Let The Gold Stay Shining

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Chapter 1

Her Diamonds

She tried curling her hair for the first time without any help of anyone. It has been 9 years since Sasuke left the village and returned a year ago. Looking at her full sized mirror, she smiled, she knew she had to look perfect.

Hinata added some light lip gloss Ino gave her during her last birthday. Oh how she wish her friends are here to witness the night. Since the time she saved Naruto, they had became couples. The memories never failed to make her smile. And now, he has been acting weird, today Hinata is positive that he's gonna ask for her hand.

Today is their 3rd anniversary.

Walking down their stairs, Neji seemed to look at her in awe as she blush. He would be escorting her to the falls since he had been her protector. Haishi looked at her then to his news paper. He was indeed proud, but not so much that he would say it aloud. Hinata, as normal, looked down. As they pass by, her pink kimono touched the grounds, how she wanted to see the fire works on the sky but she decided not too. It would delay her.

She excitedly smiled at Neji as he smiled back, he couldn't express more happiness for her tonight.

Then it made him think. If only Ten Ten would let him be with her tonight. If only she's not out with her another mission the Hokage had asked them. If only.

As they walk by the aisle of flowers by the falls, Neji let go of her hand and looked at her. "I am going kilometers away, trust me. I wouldn't spy on whatever you are to speak about. I am going to look at the fire works. Call out in this place if you'd be needed an escort back to your house again" He explained breathing after every 7 words. Hinata knew she was being too observant. But she couldn't stand it, she was too enormously excited.

Naruto scratched his head, looking at the stars above him, wearing his best festival suits. It was blue which matched his eyes and black that made it look bold. Thinking on the other side, he knew she was coming. He knew he had to break it up to her. He was in line to be the next Hokage like Sasuke. He tried reaching for the stars as he heard the leaves rustle. She's here, his jaw went open as she smiled at him.

"Happy Anniversary, Naruto" Her greeting froze him, like she always does. He sat up and cleared his throat.

Her eyes, without any colors, ironically gleamed under the moon and the fire works like a mirror, could be seen in them.

She sat, comfortably yet formally.

"Happy Anniversary" He greeted back. Reminiscing all the memories, no long talks had happened. All knew it, when he's angry she let it pass by, why wouldn't she? Because she was afraid, afraid that all circumstances would swallow her and that it would may not let her stand up again.

She was weak enough to be without him. And he knew that very well.

"Hinata, I-" She looked at him with full intent, focusing all her attention to him. "I love you" he said, she knew she would smile and he also predicted it.

"I love you too, Naruto" She replied as he gave her a lovely long kiss on her lips. His eyes closed trying to feel their own sensation.

She expected so much for this night. How she enjoyed his lips., she always had and thought she would always be.

"I love you..Sakura-" Naruto's eyes went wide afterwards.. seeing Hinata stop when she heard his tongue slip.

Naruto boldly had his hand on his mouth as she looked at him with such lonely eyes once happy.

"I didn't mean to" He finally broke the silence. Hinata was shaking, her lips were parted from each other in such surprise

The fireworks were done.

"Did you just say Sakura?" Her voice were shaking.

"Hinata, I love you. But Sakura...she said, I mean, I love her too. She confessed to me and I thought-" Naruto stopped as she saw her tears drop.

"I dumbly thought you were about to get me from my father. How could I be so dumb!" She broke out all her tears, like how she surprised him with her high voice.

Where are the people?

Aren't they to surprise me? This is a joke right? I want you to tell me Naruto,..this is just a prank right? Like it has always been? A Prank.

"Let me explain, Hinata" He said, she held her breath and tried to speak but sobs were all she could manage to give up.

"Tell me it's a joke" She said, trying to put up a smile, her cheeks went flushed as he breathed deeply. Nothing came up after few minutes.

He couldn't explain. He was so...stupid he asked for an explanation when not even a word left his lips.

She laughed, then sobbed. "I. I never thought Naruto" She managed to say as she try standing up.

"I've always thought you were a perfect gentleman who would stick to only a woman." she continued, "But I guess I was wrong. I was giving up my whole life to you. But you chose her again. I wonder how many more times would I have to suffer as you repeat her name again and again. You can tell me you don't mean to but I feel It. I feel that you love her more than you ever loved me!"

He opened his mouth only to receive a painful deep kiss. He returned it...How dumb was he to even return it.

She pulled away yet he could still taste the taste of sadness and pain.

She stood up and walked away. Then he thought to himself..JUST when he thought and asked himself it Sakura was worth every tear Hinata had shed then he wouldn't fee guilty.

After a couple of hours, still reminiscing all that had happen during the night. He heard another rustle by the dark side of the falls.

It was Neji, "Where's Hinata?" He asked..Naruto looked at him, "She went home." Neji knew something was wrong as he held Naruto's collar high.

"If you think you could make her cry like you do. This time, I am sure I'd kill you" Neji said as he run, trying to catch up on his cousin whom he knew must be at her home at this rate of time.

Haishi looked at his daughter, so young yet broken. Hinata looked with her teary eyes at her father and ran to his arms. Haishi didn't think twice and hugged his daughter.

"You're right. Love never seemed to have happy endings father. Sorry. Sorry for disobeying you."

"Hinata, (sighs) I told you that when you love, you get hurt. That's why I am always arranging the clan's future marriages. I know it would hurt you less." He patted her back as she continued to cry.

Neji bursted out from the front door as Haishi looked at him then to his daughter.

Neji accompanied her to her room.

"Sasuke" Neji muttered as the grown up Sasuke look at him. His eyes could put up a flame in his head yet he looked straightly at them. Neji is his advisor and a powerful ninja after all he as the genius of the clan.

"Wouldn't you think it is appropriate for you too be allies with our clan? People would trust you much more as they trust us. Indeed the Hyuga is a powerful and trusted clan." Neji, as an advisor of the only Uchiha alive, look at him with such interest. He was leaning on the tea table in the Uchiha mansion. Or whatever a traditional japanese house you would call.

"Are you bargaining a member for my own good?" Sasuke asked as he look at him with such eyes.

Neji laughed, "And if I do?" He asked

"And if you do, who would you bargain for? Your beloved Hinata?" Sasuke spat as Neji smiled,

"Yes. Hinata. My lovely Hinata" Neji said as Sasuke seem to wonder yet looked the other way.

"Isn't she to be a good accessory for Naruto? They had been-"

"He broke up" Neji said looked at the sight of the mansion's garden. Sasuke had been living all in luxury after killing Danzo and going back to Konoha. He knew being the next Hokage, he could control more people and the more the people would suffer just like he had always planned

"He broke up, yesterday. During their anniversary" He said deeply breathing. Neji looked at him with such intense eyes. He wasn't afraid, why would he? Sasuke trusted him most.

"And why would Hinata agree?" Sasuke asked, "To scar Sakura?" He sarcastically said, as if trying to pre-long their conversation. Conversation that bothers him. And intrigues him at the same time. Intrigues make him feel interested and to end this. He must say, he is interested in whatever Neji is upto at the moment.

"No, she is too innocent to do such stupid motives" Neji said, "To make her father proud." He said as Sasuke smirked.

"Then, does this mean a deal?" Neji asked as he stood up, dusting his clothes

"I must think about it. But it is quite true. I need trust." Sasuke said as the servant escorted Neji out the house.

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