10 things not to do in Free realms:

This does not have anything to do with elementals but the same characters and still in FR/ Sacred Grove. It is not true and we did not do any of this (But I did do the bear and the cows).

1. Spray a sleeping bear with silly string in Lakeshore

2. Do the chicken dance in the Merry Vale stage.

3. Push a cow over in Snowhill farm

4. Run around yelling 'I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves' in Memorial Caverns.

5. Whisper 'I love you,' to every body in your friend list then say 'whoops, wrong chat'

6. Follow Brungo or Hogosh around saying big nose and fatty ect. To them in the Wilds

7. Hit Old Corky, Old Cranky or Old Creaky with a rock and call him a stick man/insect in Blackspore

8. Smash up the greenhouses in Shrouded Glade

9. Break apart the Chrystal Barrier in Snowhill

10. Write a fake note of war to Darkthrorn signed Ayani

I know there is only ten at the moment but when I get more ideas I will add more.