Popping Candy

I actually write Rimahiko stories. I just wanted to make a fanfic about Yaya because I also like her character. Also, there's hardly any Kaiya pairings in fanfic…at least from what I know. Anyway, enjoy the story!

Everyone else is starting middle school…

Everyone has their own problems to worry about; Love…Grades…Even reputation!

Why is it that Yaya feels like such a baby? Because she is now the eldest in the guardians, everyone expects so much from her! Yaya's not used to all this responsibility. She doesn't know what to do with the paper everyone makes her bring home every night, she doesn't know what to do when an x-egg appears and everyone depends on her, and…she doesn't know what to do when she feels candy popping inside her tummy whenever she sees, or even hears Kairi!

She tried to call Amu-chi, Kukai even Rima-tan!

All of them were wrapped up in their own problems. They don't have time for Yaya anymore!

Amu-chi has to choose between Tadase-kun and Ikurin…

Kukai's upset over losing to a ramen eating contest with Utau-tan…

Rima-tan and Nagi hate each other more than before…

Something's even going on between Rikka and Hikaru-kun!

Yaya's left behind…

There's no one to talk to her now…

No one to answer her simple question…

No one to comfort her…

Even Pepe has to help Kiseki dig a hole to Canada!


The feeling of candy popping in her tummy was being felt by Yaya again, once she heard Kairi's voice call out from behind. She hid the sorrow in her face then turned to class pres with an angry face.

"Kairi! Yaya doesn't want to be called Ace! Call her Yaya!"


"Call her Yaya!"

Kairi smiled then nodded.

"Okay, Yaya…"

And Yaya felt satisfied for the moment as Kairi walked her back to the garden.

When we entered, it was a different sight. Yaya no longer saw Amu-chi, or Rima-tan, or Nagi or Tadase-kun. Instead, she saw Rikka and Hikaru, who weren't bad at all, but Yaya misses the old guardians.


Yaya felt herself stiffen when Kairi said her name. She felt happy.

"Y-Yaya…is something bothering you…?"

Yaya sniffed.

That's all she wanted to hear.

…For someone to spend their time listening to her problems.

"Kairi!" She glomped him. Kairi was shocked but Yaya cried anyway.

"E-everyone left a-and Y-Yaya feels s-s-s-so alone a-and…" She trailed off as iinchou continued to pat her in the back.

Yaya felt the urge to look at Kairi, and when she did, he lightly blushed.

"K-Kairi…what do you call this feeling Yaya gets whenever Yaya sees you, or even hears your voice? It's like popping candy…"

Yaya doesn't know why, but Kairi blushed.

"U-u-um…you see, Ace…"

"Don't call me that!" Yaya screamed.

What is this feeling Yaya gets whenever she sees, or even hears Kairi? It's like popping candy in her tummy. It's an exciting feeling…