A/N: Here's the (admittedly, very short) prologue for a collection of stories relating to our Rose living in Pete's World (before and after you know who comes along to live there with her... :D). Hope it grabs your interest, I'd love to continue if people are interested. Much love, Laura :) x



People were attracted to her because she was kind. Kind, and very beautiful. And she helped people; spoke to them; listened to them. She smiled a gorgeous smile and people took to watching her every move, for she lit up each room.

People fell in love with her because she was a mystery. She was a puzzle that needed solving. She was a woman who needed fixing. For despite her caring nature and dazzling grins, she was not happy. Not really. And people saw that – saw how she tried to make an effort, tried to live a fantastic life, but they also saw her fail at that. She could defeat aliens and outwit executives but she could not, or would not, surrender herself completely to that life. She looked trapped, out of place, and so very, very lonely.

People fell in love with her because they knew that she must've been happy once – they could see it in her deep brown eyes. And they wanted to make her smile properly. Fix the broken young woman, make her live. They fell in love with her because to do that – to show her their love and heal her - that was impossible. They fell in love with a woman who would never love them back, because someone else occupied her thoughts, every day.

People fell in love with the impossible mystery that was Rose Tyler, and inevitably, their hearts broke. Just like hers.