Chapter 25 - Speechless

~11 Months Later~

Quietness filled the entire house as the warm body that lay behind Evie made her smile in contentment. She'd woken up about 3am and had to use the restroom. Once she'd gotten back to bed she couldn't fall asleep. Even though she really wanted to…She was really tired, but she just lay there staring at the ceiling, listening to her husband as he snored lightly. She couldn't help giggling at his snores.

His warm arm tightened around her waist, "Why aren't you sleeping?" Evie giggled again, "Because you're snoring is annoying and cute at the same time." Paul moved around as he scoffed, "I don't snore." Evie turned in Paul's arms so she was facing him, "I had to turn you away from the window to keep you from sucking in the curtains." Paul chuckled, "Oh we got jokes now?" Evie squealed when Paul buried his face in the side of her neck and growled against her sensitive skin.

An abrupt cry out loud from the other room; pulled the two apart as Paul kissed Evie's lips softly, "Stay here. I'll go get her." Evie nodded as she watched Paul slip from bed and disappear into the room across the hallway. Evie pulled herself to sit up in bed as she flipped the lamp on next to their bed. A few minutes later, Paul walked into the bedroom with a small fussy bundle wrapped in a pink blanket. Paul walked over to Evie's side of the bed as he carefully laid his beautifully tiny daughter in Evie's arms.

No one realized 11 months ago that Evie had been pregnant the night Rick attacked her. So it was an even bigger surprise when they got married a month later and announced the pregnancy at the wedding.

Evie looked down at her daughter who was barely 3 months old and still extremely tiny. They had finally released her from the hospital earlier that morning; she had been born prematurely and was only 4 pounds. Now she was 6 and the most beautiful baby in the world. Paul watched as Evie breast fed the baby. He leaned down and kissed his daughters head softly; Then leaned over and kissed Evie's lips softly as well.

Paul watched as Evie finished feeding Anna as he carefully got back into bed and turned the light off, "C'mon we need to get some more sleep. We're supposed to take Anna over to Emily and Sam's tomorrow for lunch. Sam has been keeping everyone away so she could finish developing in the hospital. They can't wait to see her." Evie giggled softly, "Good idea." As she carefully laid Anna between them as they faced each other. Paul couldn't have been any happier with his life. Married and the first of many children in his life with his soul mate.

Paul's warm hand was in the middle of Evie's back as he guided her up the stairs and into Sam and Emily's house. Once the door opened Emily ran into the kitchen and greeted Evie and Paul with hugs and kisses. Evie handed off Anna to Emily as Nathaniel ran up to Evie. Evie of course lifted him into her arms immediately placing kisses all over his face. He squealed happily. He said very few words but would still squeal with Evie.

Emily smiled softly down at Anna, "Oh my goodness she's absolutely perfect you guys." Sam walked into the kitchen as he peeked over Emily's shoulder and looked down at Anna, "So she's what everyone has been making such a big fuss about huh?" Emily's elbow went back and into Sam's ribs as he let out an audible 'oaf'. Evie and Paul couldn't help laughing; only Emily would do that to Sam and get away with it.

A few minutes later, a seven month pregnant Zeva and an overprotective Jake walked into the house as he helped her sit on the couch. Zeva giggled at the worried look Jake had permanently etched on his face for the last couple of months of Zeva's pregnancy. He was just so nervous about becoming a father and worried about Zeva. Their son was extremely feisty inside of her. And on more than a few occasions his foot had gotten stuck between her ribs, she couldn't help but cry because it would hurt so much. Jake would rub back and forth until he freed the baby's foot.

The next few people to come through the door were happily engaged Seth and Tina; Plus a nine month pregnant Kim and smiling Jared. Apparently a lot of the guys in the pack had good timing with getting their imprints pregnant. Emily was also at the beginning of her second pregnancy.

