a/n: Puck is ooc. I apologise. This was a gift!fic for a friend, who wanted Puck/Kurt relationship, first time relationship being exposed in school. so I wrote that. I skipped over the Puck is repulsive to Kurt part. and other stuff. Pretend it's crack!fic. Because it is. It also don't belong to me.

His fingers.

Puck wonders how any boy can have such small fingers, small fingers and gentle fingers.

When he wonders at all. He doesn't wonder too often.

He's too happy by the fact that unlike all of his past girlfriends (of which he has had many), Kurt puts out. Constantly. Easily. He doesn't have to beg, bribe, take, cajole them into giving him a blow, a handjob - he just has to ask. (He doesn't -give- any. He's never had any desire in taking a cock in his mouth. Or up his ass. Definitely not the latter.)

Oh, and Kurt doesn't mind if he does take him hard, hard and the voice, his boy's voice, humming and singing and breathy. Like a girl's, but not, the consonants falling from his lips, the sounds whispering through their linked bodies. Rhythm is the only part of music he likes. But rhythm is fucking awesome.

Puck rolls his shoulders around and stretches. Today will be a good day.

Today, he's seeing Kurt.

...And the glee club.


His hands.

Kurt wonders how any boy can have such large hands. Large hands and callused hands, hands that should be rough when grabbing his shoulders and kissing him roughly - but aren't. His hands aren't gentle by any stretch of the imagination - but they don't bruise, either, even when Kurt thinks they will, when he's slammed up against a locker (but not in the way that he's used to) - nothing bruises. Nothing to prove, except the sensation and the passion, the full force of his fury.

Kurt smiles and bites his lip, lying back in bed. He remembers Puck biting his neck, biting and licking and moving down to his shoulder. The arrogance in his voice, the arrogance in his assumption, the confidence in his manner, the confidence with the way his hands and hips move and - oh -

Kurt rocks against his bedsheet, and can't hide his grin. Only Puck can give him a smile and an erection, at the same time.

Gods above. He'll be seeing Puck today. Their paths don't always cross - it's not wise to advertise their relationship to the world, after all...but it's glee club day. Their first glee club...together, after the holidays. When Puck finally said yes, it felt so unbelievably good. But not as good as it is to kiss him. Kurt wriggles, before he slides his bare feet out of bed and pads gingerly toward his bathroom. Better brush his teeth. He doesn't have bad breath normally but he doesn't want to kiss Puck tasting like garlic. Or fish.

(Kurt doesn't know, but if Puck tasted fish in Kurt's mouth he wouldn't mind too much. He'd be surprised, but...Puck's tasted much worse, in between other lips.)

(Rotten fish. Gyahh.)

"Hey, fag," Scott McConaugh says, slamming Puck into a wall, and Puck shoves him back.

"Fag yourself," Puck hisses through his teeth. "I would have slept with your mother, but you have two dads and no mommy."

McConaugh goes pale. "Shut up," he says. It's a sore spot. Puck knows it - he will occasionally feel bad about taking digs at McConaugh's dead mother, but not today.

"Hey, I heard you dipped your wick in Hummel's ass," the new quarterback says with a sneer as he walks past. He's not so tough. Even Hudson could handle himself in a fight. Unlike this guy. Puck picks him up by the scruff of the neck and throws him through the open door into the girls' toilet.

"Heard you fucked Cori Russett. Do the police know how old she is? Fourteen, wasn't she?"

There is only silence from the toilet.

Puck walks on, satisfied. He's still the undeniable badass in school.

"Hey, Puck," Santana says as she walks past. Puck rubs his eyes and waves at her, dismissively. Santana probably knows. And doesn't care - they've done worse, after all. And she and Brittany have a ... unique relationship.

The corner of his lips turn up. Oh hell yeah, he's been in the middle of that uniqueness before. Best relationship. Hands down.


Secretly, he thinks maybe his and Kurt's is better. But only because of the sex.

