The message on the psychic paper was more than just alarming. It was downright creepy.

The TARDIS had been zipping around the Universe carrying its lone passenger when said passenger yelped loudly and unexpectedly in pain. He reached frantically into his jacket pocket and pulled out the wallet containing said psychic paper and unceremoniously tossed it on the floor. The Doctor crouched beside it and flipped the top open with a finger to see words on the paper, glowing red as if they were on fire. Hence the yelping in pain and the unceremonious throwing.

"What in the name of Raxacoricofallapatorius...?" he said aloud, speaking to himself for not the first time today. The TARDIS was always the one to relay these psychic messages, but how could a single psychic message be so great as to burn paper?

The Doctor thought about it for a moment, ignoring the fact that he had yet to read the actual message itself. In theory, it COULD have been caused by a massive telepathic field, which in turn COULD have been created by one or more living beings sending out the same message at once, which COULD mean that someone somewhere was in trouble. As per usual, of course. It took him a moment to realize that he had spoken all of that aloud.

He finally turned his attention to the actual message itself, which was one word repeated, over and over again. He balked, then picked up the wallet, in case there was any possible way he could be reading this wrong. The red of the words was fading with the heat that had accompanied the sudden message. The black ink was haunting to read.

It was simply the word, "Pain" repeated until it filled the entire paper. The Doctor jumped into action.