A/N: The events in this story mostly, hehe, follow the events from when Chuck received the Intersect all the way up to the trust me on the beach scene, but this will be AU. Even though the events will be AU, I will try to eventually keep the Characters in their normal behavior although somewhat enhanced to fit my story. Please do not give up on the first Chapter, everything will come about and our favorite couple will eventually have the opportunity to be together, just not in the typical will they wont they routine.

I promise there will be no PLI angst. I seriously dislike reading about Sarah or Chuck having other love interests and my stories will never focus on that. Also, the reason I say that is because I have always had a soft spot for Bryce and Jill as long as it did not interfere in any way with Charah. They will not in this story.

I will warn you the first few chapters will not be the normal boy meets girl, girl protects boy, boy falls in love with girl, girl prolongs it for 3 agonizing years. This will be a very different relationship, as you will soon find out.

I don't own Chuck but I do own World of Warcraft.

THERE WILL BE NO MAJOR CHARACTER DEATHS! you will find out why the hurt was used as a description as the story unfolds, but don't worry.

Chapter 1 - Trust This

{Casa Bartowski – Pre-Government Intersect 1.0}

Chuck was deep in thought staring at the computer screen, trying to figure out how to avoid Ellie's birthday party planned for him later that night.

"Daddy, tell me again how you met Mommy."

The sweet voice of his daughter echoed through his small room to wake him from his thoughts.

"Ah, pumpkin. How many times have I told you that story?" Chuck felt a swelling in his heart thinking back to that day almost nine years ago.

"I know Daddy, but I just love hearing you talk about Mommy. Please, really quick, one more time…"

Even though the pain was still fresh from years ago when he had found out about the death of his other daughter and her mother, telling the story of when they first met somehow always helped. Plus, how could Chuck argue with that voice. His little girl, his Lisa meant so much to him. She always brightened his day and he thought back to when she came into his life. It was after one of the darkest times, he knew. He had felt so alone and so worthless, but she had given him hope, she had been the light that shown through the darkness, she gave him purpose. "Okay honey, one more time but I have to be quick because Morgan is going to be popping in at any moment. Okay?"

"Okay Daddy."

"Well it all started back when your Dad was a senior in High School. I was of course working at the Buy More and we were tasked with an install for the State High…"

"Yo buddy what's up?" Morgan said as he came bursting through the Morgan door, interrupting Chuck's story he was telling to Lisa .

Chuck quickly typed in a command and turned his monitor off as once again Morgan interrupted his time with Lisa. Oh well he thought, I can finish the story later. It was not like this would be the last time he told it.

"You ready for your big birthday celebration?" Morgan was trying to act supportive for Chuck even though he knew his best bud was dreading another one of Ellie's birthday bashes.

Chuck quickly turned to Morgan, making sure the monitor was still off. He did not want Morgan to suspect anything out of the ordinary. "Yeah, uh can't wait."

"You okay Chuck?" Morgan suddenly became concerned at the way Chuck was acting.

"No I am fine, why do you ask?" Chuck quickly stood up; reassuring himself his computer was secured.

"You just look like you saw a ghost." Morgan looked questionably at Chuck's computer. "And who were you talking to Chuck?" Morgan was looking around the room for a hidden guest but he saw nothing.

"Uh nobody, just you know, online vent channel for World of Warcraft." Chuck quickly realized his mistake as he saw his headphones laying over near his Xbox 360. Oh please don't notice, please don't notice.

"Cool bud. I didn't interrupt a raid on Molten Core or anything did I?"

"Nope. All is good." Chuck felt relieved as it seemed he was in the clear.

Morgan was staring at Chuck, still not convinced everything was okay. But hey, this was the mastermind, the Computer Ninja, the Technological Guru, this was Chuck. Everything was always great with Chuck. "All right Bro, just thought I would come over to play a little Halo before the big bash."

"Sounds great, lets play." Chuck quickly brought around his gaming chair so he and Morgan could load up Halo. Chuck hated leaving his daughter like that but he hoped she would understand.

Lisa was always sad when her daddy had to leave so quickly; but at least she knew why. Daddy made sure she understood that she was only to talk to Grandpa, Aunt Ellie, Uncle Devon, Uncle Bryce, and Aunt Jill. Daddy had told her if anyone else found out about her, the bad people might find out and could take her away and probably never allow Daddy to see her. She would never let that happen, because she would not allow anyone to take her away from her Daddy. They took her Mommy and sister away, but never would she let them take her away from Daddy.

