this world will never be what i expected

Sweat ran down David Jeevas' brow as he waited outside the mansion, having just rung the doorbell. He toyed with the edge of his suit, trying to ease himself without much success; his plan, what he was about to do, weighed heavily in his mind.

A butler opened the door after a minute more of waiting. The old man's expression showed weariness, but with also a polite air. "Mr. Jeevas?" he queried.

The auburn-haired man nodded.

"Mrs. Keehl has been expecting you." The butler stepped back and opened the door wider, letting the other come in.

David stared in awe at his surroundings as the butler led him to the waiting room. Then again, what had he been expecting? The Keehls were currently the owners of one of the biggest companies in the world, it was only natural that the furniture seemed so classy. Two big vases of cattails sat on either side of the doorway; once inside, there was a stairway on the right, and two archways leading to other rooms on the left.

David ducked through a vestibule after the butler, who'd finally stopped halfway through one of the archways. "I'll be off to fetch Mrs. Keehl," he said, and bowed slightly. Then he was gone, heading up the stairs.

Taking a seat in one of the beige couches, David allowed himself a breath. Am I really doing this? he asked himself silently. He bit his lip, seriously contemplating on high-tailing it right then. But he thought of his family, of the oncoming baby, and shook his head. He had to. With his company ailing and not earning nearly enough money as it used to, it wouldn't support his family.

And if I make this deal, he reminded himself, it will be like killing two birds with one stone. My family needs the support, and the Keehls need someone to marry their son before Mr. Keehl passes away. It's a win-win situation, and Matt shouldn't entirely mind being-

"It's a pleasure to see you again, David," someone spoke, and David had to pause for a moment to realize that it was him who was being addressed.

"Laura," he acknowledged the woman, standing to give her a smile.

Laura Keehl looked thoroughly delighted. "How long has it been?" she gushed. "Eight years? I bet little Matt has grown up!"

"Much so," David agreed. "He's nineteen now." Feeling that he shouldn't try to stall any longer, he blurted out, "And speaking of my son, I've a little proposition."

"A proposition?" Laura raised an elegant eyebrow. "Well, all right, but let's go to the kitchen. The cooks have just finished making dinner. We'll talk about it then."

David nodded, finding that it couldn't hurt. "And how is your husband?" he asked as they walked.

"Evan is doing very well," Laura said with a sniff.

David sensed a change in the atmosphere and decided not to press the topic about her wife, who'd been diagnosed with lung cancer a little over a year ago.

"I keep telling him not to smoke," Laura said. "But he doesn't listen. He says that some sickness isn't going to change who he is. Stubborn man." She shook her head, chuckling somewhat ruefully.

David didn't know what to say once they'd reached the dining room. Taking a seat next to the woman, he scrambled for something to say to change the subject. He opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off when a figure appeared in the doorway and spoke.

"Mom," the blond said. He paused when he saw David, eyeing him warily.

"Mello!" Laura clapped her hands once. "You're in time for dinner. Come on, don't you remember Mr. Jeevas?"

Again, Mello eyed David scrutinizingly. "No," he responded shortly.

"Don't you remember Matt?" Laura said with a frown. "You two were the best of friends!"

"No," was the repeated answer. Before his mother could go on, he said, "I already ate. I came down because Dad wanted a glass of water." With that, he disappeared into the kitchen, leaving the two adults once more.

"Boys," Laura said with a roll of her eyes. "Anyway, what was that proposition you were talking about, David?"

David gulped, and suddenly he felt nauseous. "Well," he began. I shouldn't be doing this. Oh god, this is wrong, I shouldn't be, I shouldn't be. But I have to, because my family can fail. But what about- "I heard that you were still looking for a bride for your son."

"Mello?" Laura said. "Oh, him. Yes, we are, and have been for the last four years! He's always far too busy with his studies to court anyone and he scares away almost every girl that we try to set him up with! Stubborn, like his dad." She shook her head disdainfully.

"Coincidentally, my offer pertains to that," David said, gaining a minuscule amount of confidence. "My company's failing," he admitted. "With Rebecca having a baby on the way, there's no way that I'll be able to provide for them if my company is completely destroyed."

Laura looked sincerely troubled. "That's not good," she said. "Is there anything that we might be able to do?"

"You're already dealing enough with your husband," David told her. "And if you accept my proposal, both of our families will benefit."

"What is it?"

David took a deep breath. "You see..."

. . .

The following morning:

His name was Matt, Matt Jeevas, and, as he sat on the lavish breakfast table with a plate of cinnamon rolls in front of him, the redhead found himself facing possibly the most awkward moment of his life. "What do you mean, I'm getting married?"

I personally had a good laugh while writing that last part. XD Anyways, this is the story that I've hinted at once(or twice). It's only the prologue, so, as you might have noticed, it's a little boring. The first real chapter will hopefully be uploaded tonight(if I finish my project early) and it'll explain some things that are a little unclear. Then, the story will have officially begun! :D