Everyone sat in the living room getting comfortable; Evie sat with Anna in her arms talking with Kim and Zeva as the guys went out back and Tina and Emily went into the kitchen to finish cooking. Zeva smiled, "I can't believe how good Anna is being." Evie nodded, "Or has been. She sleeps through the night and eats well. She wakes up every once in a while when there's a loud noise or what not. Other than that once she's down she's not up for a good 8 to 10 hours." Kim giggled, "I can only hope for the same thing with the twins." As she rubbed her belly.

The girls heads turned as they watched Collin and Brady walked into the house and then into the living room. They were going to walk through and out to where the rest of the pack was, but Evie stood up with Anna in her arms, "Hey Collin, can you tell Paul to grab Anna's baby bag out of the truck?" Collin nodded, "Sure thing Eves." Collin disappeared outside as Brady chuckled, "Paul still hates me right?" Evie giggled as she nodded, "Of course. He does know how to hold a grudge."

Brady looked down at Anna, "So she's what's been on his mind for the last eleven months besides you huh?" Evie nodded, "Of course." Brady suddenly locked eyes when Anna opened her eyes at the sound of his voice. Kim's eyes shifted between Brady and Evie as her breath caught in her throat, "Oh…My god." Evie giggled as she looked at Kim, "What is it?" "It's a…It's a…He just…" Kim stuttered over her words making Evie and Zeva giggle at her harder.

Paul walked into the living room and handed over Anna's bag as he chuckled at the look on Kim's face, "What's wrong with her?" Evie shook her head negatively, "I'm sure I don't know, she just stuttered over a whole sentence." Kim pointed at Brady and Paul looked from Kim to Brady. Paul growled, "BRADY NO!" When Paul roared out; Evie physically jumped, "What is going on?" Brady started backing away, "I-I'm s-sorry." As Paul started stalking towards him as he growled out, "HE IMPRINTED ON OUR DAUGHTER!"

Laughter suddenly filled the living room. Paul turned and noticed it was Evie who was laughing so hard, "Evie Why are you laughing? Do you not understand what this means?"

Evie walked over and stood between Brady and Paul as she gave Paul a knowing look she stepped in front of Brady and gentle set Anna into his arms. He was so gentle and careful with her.

Paul took a step towards Brady as Evie placed her hand on his chest, "I know exactly what it means…It means she's going to get the same opportunity to be with her soul mate that I got. And it also means Brady is getting the same opportunity that you got to be with your soul mate. I think it seems kind of fitting actually." Paul scowled, "How do you figure?" Evie walked up as she cupped Paul's face, "Because it's time that you stop this silly grudge that you've had against Brady. It's been two years. We are married and we have a beautiful baby girl. Who just happens to be Brady's imprint now. What do you want to do keep her away from him and hurt the both of them because you can't stop holding a grudge? I'm not about to ever let anyone hurt her not even you. And I refuse to be the cause of someone else's pain."

Evie looked over and could see the adoration on Brady's face as he stared down to the squirming pink bundle in his arms, "Look at him right now and tell me you want to be responsible for the future pain you're going to cause the both of them if you can't swallow your pride and get over it. I love you and I always will, but you need to look at what is in front of you." Paul looked from Evie to Brady and his daughter and knew Evie was right. She was seldomly ever wrong. Paul leaned down and kissed her lips, "Okay. I concede. You're right. I'm wrong. No one will ever hurt our daughter. I swear on our marriage." Evie smiled as she kissed his lips this time.

Lying in bed later that night, Evie giggled, "Our life is going to be very interesting in sixteen years; you know that right?" Paul chuckled, "Please our life changed the minute Brady looked into Anna's eyes today. I can't believe he imprinted on her." Evie giggled, "I couldn't believe you imprinted on me. But I've loved every minutes of it and can't wait to love every future minute of it." Paul nodded, "Ever since I met you, you've made me speechless. Now I know why; because you perfect the art of imprint/wolf love." Evie giggled, "I've been speechless since you landed at my feet in the sand. Hell you leave me speechless everyday with the way you love me."

The would definitely spend the rest of their life speechless.

The End