 'Keep your eyes to yourself and off my imprint pup!'

'Gross...She's a pale face you ignoramus.' Leah gagged out.

Jake scowled in Leah's general direction, 'It doesn't matter if she's a pale face or a Quileute. Clearly she's supposed to be with him if he imprinted on her.'

Paul's eyes turned back to where his imprint had been standing and she was gone. Paul growled, 'Leave me alone!' They felt Paul phase out, knowing he was either going to follow his imprint in human form or go home and ignore his pack brother's for the remainder of the night.

Jared shook his head knowing Paul wouldn't follow her. He'd be stubborn and lock himself away in his house until he had to patrol next.