Written for the Hogwarts Online Prompt of the Day

Prompt: A new beginning

He was standing there, and for a second, she forgot to breathe. It had been eight years - eight long years since she had seen him. She took in his appearance, all of it, bit by bit. He had grown taller, not so much, but maybe by an inch or so. His blond hair which used to be ruffled up in a messy way was now cut short, much shorter than he had ever liked. His complexion seemed fairer, or maybe it was the sun-effect, as he always said. He now wore spectacles, which were rather like hers - and she found this the most astounding part, because he always made fun of her glasses.

"Hey," she approached him, a little wary.

He didn't say anything, just stood there, watching her, dumb-folded. She hoped he remembered her - maybe she was too late and he had moved on (That would have been appropriate, she guessed. She deserved worse, really). But then he came closer and hugged her and hugged her and hugged her - as if he would never let her go now.

"Molly, Molly, Molly," he whispered, kissing her hair.

"Lorcan," she wrapped her arms around him and inhaled his scent. It had been so long, but the attraction between them was still there – his aroma managed to allure her.

He kissed her checks, her forehead, and her ear - once, twice, thrice and then suddenly drew apart. She didn't like the distance, not at all. They had been apart for too long, and she couldn't bear it anymore.

"I am sorry, I..." she started, but he cut her short.

"Don't. Its okay - It was my, my mistake. Entirely my mistake," he said, refusing to look towards her.

"No - I misjudged you. How could I even think that? You were right, I never trusted you. It was my fault," Tears started rolling down her eyes, and he inched closer towards her, until she could feel his breathe on her face and he kissed her tears away.

"Shhhh. It's okay. I'm just glad to have you back again Molly. Nothing else matters." he comforted her.

"Roxanne - Roxanne told me," Molly muttered, her head still buried in the nape of his neck.

"When?" he asked, still not ready to let her go.

"Yesterday, when I returned for Mum and Dad's anniversary,"

"What did she say?" he gently released her and took her hand, leading her to the benches.

She looked around the flower garden - for near him, the scenery had ceased to matter often. She could make out bulbs of Daffodils all ready to spout out and the newly planted buds of Lilies. She inhaled their smell and smiled.

"She told me - told me everything. It was Lucy who had tried to you know..." she bit her lip, not knowing how to say all this about her own little sister.

"It's okay. I know."

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked, turning to face him.

"I tried – but you refused to hear me out. How could you, over Lucy? And then - you left,"

"I'm sorry Lorcan." she said, leaning into his embrace. Maybe she wasn't too late. Maybe they could still start things over, maybe they could still have a new beginning – maybe.