A.N. Wow this is my first real "fanfiction"! I have only ever written a couple of ficlets before, then I jump right in with smut! This started with a debate on Black Butler dot net (which everyone should join if you haven't yet!) about who Grell would be seme for. Everyone said Ronald, and I said... really? So here is my take on the debate.

This story graphically depicts MalexMale sex. Don't like, don't read. I do not own Kuroshitsuji, though it sure would be nice...

Just to be clear, I don't like random Japanese thrown around in English fanfics, but I did keep the word senpai, as there aren't any good English equivalents in my opinion. "Senpai" is someone who has been at something longer than you. They don't have to be older, or your superior necessarily, just someone who has been there longer than you. Such as an upperclassmen in highschool, or in this case, reapers that have worked there longer.

Enjoy the short cameo from Alan and Eric from the second musical, as I needed more people to tease Ronald XD

Dedicated to the wonderful Shadowfaith! I hope I have done Ronald some justice dahling!

Don't Knock it 'til You Try It

Night had long since fallen on the Shinigami realm, and most of those working at the Dispatch Association had punched out hours ago. There were three reapers however, who where not so lucky. After getting a bit too rowdy during their last mission and causing several thousand pounds worth of property damage, the ever budget-minded William T. Spears had sentenced them all to un-paid overtime until the debt had been settled.

This would have been a logical solution, had the three reapers in question not been Eric Slingby, Alan Humphries and Greff Sucliff. However, seeing as how it was these three, as soon as their superior finally left the office for the day, all pretence of work was thrown out the window and conversation turned, as it often did, to romance.

"…what about that new guy in Accounting? Simmon's wasn't it? He's not too bad, eh Sutciff senpai?" Alan questioned cheerfully.

"Nah, he's as straight as they come Alan!" interjected Eric.

Alan smirked at the taller man, "Since when has that ever stopped Grell?"

Eric chuckled at the very valid point. "Touché…"

The object of their matchmaking efforts sighed heavily. "I'm sure I could show him a good time, be he seems so bo~ring! I want a man with a little fire in his eyes! Like my Sebas-chan…" Grell's eyes glazed over as he had no doubt entered another fantasy centered around the dark butler.

"You haven't got a prayer in Hell of getting that demon Grell, best just give it up now!" Eric laughed good-naturedly.

"Yes, he is playing awfully hard to get!" pouted the redhead. He then brightened considerably as a thought came to him, "There's always William! Aaaa~ I'd let him bend me over his desk a~nytime!"

Both his companions burst out laughing at this brazen statement. "Oh senpai, I think you might have better luck with the demon!" giggled Alan. Grell folded his arms and stuck his tongue out at the man.


Ronald Knox had been held up late tonight, his last mission taking longer than expected. Why couldn't the old bitty just kick it sooner! There's a party tonight that I'm missing! Grumbling as he finally finished hastily scribbling his report, he heard laughter and what sounded like Sutcliff senpai's patented "Aaaaaaa~". Deciding to investigate, he approached the assembled reapers (who turned out to be Alan, Eric and as he though, Grell senpai) and overheard them teasing the redhead about his love life, or rather, lack thereof. Teasing his crimson haired senpai had always been a favorite past time of the young reaper, so naturally he decided to join in the fun.

"What are you ladies up to? Tryin' to set up some poor stiff with Sutciff senpai? Who's the lucky victim?" the blond asked, mischievous smirk painted on his features, as he took a seat backwards in an office chair.

Alan returned his smirk, "I don't know Ronald, aren't you available right now?" he said, raising his eyebrow in challenge.

"Haha, yeah I don't have a girlfriend right now, emphasis on girl. If it's all the same to you though, I think I'll pass. Sorry Grell senpai, you're just not my type!" Ronald laughed while scratching the back of his head.

"Aaaaa~ Even my dear little Ronald won't have me~" Grell moaned melodramatically, the back of a hand pressed to his forehead in a parody of a swoon, earning a few chuckles from Alan and Ronald.

Meanwhile, Eric was looking thoughtfully at the blonde reaper. "How do you know?" he asked suddenly, startling Ronald.

"How do I know what?" asked he blond as he raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"How do you know Grell's not your type"

"Um… maybe you missed the whole part where I said girlfriend senpai, but yeah, I like women. Sorry, nothin' personal." He winked in apology to the redhead before turning his attention back to Eric.

"So you've said. What I mean is, how do you know you don't like men? Have you ever been with a man?"

Ronald blushed slightly at the elder man's blunt query. "Wha… well… no! That doesn't mean anything though! I mean, you lot prefer men, but you've never been with a woman…"

"Course I 'ave." Responded Eric, giving Ronald a look that said he thought the blond was being a bit daft.

"Me too." Said Alan, blushing slightly.