Knowing that her daddy was with Morgan made her feel happy. She knows some day, when Grandpa and Uncle Bryce say it is safe, she will be able to meet Morgan, but for now, just knowing Daddy is happy is the main thing. Wanting to make sure her daddy knew that she loved him but not wanting anyone to find out their secret; she connected with Xbox Live and sent her Daddy a message.

"Dude, you got a message from that Chisa girl again. What's it say?" asked an excited Morgan, just as he T-bagged a fallen Elite.

Chuck knew it was safe so he opened up the message.








"What in the world is that bro? Isn't that binary or something?" Morgan paused his game as he tried to figure out what in the world the message meant. Unfortunately he was not as much a nerd as Chuck was, so he did not speak Binary.

Chuck looked at the message from his daughter and smiled with such joy. He couldn't help himself as he whispered, I love you too sweetie.

{2 Hours Later - CIA Intersect Room}

Bryce Larkin had just fallen through the ceiling and was uploading the Intersect into his wrist computer that Orion had made for him. When the download was almost complete, he urgently typed in Lisa's access code…

"Hey Uncle Bryce, you okay?"

"Hey little girl. I need to send your Dad something but this is beyond Top Secret. I want you to make sure only your Dad opens it okay?" Bryce was just finishing up the complete upload.

"Uncle Bryce, your not in trouble are you?"

Bryce could sense the concern in Lisa's voice. "Sweetie, it is going to be okay. I think this may allow us a chance to be free of these bad guys that are always chasing us."

Bryce set the detonation device and was running out the door.

"Lisa, I need you to stay calm, don't freak out okay?"

"Yes Uncle Bryce, what is it?"

Bryce had just took out two guards as he made his way up the stairs and to the roof.

"I think I might have found some information that your sister is still alive."

"Are you serious?"

Bryce smiled as he jumped down to the next level of the roof, avoiding the gunfire all around him. Didn't matter that he was dodging bullets, his heart was full thinking that they might actually find Chuck's daughter, and she might be alive.

"Yes honey, now make sure to secure this data and only give it to your dad okay?" Bryce paused a moment as he realized nothing would be the same from this point on. It was worth the risk however to know that their entire family might soon be together, and safe for once. "Remember I love you Lisa, don't ever forget that. Everything I have done here today is because I love you and your Dad!"

"Uncle Bryce, your scaring me. Please tell me what is going on."

Bryce landed on the parking lot. "I love you sweetie. Tell your Dad thanks for being there for me and let Aunt Jill know I love her so much."

At that moment Bryce was shot in the chest as he fell to the ground. At the last moment he hit the send button and the Orion computer self-destructed.

"UNCLE BRYCE? Please Uncle Bryce answer me."

Nothing but silence as Lisa received the last of her Uncle's transmission.

Even though she was feeling very sad at the last words her Uncle spoke, she knew she had to do exactly what Uncle Bryce said. So she quickly analyzed the file that Uncle Bryce had sent. She knew enough from Grandpa and Daddy to know this was the upgraded Government Intersect 1.0. She knew that once Daddy had viewed it, he would have the newest upgrade, even newer then the last one Grandpa had given him months ago. She did not like that idea one bit but she also knew that she trusted Uncle Bryce without reserve.

Plus Uncle Bryce said this would help them find her Sister. Was it really a possibility that her sister was still alive. Oh Daddy would be so happy if this was true. She would do this for him. Her Daddy's happiness was all she cared about so she took the file and added in some additional programming just for her dad.

Her Daddy would be done with his Birthday party shortly and that will be when she lets him know about the file.

{Hours Later…}

{CIA Headquarters}

"We need our top Agent on this ASAP. Do you understand me?" Director Graham was beyond angry as he shouted in the phone, realizing all the work put into acquiring the Government Intersect was now for naught. "What ever means necessary I want to know who this person is that was sent the stolen Intersect and I want that information back NOW!"

Graham was at the boiling point. "I also want our top Assassin on this as a secondary initiative in case something goes wrong."

"YES I AM SERIOUS! Now just do it!"

{NSA Facility}

"We need are top operative on this now. This Charles Bartowski needs to be found and dealt with before anyone else gets to him. Do I make myself clear?" demanded an angry General Beckman.