Even more secretly, he knows it's the way Kurt lights up when he sees him, and not Finn Hudson, the jackass.

Even more secretly, it's just the way Kurt lights up.

He's too jaded to admit any of this to himself, because if he does it'll be like admitting that Noah Puckerman is actually his name, and that he's actually not that confident after all. He doesn't need Kurt.

Secretly. He does.

But if one more idiot stops him in the hallway to tell him that he fucked Kurt, he's going to show them exactly how far Kurt's willing to let him go. Unlike their pinched, whiny girlfriends in the Abstinence Club.

"Hey, Puck, does Hummel hum when you fuck his mouth?"

That...that wasn't even...

That was...that was...

What the fuck.

"Okay. Seriously? All of you, listen up!"

The entire hallway stills.

"I am dating Kurt Hummel. Yes, he lets me put it in him. Yes, he's a fucking good lay. Now shut up and leave me alone!" A beat.

"And if anyone throws a slushie in his face you're going to have very, very big issues! Like how to eat without teeth! Got it?"

The hallway is silent. When Puck slams through the door to head down the staircase, he can already hear the chattering begin.

He clenches his fist. So much for announcing it quietly in glee club.

Kurt walks down the hallway, nervously brushing his hair with his fingers. He's arrived late to school today, and wonders why everyone's giving him funny looks. But glee club's at the end of today, and everything else pales according to that.

Across the room, Scott McConaugh looks at him, then looks away with a sneer on his face. Kurt's got a boyfriend now, but he can still appreciate good-looking boys. And McConaugh doesn't look that good with that sneer. He should smile more often!

And wear more of those tight shirts.

Those looked good on him. Kurt nods, and places his eyes back on his English.

It's Biology next period. He doesn't have Puck in his class, but he knows anatomy really ... really really well.

Kurt smiles.

The bell rings and Kurt packs up his books at blinding speed, mind already plotting out quickest routes of how to get down to his Science classroom without looking like he's hurrying. It's almost a guaranteed that he's going to get slushied today. It's glee club day and all the footballers know it.

He's brave but he's also smart. Too many years of being bullied makes him keep his head down. And he knows the school like the back of his hand. That helps.

He walks out the door...and freezes.

"Puck?" he asks, his eyes wide. He almost drops the books he's clutching to his chest. "What are you doing here?"

Puck clears his throat and unclenches his fist. Puck's eyes bore into him and Kurt can read worry in his expression, quickly masked by brash confidence. The worry worries him.

Puck shrugs. "Escorting you to your next class."

Kurt stares. His throat works, but he can't seem to get it to work. "Puck? I thought we decided that we weren't going to tell anyone?"

Puck swallows. Kurt follows the movement of his throat with his eyes, unable to break his gaze. "Screw them. You're mine."

"Oh," Kurt says. He looks up finally to meet his boyfriend's eyes. "I'd like that then."

He walks off towards Biology, still taking the quickest route.

"No, this way," Puck says, steering him with a hand on his back, towards the route he never takes. It's the longest, most exposed route to Biology.

Kurt looks back, biting his lip. Even with Puck there, he's not sure this is a good move...

"It'll be alright," Puck says, quietly, and Kurt nods. He nods faster, and then strikes out through the door. No one will ever be able to say that Kurt Hummel backed down like a girl. He might be gay, he might be effeminate, but he's not cowardly.

He feels Puck lace his fingers through his, and nearly drops his books in surprise. Puck? Initating physical affection?

He almost looks out the window to see if there are pigs flying or Finn wearing designer apparel, but doesn't because he's through the door and everybody's staring, now.

Noah Puckerman ran off the tracks a long time ago. Puck took his place, a bad boy in everything he could think of. The best, and most fuckawesome bad boy, ever.

But Noah peeks out from under Puck, whenever he looks at Kurt, with that joy and absolute trust on his face. Peeks - but no more than that. He's in public.

