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Chapter 18

With only one more mission in mind, the group began to search the halls once again. As they searched room after room, Leo spoke softly and slowly grew louder and louder. They learned quickly that each test subject was given one power that they specialized in. For Leo, it was control over tools like a mechanic and a bit of control over metals, and his sister had a special connection with the spirit world and spirits (Leo made it obvious that he was afraid that her special power was due to her being so close to death most of her life).

However, they also learned that his sister was very sick, but their parents were very rich. Their parents sent them to a special healing center without realizing it was a setup for this group. When they came, they were one of at least fifty set of twins. By the end, they were one of three sets. Luna and he became very valuable, but Luna grew too sick for the end for the ending procedures and the tests failed. Now they kept Luna alive to study Leo and keep him in check. Though horrified by the thought of it happening, the group continued searching.

Jack sighed, shifting Caitlynn's dead weight. "Here, I think Crow and I should split from you guys. We'll drop her off outside with Sherry and Carly and meet you at the west entrance in an hour. Then we'll continue looking."

Aki looked unhappy with the idea. "Are you sure that's a good-"

"Yes. It's the best way. She needs to be looked after, and since Sherry has been in the Med one class at school-" Jack began, but was cut off.

"Fine. Go quickly." Yusei commanded, looking only a bit distracted. "Let's meet in a half-hour instead. The faster we go, the better."

"Yeah. I don't know how much longer Blitz can hold them off." Aki murmured, her eyes dropping to the floor for just a moment. "After we get them out, we can call the police."

"And tell them what?" Asked Crow, an eyebrow lifted. "Hey, Star Center has been kidnapping people for years and testing on them illegally without anyone knowing, and we, a group of teenagers, managed to find out about it and rescue our friends without any outside help?"

Jack snorted. "Blitz?"

"There's a police warrant out for his arrest." Stated Crow. "We can't tell them he helped us."

"We're wasting time." Snapped Aki, her brown eyes flashing like lightning. "We'll figure it out later. For now, let's focus on finding Luna."

They nodded, separating quickly and walking briskly.

. . .

Crow frowned, reaching another dead end. He huffed in frustration as he and Jack turned again, searching for an exit. His grip on his backpack tightened. "Goodness! Where could an exit possibly be hiding?"

Jack frowned, shifting Caitlynn again. It'd been nearly twenty minutes of their precious thirty, and they were finding nothing. There wasn't a single door or sign with an exit label. "I don't know." He sighed heavily. "I think my arm's falling asleep. Do you mind taking her for a moment?"

Crow nodded, holding out his arms for his adoptive sister. However, it was just when Jack had stepped away that Caitlynn's eyes snapped open, she elbowed Crow in the stomach, and leaped from his arms, finding herself in a dead sprint.

Crow wheezed but pulled himself together enough to run after Caitlynn and Jack, who had jumped immediately to running as to keep on her trail. She weaved and turned through the maze until Crow didn't know his left from his right, but they soon found themselves in front of a door. Though it looked like any other door, neither knew what to do.

Caitlynn just stood in front of it for a moment before she pushed it open. Before either boy could follow, she slammed it shut.

Jack blinked before looking at Crow. "I don't think she was ever in shock."

Crow scowled, rubbing his sore stomach. "You think?"

. . .

Yusei didn't know why, but about five minutes before Jack and Crow would be on time, he got a strange lurching feeling in his gut. It felt horrible and mind-numbing in a way that he didn't quite understand. He gritted his teeth, leaning against a wall. Thankfully, neither Aki or Leo seemed to notice.

When it turned into a fearful, burning pain that seemed to actually be pulling him in a different direction, Yusei stopped caring. He stood tall and began walking the way that he just knew he needed to go.

"Yusei?" Aki called in confusion. "Yusei! Where are you going? We're supposed to meet Jack and Crow-"

Somehow, Yusei just couldn't wait any longer. He pushed a breath out of his mouth, barely containing a moan of pain. One word slid from his lips as he continued on toward the source of the searing pain centered in his middle.


. . .

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