"Guilty!" piped up Grell as he raised his hand daintily. The other three reapers gasped in shock at Grell's admission.

"Eh! Even you Sutcliff senpai?" Ronald gasped in shock. Grell had to be the most flamboyant man the young reaper had ever met!

Reminiscing on the only woman to ever steal his heart, a woman who's passion for red rivaled his own, Grell grinned wide as he said, "There's an exception to e~very rule Ronald. Surely I've taught you tha~t much." Grell leaded forward in this chair, propping his chin on an arm resting over his crossed legs. "So, fancy making an exception and having a go~?" he purred seductively.

Blush intensifying, the blond responded, "That's one rule that has NO exception! Ronald Knox loves the ladies! Not that there's anything wrong with you lot liking men, it's just never appealed to me!" he finished with a weak chuckle.

"No exceptions huh? Could it be that you're just scared?" Eric smirked and taunted the younger man.

"Oh be nice Eric! Just because Ronald isn't comfortable enough with his sexuality to consider his options doesn't mean we should pick on him!" said Alan snickered sarcastically.

"Hey! I'm plenty comfortable!" sputtered the blond, wondering when it had been declared Pick on Ronald Day.

"Mind telling us what you find so unappealing then?" Grell interjected with a grin.

Did they honestly need it spelled out? Apparently so, as all three men were now staring at him, waiting for his answer. "… well… that's an… an exit only hole, pure and simple!" he blurted, blushing as crimson as Grell senpai's hair.

Peels of laughter sounded as Ronald stated his reasoning.

"…exit only… oh good Lord!" panted Alan, wiping a tear from his eye.

"Ooo~h Ronald you are positively ado~rable!" Grell squealed, clutching at his stomach.

Sputtering indignantly, Ronald opted for a more direct answer, "Well excuse me if I don't fancy something shoved up my bum!"

The three elder reapers positively erupted with laugher at that.

"Don't knock it 'til you try it da~rling!" Grell managed to reply in between giggles.

"You could always be the one doing the shoving!" Eric snorted before completely losing it again, along with his two cohorts.

Having reached his mockery limit for one evening, Ronald checked his watch then crossed his arms behind his head and smirked, "Forget you lot! I don't even know why I'm still here, since I've got a party to go to. Have fun with your overtime!" the blond offered them a cheeky grin and waved goodbye, content in his victory.

"Aaa~wwwww, going so soo~n Ronald! Don't you want to keep us co~mpany?" Grell whined at the younger reaper's retreating back.

Without looking back, Ronald flipped his senpai the bird and said "Sod off senpai!" with a singsong voice and a swagger in his step.

"Aaaaaaa~ is that a promise?" Grell moaned loudly in reply.

Internally cursing the unfortunate double meaning of his insult, Ronald simply cut his losses and quickly left the office, his co-worker's laughter still ringing down the halls.


A week later, Ronald was sure he was going insane. Ever since that fateful discussion, he hadn't had a moment's peace! Whether he was at work or partying in his free time, Ronald couldn't get one nagging question out of his head.

How do you know?

After giving the whole exchange with his senpai some thought in the privacy of his own quarters, Ronald had to admit that there was some logic to what his colleagues were saying. Finding logic in something said by any of them was strange enough, but the fact that the question so thoroughly consumed him was truly puzzling. So what if I've never been with a man, I'm sure I wouldn't like it, so why bother?

could it be that you're just scared?

And there is was. Ronald Knox was a lot of things, but a coward was not one of them. Eric's accusation rang loudly through his mind. I'm not scared, no way! …right? The blond couldn't imagine what there was to be afraid of. Disturbed maybe, but not afraid. The inevitable pain he could handle, he was sure he'd had worse. Perhaps it was the opposite… perhaps he was afraid he might… enjoy it?

Then the dreams began. Ronald had woken up the past three nights panting and extremely… excited, after dreaming about none other than Grell senpai. The redhead would make his cameo wearing one of those sexy dresses of his, or sometimes far less. Ronald didn't even want to think about the activities his unconscious mind conjured up for he and Grell to participate in.

Ronald had begun avoiding the three that had started the whole mess, especially Grell, as he blushed every time he laid eyes on the man. It had even begun to affect his work! He had been spacing out lately, either to contemplate his growing dilemma, or let a fantasy slip unbidden into his mind before growling in frustration, worrying his nearby co-workers.

This had to stop! His mind simply couldn't take any more of this damned confusion! Grell had said not to knock it 'til he tried it, and damnit, he was ready to fucking get it over with! Perhaps then he'd get some decent sleep, after he'd confirmed once and for all that men simply weren't his thing. He resolved to confront his confusion, and yes, his fears, right at the source! Ronald clocked out and marched determinedly toward Grell's quarters, intent on settling his troubled mind once and for all!