Puck smirks a little.

McConaugh walks by. His eyes glance down at their interlinked hands, and his eyes flick up again. Puck gives everyone the finger.

Noah smiles. It's not Puck's smirk - it's a genuine smile.

At the end of that corridor, he shakes loose from Kurt. Puck only has time to register Kurt's shocked, hurt, then faux-unsurprised look, and then Noah registers Kurt's bright happy look as he slams his boyfriend against a locker (in the good way) and kisses him.

When the break, Noah is in his body now, and Kurt's eyes are glistening with light. "Hi," his boyfriend whispers, his fingers gentle on his back, and Noah kisses him again.

Noah knows that everyone's staring, but Puck will take care of it, afterward.

Kurt snuggles into his boyfriend's shoulder, basking in the feeling of safety. Puck is muscle; some fat as well, but chiselled for all that. His own build is dwarfed by Puck's frame, and he runs his hands down Puck's back, biting his lip. A moment later, Puck - no, Noah - bites his lip for him, and they're kissing again and it's gorgeous and perfect and he would breathe deeply, just taking in his scent but he needs that air to keep kissing Noah and so he won't won't won't.

Finally though, he pushes Puck away. "Puck," he says firmly, putting a finger to his boyfriend's lips. "No. I've got to get to Biology."

"Screw Biology," Puck says, his eyes glittering with lust, and Kurt finds his lips curling up in a smile. His loins are burning as well, and his entire body is vibrating a little.

"Um," he says. "Sometimes biology can be..." he leans back against the locker, bounded by Puck's arms on either side of him, and sucks the tip of his finger into his mouth. "Very useful to know."

He thinks Puck has stopped breathing.

That's really cool.

Kurt slips out from under Puck's sudden petrification and heads off down the route to Bio, laughing all the way.

"I'll see you at recess!" Puck yells when he unfreezes, by which time Kurt's apologized to his teacher and sat down.

The final bell rings and Kurt runs directly into Puck as he comes out of Spanish.

"Hi," Kurt says. "Ready for glee club?"

"Oh, hell yeah I'm ready," Puck says, and takes Kurt's hand with his. He lifts it to his lips and kisses his hand gently. Kurt has to cover his lips with his other hand. Noah's so romantic, he could just swoon.

"Let's go then."

All around them the flood of people racing for the front gates swirl, but neither Kurt nor Puck pay them any attention.

Puck slides the door of the club open and gestures for Kurt to go in first, which he does.

Puck admires Kurt's ass.

Very fine ass.

Very, very fine ass.

Puck looks away for a moment, and steps in himself. He freezes in the doorway.

Every single one of the glee club people is looking at him with wide grins on their faces. Even Hudson. And Quinn.

"What?" he asks, suddenly self-conscious. "Do I have something on my pants?" He looks down, just in case.

"Thank you," Mercedes breathes from the top row, and scurries down to hug him. He takes it with genuine surprise.

Finn watches him, steadiness in every movement. He's reliable, Finn Hudson. Was, in the football team, too - gah, now he's getting girly.

Quinn only smiles.

Mr Schuester comes in behind him, and claps his hands to begin. To both his surprise and Puck's the rest of the glee club begin to applaud as well.

Puck has no problems accepting the applause, but the look on Kurt's face is worth more than any accolade.

The look on Kurt's face when Puck takes the seat beside him and laces his fingers through Kurt's gentle ones outshines that first look by very, very far.

Kurt doesn't let go of Puck's large hands, even when he gets up to do his assignment for the week.

"And what are you going to sing, Kurt?"

"Mr Schuester, even though I had prepared something earlier this week - and though I despise that show otherwise - I would like to sing "Breaking Free", from Disney's High School Musical."

Even though the groans that amass match his - and even Puck's beside him - that's the only, perfect song, that he can find to describe what he's feeling, now and forever.