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Summary: Momo Hinamori is a normal high school girl, more known like the Geek of the school. But no one knows that she hides a little secret beneath her big old fashioned glasses and her braids. She's actually a model! She lived with this secret ever since she began high school, not wanting to tell anyone about her secret. Poor girl, Toushirou Hitsugaya the school's kind and silent prince finds out her secret. Who knew that Hitsugaya wasn't really as kind as they described him?

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Chapter 1: I can't tell them that...

"Wah… another period to go, and off we go!" a girl with long wavy strawberry-blonde hair groaned as she stretched herself, physically and mentally tired by all the things she did at school. Her blue eyes re-opened, and looked at her friend beside her who was giggling "Mou, Hinamori-chan, why do you have to keep your identity hidden?"

The other girl, with long black hair combed in two braids, had her eyes covered by geek glasses, known as Hinamori Momo, replied to the strawberry-haired girl "Because I want to, Rangiku-san."

Rangiku groaned yet again "But your beauty would be thrown to waste! I mean… come on! Stop hiding behind those stupid glasses and show the whole school who you really are!" she leaned back to the wall behind her and crossed her legs "I bet every single guy in this school would fall head over heels for you! Today's our last day of our first year, so I think next year you should surprise them by coming to school without your disguise!" she chirped happily proud of her plan.

"I don't know… I just want a normal high school life you know." Hinamori said looking sadly at Rangiku "Besides, I don't want guys to fall for me just because I-"

Hinamori was interrupted by their teacher who came in the classroom.

She simply sighed and went back to her seat, which was behind Rangiku's, and she rested her face on the palm of her hand.

And so the last lesson started.

The bells rang loudly, and every student yelled happily running out of their classrooms and out of the school building.

The heat of summer hit them, and they took plastic bottles full of fresh water and threw them at each other. This was one of the "rituals" of the school. They said that it would wash bad luck away.

Rangiku and Hinamori were walking on the sidewalk trying to not to catch too much attention.

"You might also catch his attention you know." Rangiku winked at Hinamori as she pointed to a guy who was completely surrounded by almost all the girls of the school who were crying or whining or doing something else.

Hinamori blushed "I'm sure he wouldn't be interested anyway."

"You'll never know if you'll never try." Rangiku smiled lightly nudging her blushing friend. "I'm sure he deserves someone better than her actual girlfriend. I mean, come on! That guy must be blind, or that witch casted a curse on him!"

Rangiku knew him. They were childhood friends, or at least that's what she said.

They paused for a moment and looked at the scene.

There he was, the prince of the school… well, more likely, one of the princes.

His name was Toushirou Hitsugaya, no one in the school didn't know him. His white spiky hair always caught everyone's attention, and his beautiful deep emerald eyes always hypnotized every single girl. He was perfect. Or so that's what everyone said about him. Grades always on the top, good at sports (specially at soccer), and doesn't lack of hotness. They say that he seemed distant, but he was kind. Not really the type who always smiles, but he helps people when they need help. He was tall, and his body was muscular, but not too muscular like a body builder's (duh, what do you expect from a high school student.) You might think that he's the typical poor guy that works a lot to earn money and live normally, but no, he was freaking rich, his father was a CEO, and his mother already passed away.

Too bad this prince already had a girlfriend. Who you could define, a princess, but not just a normal princess, she was a VERY spoiled princess.

Her girlfriend had long dark violet hair and brown eyes. Sure she was pretty, and rich but she wasn't that smart. She was, what we call, a bitch, and she loves to bully the weak ones or those she didn't like. Not to mention that almost every guy in the school drooled over her, and she was proud of her popularity thinking that whenever she wanted to, she could conquer the whole world. Her name was Yuki Katagiri. Her father owned various 5 star hotels in Japan and around the world.

Matsumoto and Hinamori saw Hitsugaya sneak past the girls with his girlfriend holding hands with him.

Hitsugaya noticed Rangiku waving at him happily, and he waved back, if you consider a small movement of your hand in the air towards someone a wave.

The two girls looked for their friends, and then they finally saw them.

"Hey guys!" Rangiku yelled waving her hand to a group completely wet standing by the entrance of the school "Don't you dare get near me or I'm gonna rip your hands off" she glared to the boys pointing her manicured index finger at them.

"Yes ma'am!" a guy with long crimson red hair in a high ponytail that made his head look like a pineapple laughed and shook his head, making water drops fly everywhere, including Rangiku who glared at him

"Renji…" an anime vein popped on her head and she started to chase him yelling things like "It took me hours to get my hair and make up perfectly!"

Hinamori and the group laughed at the scene, and a short girl with short raven hair put a hand on Hinamori's shoulder sighing "They'll never change, right Momo?"

