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{Burbank Buy More}

Lester was standing next to Jeff, once again rejected by another female he tried to make a move on.

"Don't worry Lester, someday." Jeff placed his greasy palm on Lester's shoulder.

Lester had to get away for a bit. Having Jeff's hand on his shoulder, and not knowing where it had been today, and also being rejected for the umpteenth time, he wanted to be alone.

He told Jeff he needed to use the restroom and then he went and hid in one of the stalls. After making sure no one was around, he pulled out his wallet and unfolded the picture he had stored in there.

He smiled as he looked at it and read the back.

Thought you would want to know the whole Truth.

Jack B.

"See, I wasn't always a looser." Lester whispered to himself even though one, he thought Jack was a weird name for a Girl, and two, he actually could never remember being with a girl. Either way though, he had held onto this picture for the past 9 years, drawing strength every time he needed it.

Stupid Bartowski took the first one sent but that was okay. Bartowski always had to be better at everything. Everyone always loved Chuck, he was everyone's hero, blah, blah blah. Well he was the real hero, Lester thought to himself as he looked at the photo. He was the real man, better then Bartowski by one.

{Las Vegas Facility}

"Dr. Zarnow, we have truly failed haven't we?" Asked a man in a dark suit. "All the effort to hide the truth has all been a waste. The Bartowski's have found their child and there will never be a chance at getting her back."

Dr. Zarnow smiled a very creepy smile. He thought back to the Valkrie initiative. So many idiots thought they knew what was going on. They thought it was all about turning the Burton girl into a killing machine. Originally the idea was to never let Valkrie and the Bartowski guy ever know they shared a daughter. They took the Burton girl right after child birth to perform the necessary surgery and then the conversion process, to wipe her memory clean. They went to great pains to hide it from Valkrie, both mentally and physically. The girl's father, Jack freaking Burton, was even blackmailed to keep the FULL truth a secret. He actually came in very useful as he allowed the Ring Doctors to act as the girls Gynecologist from the beginning. This allowed them to get their hooks in early and administer the necessary drugs to keep the girl confused. Oh yeah, Jack Burton was very useful, well he was until he was killed tragically when his car was blown up. The guy just could not be trusted.

But project Artemis was way more important then anything else. It was going to be his biggest achievement. They could have Valkrie, he wanted and got the child, the Bartowski/Burton blood line. It was that bloodline that was the most important thing in the world. But did they really think someone as smart as he would allow it to all come crumbly down by the loss of Patient X? They could keep there precious Patient X, he didn't need her anyway. He always had a backup plan that only he and Graham knew about. Everyone else was so stupid to think it could all end so easily. Oh how wrong they were.

"Dr. Zarnow? Did you hear me? What do we do now that we have lost Patient X, our only viable test subject? Is Project Artemis truly finished?"

Dr. Zarnow was beaming with terrifying glee as he responded, "No. There is another!"

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