{Fulcrum Base}

"Get word to our Top Assassin that we need information from this person of interest the CIA and NSA is after. We need him captured and we need as much information from him as possible. Use what ever means necessary to get this done."

"Are you sure sir. Our top assassin is somewhat of a loose cannon."

"I understand, but her track record is immaculate. This could be the turning point in our fight against the Government, and we can not allow for failure."

"We will contact her immediately."

{Next morning after Chuck has downloaded the Intersect}

{Burbank BuyMore}

"Vicky Vale… oh never mind" Chuck clamored as he looked up at the Golden Hair female that stood before him. "Can I help you?"

"I was wondering if you could help me with my phone?" The beautiful blond smiled as she handed Chuck her phone.

Chuck happened to look beyond the Blond to notice a rather tall, dark haired female walking into the Buy More. Wow is she beautiful Chuck thought as he stared at the black leather clad Goddess. Chuck could have sworn that he had seen this beautiful woman somewhere before but he just could not place her where abouts.

"Excuse me. Hello! My phone."

"Yes sorry, let me see that." Chuck was having a hard time concentrating as he watched the dark haired female in the distance. He was however finally able to stumble through fixing the blond's phone.

{ * * * }

She instantly saw her Mark but that CIA slut had already made contact. This guy must be really important because they never waste the pretty blond's on just anybody. Well good she thought, I can't stand talking to these idiots anyway. Just make it easier to piggy back off these CIA whores. Let them do all the seduction and she will do what she loves, torture and death. And why is that moron staring at me?

"Excuse me maam. Can you help my Dad and I?" The little ballerina asked politely to the dark haired assassin.

Valkrie instantly pulled her gaze from Chuck down to the little rat talking to her, "What the hell do I look like chubby, an employee here?"

"No maam, I just hoped you could help us."

She could not believe they let such overweight girls do ballet. What has this world come to with all these rotten kids running around. She would just as well get rid of all of them especially starting with this sorry excuse for a human.

"Sorry to bother you" The father said as he quickly ushered his daughter to the Nerd Herd desk, completely afraid of the look of the dark haired assassin.

{Early Morning, two days later at the Beach}

The Blond CIA agent felt so heart warmed by what this nerd had done the last day or so. She knew that she could never harm this asset. She would do all she could to see that he was kept safe. It was odd the way she was feeling, she was not used to this kind of emotion as she walked towards Chuck, shoes in hand.

{ * * * }

"I need you to do something for me Chuck." The blond agent was sitting next to Chuck, looking him in the eyes. Those gorgeous brown eyes.

She was so beautiful Chuck thought, not exactly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but still at least in the top ten. He momentarily thought back to the black clad leather goddess from the Buy More the other day. Now that was a number one on the list. The voice of the blond brought him out of his day dream.

"I need you to trust me." The look in her eyes made Chuck know without a doubt that he would trust her.

Walking up silently behind the blond agent, the black clad assassin raised her gun "Trust this you CIA Bitch" and then sent two rounds in the back of the blond's head. "Now red hair seems to fit you just fine."

Chuck was in shock at what just happened. He was petrified as he looked up to the shooter. He froze as the barrel of a gun was aimed right at his face, he could barely see the tall, black haired female on the other end of the barrel. Was that black leather he thought?

"Who… who are you?" Chuck stammered as his thoughts trailed off.

"Who I am is not important, what I want is important. But since I may be the last person you will ever see, you can call me Valkrie."

Chuck started to flash at the Code Name Valkrie. When the flash was done, he wanted to vomit. He had never seen such horrible acts as this Assassin had done. Valkrie was responsible for over a hundred assassinations. She was the most sought after Assassin the world had ever known. And now she had him. She had definitely just moved down his hottie list.

Valkrie had to smile as she saw complete fear in her current mark's face. She knew her reputation preceded her as the ultimate assassin. This was going to be fun breaking this one, she thought to herself. With extreme pleasure, she smashed the side of the gun across the nerd's face, knocking him out instantly.

A/N: So who is this Valkrie character? Who was the blond CIA agent that just had her brains splattered all over the beach? And who is Chuck's daughter, Lisa? Is Bryce and Jill really married? Who is this Team Orion?

Stay tuned and all will be revealed shortly.

Just so you know, I already have the first 9 chapters done. I hate making people wait so I like to plan ahead. I will see if anyone likes the direction of this and then updates will come without to much delay.