Hinamori nodded "Rukia-chan, how come you're not wet?" she asked looking at the raven haired girl

Rukia took a small umbrella from her dark red bag and smiled smugly "My nii-sama warned me about this" the umbrella was white, and Chappy's face (a bunny that Rukia truly loved) was drawn in small patterns on the umbrella. But someone suddenly threw water at her, wetting Hinamori too.

"Hahahahaha! You should never let your guard down Rukia!" A tall guy with short orange spiky hair and dark brown eyes said laughing

"Ichigo…" Rukia turned slowly towards the guy with an evil smile

Ichigo stood in a karate position with a serious yet joking face he said "Bring it on shorty!"

And that's when Rukia's chase after Ichigo's death started.

Rangiku got back from chasing Renji, and she panted "Uwaa my hair's a mess" she pouted.

Hinamori's cellphone suddenly rang. "Oh no, I'm gonna be late…" she muttered

"Guys I have to go now! See you!" she said giving quick hugs to the girls, and with that she ran out of the school.

"Hurry up Momo!" a girl with long pink hair said as Hinamori got in a black Land Rover "You're gonna be late for work!"

"I know, I'm sorry!" Hinamori whined as she freed her hair from the braids, leaving them wavy and a little messy, and she took her geek glasses off and showed her chocolate-brown eyes. "Hana-san, what time do I finish with work?"

"Well, today's a busy day, but..." Hana looked at the agenda in her hands "If everything goes smoothly like always then you might finish at 8 pm."

"Ok! I'll give it my best today!" Hinamori said punching her fist in the air

"Like always" Hana smiled.

When Hinamori got to her workplace she was quickly brought in the changing room. When she came back out her hair was pulled up in a very high ponytail, her bangs and a few strands framing her small maked-up face. Her lashes were longer, coated with black mascara and black eyeliner made her eyes look more beautiful. No foundation or blush-on were needed on her since her skin was soft and creamy and had natural blush on it, and her lips were shining with pink lip-gloss.

She wore short jean shorts, white top tube and white Converse.

If you're wondering what her work is and if it's not obvious enough then let me tell you what it is...

She's a model.

'If Rangiku or Rukia saw me dressed like this they'd go crazy... no wait, Rangiku knows my secret, and she will see this picture on the magazine... ' Hinamori thought sadly sighing 'I can't possibly tell them that I'm a model.'

Hinamori walked on the set, where big lights were on and the photographer started to take pictures.

"Ok good job everyone!" The photographer and the crew clapped and started to clear up the set.

Hinamori ran back to the changing room and put on skinny jeans, a peach pink tank top, and black converse leaving her hair the way it was and not taking her make up off. She ran out of the building and quickly got in the car "Let's hurry up, please!"

Can we pretend that airplanes

in the night sky

are like shooting stars?

The ringtone played loudly on Momo's phone while she was in her changing room getting ready to go home.


"Momo-chan! Where are you? Are you busy right now?"

"Uhm, yes, I just finished with work, why?"

"Oh nothing, just asking haha!"

"Is there anything wrong Rangiku-san?"

"Nothing nothing don't worry! So you're free now right? I organized a pijama party at my house! Rukia and Orihime will come too! Would you like to join us?"

"Ah, sure, I'll contact my mom then I'll come over. I'm sure she won't mind."

"Ok then! See ya later!"

Momo wore yet again her skinny jeans and tank top and converse, her hair falling smoothly on her back. Totally distracted and having her mind in her little world, she didn't take off her make up and didn't comb her hair in the usual braids and took her school bag with her notebooks and school uniform in it and walked out of the building.

She took her Iphone and took off the sim-card and put it in her other cellphone, which was an old Nokia, and turned it on. She then dialled her mother's phone number.


"Hello, mom? Are you at home now?"

"Yes honey, why?"

"Uhm, Rangiku invited me to sleep over for tonight at her house today so... I was wondering if I could go?"

"Sure! Of course you can go dear, since you always think about work you should spend some time like a normal high school student!"

Momo laughed softly at her mother's enthusiasm "Then I'll be back tomorrow! Love you bye!"

She put her cellphone back in her pocket, and she walked down the streets to go at Rangiku's house, which wasn't very far from where she was now. She walked happily down the streets of the city lit up by the lights of the countless buildings.

When she finally got at Rangiku's gate, she remembered that she didn't comb her hair in the usual braids and she didn't put on her glasses.

Momo sighed as she combed her hair in two braids, and she put on her geek glasses.

She was completely transformed from a model to a school geek.

She was about to click the small switch next the gate, when she heard someone whistle behind her

"Never knew the school's geek was actually that pretty."

Momo gulped. She completely forgot to look around before putting her disguise back on.

And that wasn't the worst part.

She turned around recutantly looking at him behind her glasses muttering

"Toushirou Hitsugaya..."


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