Welcome to 30 Days of Emmett! Well, it started as 30 days, it's turned into five weeks, but who's complaining :)

For the next five weeks (11/14-12/20), we'll be posting one shots or drabbles (up to twice daily) that revolve around our guy, Emmett. Participation was open to everyone, and there were only a few hard and fast rules:

- The story must be about Emmett (either part of a primary pairing, his point of view, or from another character about him)

- No cliches - that means dumb jocks and oafs need not apply

- All entries MUST be beta'd

So sit back and enjoy, because you are going to be treated to a veritable buffet of Emmett, and we're pretty sure there will be something for everyone. At the end of each post, the next author will be identified – so make sure you put this on alert, and leave some love for those authors who took the time to share a peek of what fun Emmett can be.

With that said, we're going to give you a double dose - a drabble and a one shot to start. Going forward, you'll have a post in the morning and the evening, so sit back and enjoy!


Name: ElleCC

Title: Wood (a Twilight 25 Prompt)

Rating: T

Pairing: Emmett and Rosalie

I could smell the garage on her seconds before she dropped lithely onto the branch next to me. Her golden hair was fluttering from her run.

"What are you doing?"

"Fly fishing," I cracked before looking back to the sketch I had done during the night.

"A treehouse?"

"The newlyweds have that cottage..."

"I don't think a treehouse is going to be very... durable." I could hear her smirk.

"Let's see if it can at least survive the day, okay?"

She picked up a hammer and tossed it end over end before catching it. "Okay, bubba. How can I help?"


Next to up, a one shot Hmonster4, posting later today