Jar Of Hearts

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Hinata looked at Daisuke and Kunimitsu sleeping just like rocks..., just lovely.

She sighed and smiled. There was no helping it.

Hinata then looked at the mirror once again and brushed her hair. Her lavender scent just soothed her after a nice long bubble bath.

Her twins are turning 8 months old and it has been also 8 month since he left

Since the mighty Sasuke Uchiha left her. Just like that, just like a snap.

Trying to hold her tears, she looked up to the brown wooden ceiling of her new home. After having treatments and recovering, she chose not to live where she usually had. hinata just can't stand his atmosphere still lingering in the air after he had left.

She loved him, she just don't know if he did or still do so.

Her white and flowing bed gown sent shivers down her spine, just like when he always touched her.

Just like when she feels his presence.

Is he here? She looked around her, she looked at the opened windows. Her red eyes of agony searched for him as she just completely went silent...sobbing to herself the pain she is going through.

Why did he have to leave? Was she weak enough for him?

For the second time before she's off to sleep, she looked at her peaceful young men near her high bed and kissed them goodnight.

Why can't she just move on? Why does she still hang on?

Tsunade can't finish or even glance at her works while she stare at the most wanted guy of Konoha.

His jet black hair just reminded her of the night and his black orbs...just like the ocean pearls almost in perfect circles.

"Hinata has been doing good" tsunade tried to calm down but her nerves just wanted to slap him with all her strength...just to send him enough spirit to realize what he had traded into.

"That's good to hear but unfortunately I just don't care anymore. What I wanted has been done." Sasuke replied as Tsunade's veins popped and her eyebrows met.

Why the hell did Hinata love this guy? What is so good about him? WHAT?

"Tsunade, please stop sending ANBU. I care le-"

"Hinata, she's stronger...she's left your mansion" Tsunade butted again, Sasuke this time sighed, he was in his character, being the bad guy..

even if his heart just wanted to be where his home is..was...

"Did you ever love her? Or did you just ...use her?"

"I made my words back then, crystal clear, I used her"

"But you wouldn't leave her if you just used her. You know I thought you were more intelligent but you're like Naruto. You are a doofus"

The ANBU popped, disappeared and again...Saske sighed

"Cry, cry it all out" Tsunade said leaning on her chair, she knew he was hurt, she knew he loved Hinata, he just won't have the strength to open up

"I don't care much of her. All I wanted was the restoration of my clan" but even before that, I was caught. I loved her before I imagined

"I don't care...I just don't care"

"I will give you the permission to see your sons, and I want you to tell her straight in her eyes what you just said. Maybe with it, maybe with a better goodbye note, maybe she finds a reason to live more"

"Why would I ever follow you?"

"Because I told you so. Because I know you don't love her no more, maybe not even care for her well being?"

It has always been her hobby and routine to visit HInata and the toddlers but now, she's not only doing it for the sake of visiting.

She has to inform her what happened, who came back and who else is to visit the said Hinata

Ten Ten looked at Hinata as she played with her toddlers then she sighed. "How are you?" she asked the fragile looking girl who is in her traditional yellow kimono. Hinata smiled and answered, "I'm at the edge, still trying to survive" Ten Ten hugged Hinata but it wasn't the time to get sentimental and she knew it

"He's back" Ten Ten informed as Hinata nodded and smiled,

"And he wouldn't care less Ten Ten, trust me."

Hinata caressed her son's face as he tried to get her long bangs off her face.

Kunimitsu on the other hand just leaned on her sides as he sat quietly looking around the garden.

"Ah-Ma" Kunimitsu chuckled and pointed at the bird soaring up the sky

"You both grow so fast" Hinata sad kissing both on their forehead

The breeze just blew violently making Hinata hold her sons more tightly.

"What was that?" Hinata whispered to herself, she can feel chakra but it was familiar, it was the chakra she longed for

The two young uchiha looked as if they also know the chakra and started chuckling

"Sasuke, is that you?" She called,

a twig broke and revealed by the gardens the guy she have been waiting for.

Uchiha Sasuke

"S-S-S-Sa-Sasuke" She stuttered, the toddlers eyes widened in sight of a unfamiliar man

"Hinata" He whispered, "Are you here to get them?" She asked holding on to her amused toddles

Sasuke was taken back by what she asked

"Aren't you more likely to ask 'are you here to come back'" Hinata's frown grew worse, it was true

"True, but I don't want to have false expectations" Hinata said

"Getting them now will give me no use" And in a second he was infront of her, close enough for their lips to meet

close enough for him to read what she is thinking

Close enough her tears would escape

"Tell me, did you love me?" Hinata asked

"Tell me, look in my eyes, will you stay?" She added

With it, Sasuke breathed her scent

"Honestly?" He asked, adding a smirk in her features,

Everything seemed to stop

Her breathing then became uneven

"I wouldn't stay unless you ask me to, I always cared less if you loved me, I always cared less of what happened to us" He said going much closer to her

"But what I can't lie to you is the fact that I had fallen for you before I even knew it"

Her lips hungered for his touch, her eyes longed to see what his face would look like after

He hasn't changed

"Then honestly, do you-do you love me?" Hinata asked as Sasuke looked at the toddlers her hands were entangled with

"I don't know what love really is. I am here to find out"

He pressed his subtle lips on hers

tears flowed in her eyes as the breeze blew her thoughts away

He hasn't changed

He still came back just when she wanted to move on, let go, live again

She broke the kiss, smiling at him, making him know she was more than delighted

"Tell me you are not leaving"

"Tell me not to"

"You stupid stupid stupid arrogant Uchiha. DO you know how hard it is to be alone? How hard it is to think where you could have been, how hard it is to move on when you know you are still hurting?" Hinata let go of her toddlers' wrists then punched Sasuke's chest but he didn't move.

"You've gone weak, haven't you?" He asked

"Since...since you left I had no strength to carry on. Laugh at me all you want, leave me again and when you do, don't ever come back ever again. You left me like a twig. You left as if thinking it were of the best options. I don't want to be an option Sasuke, I want to be a choice. Choose me rather than come back just because you want to..Sasuke, don't leave me."

She sobbed as he leaned closer so she could rest her head on his shoulders

"Tell me you-tell me you aren't leaving Sasuke, I can't go on like this. A part of me just-just can't live like this"



and you stood there right in front of me

just close enough to touch

Close enough to hope you couldn't

see what I was thinking of

Drop everything now

Meet me in the pouring rain

Kiss me on the side walk

Take away the pain

get me with those black orbs baby

when the lights go down

Give me something that'll haunt me

when you're not around

Kiss away the pain




"Tell me not to" He said caressing her hair. They both could feel their toddlers' stares set on them but they cared less for the fact.

What matters most is they get back to each other

"Tell me not to and I'd obey"

"Then don't, come back to us, come back to me"


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