Somebody Tell Me What She Said

Short stupid A/N: Well I wrote this because my new favorite song is "Te Amo" by Rihanna. I've never really been a "fan" of Rihanna, so it's kind of new for me. Well I'll to not make it show in the story, that it's actually made of songs.

A/N: Okay so... I'll never been able to speak or write Italian, so I don't know if I wrote it correctly. Not one bit of it!

Full Summary: Italian Isabella Swan, works for the Italian Mafia. Her friends have always told her to move to America, to get a better life. Isabella have always thought of it as a stupid idea. But now she have realized the danger of being a member of the Italian Mafia. So now she is moving to America.. America, Washington DC. Where the rich, perfectionist, Edward Cullen lives. What happen when wild dangerous Isabella Swan meets the popular perfect Edward Cullen? But mostly what happens when Isabella's past squishes itself into her life again?

AU-human, OOC (very much), and some people will speak Italian.

PS: Flo Jo, is the nickname Bella has given Florence.

In the end all the translations find place.

Isabella P.O.V

"Calmo' fare, Isabella" he said. Calm down, Isabella. He looked dangerous as he sat there, his clothes slightly yellow because of all the sweat, rolling of his skin, his dark hair neatly cut, and his face twisted in a frown. I knew he cared for me, I could see it in his eyes when he looked at me. That was also the reason why he hesitated when I asked if we couldn't play the game. He doesn't love although, that I know. Nobody actually love me. People just.. Stopped, loving me, or.. Liking me, in any way. Now I have friends, not real friends. Just.. People I know, and people I am capable of trusting.

I breath out slowly as in response. Then put my hand on the table and slowly, very slowly I reached for the loaded gun. My eyes flickered to his face as I rested the guns head at my temple. He nodded to me, I closed my eyes and counted to three. "Klick" Short happiness flooded throe me in a flicker of a second. Now it was his turn. I put the gun down on the table.

We were using his gun, I couldn't let myself use mine until it was lifesaving important.

"Calmo' fare, Diego" Calm down, Diego. I say trowing his own words at him. He flashed me a short smile, then quickly takes the gun to his own temple. "Klick" again nothing. I couldn't stop both the happiness and angst, when he wasn't the one to die. Sweat was poring down my forehead, I could die now. I could not be able to see tomorrows light, I could miss the darkness of the night. But I couldn't get myself to stop, this was adrenalin. Adrenalin in the extreme, and I was loving it. But if I were to survive today, I would not ask for this game again. My breath was shaky as I felt the cold and wet gun against my skin. "Klick" I sighed in happiness. I didn't die, in this round, anyway.

I could see his Adams apple bop, as he swallowed. I slowly picket up the gun and held it against his head, again. He blinked nervously, and pulled the trigger, once again. The only different from the other times, was that this time there was blood. So much blood. Although I had seen much, much more. I had to take my eyes of him, he had fallen onto the floor. The last one talking to him, being me. I couldn't help but feel shocked, I had known what I was going to do, but the though of one of us actually dying.. The though hadn't passed my mind at all.

I sat there for what felt like hours, but what really only was three minutes, then I shortly stood. Looking at him one last time. His left leg was slightly laying on the chair he had sat on, and his face crocked to the side looking at me. Blood was pouring out of him, like a river and his normally sunburn skin, started to pale. I wondered what he would have done if it was I who had ended up losing my life. Would he take me elsewhere? Would he call the police?Not likely.. Or would he just walk out as I did.

"Riposi in pace, Diego" Rest in peace, Diego. I said and tore my eyes of him, then stiffly I walked outside. Finally outside in the cold evening air, I quickly found my cigarette from my pocket and then lit it. The smoke was relaxing me, calming me in ways nobody else could. I still shook slightly from the adrenalin. That must have been the greatest adrenalin I've ever felt!

"Isa!" I turned at the sound of my name. Florence came running to me. Her brown incredible curly hair bounced at every jump she made towards me. The red eyeshadow she always wore, made her green eyes stand out in the dim light. As she came closer I noticed that her eyebrows was knitted together in a tight line.

"Cosa stai facendo?" What were you doing in there. She asked in concern eying the building I just walked out of.

"Roulette Russian," Russian Roulette. I just said without more explanation. Florence knew about the deal Hector made with me; I could move to America if I just killed his son-in-law, who was Diego. Diego wasn't the first one I had seen die. I had killed three women, four men, five with Diego, and one teenager boy who stole my gun, once.

"Oh my god, Isa. Diego?" She asked, using that awfully childish American way of expressing your shock.

"Si, Diego" Yes, Diego. I said and started to walk away from Diego's apartment building.

"Hai fame verso partenza sud America?" Are you moving to South America, then? she asked, following just behind me, her short legs had to hurry after my long ones.

"America del nord," North America. I corrected her and rounded the corner, going for Zona Festa, as my renter called her dirty bar.

"America del nord! Questo è il punto al freddo parti!" North America! That's the cold part! She said shocked.

"Flo Jo!" I stopped as we reached the other side of the street, standing right in front of the bar. "Ion sono riesco ad andare a America del nord! Dappertuttu non é qui, tranne qui!" I am moving to North America! Anywhere but here! I smiled in joy and blew some smoke away from her, knowing she didn't enjoy the smoke.

She something but I didn't hear her of the music when I stepped inside the bar. Looking for Morena, my renter. Finally seeing her blond hair. I pushed my way to her, when she finally saw me her icy blue eyes rounded and she went to give me a hug.

"Isabella, se fossi in te, al tuo posto-" Isabella, if I were you, I would- she started, but I interrupted her.

"Ion sono riesco ad andare a America!" I'm moving to America! I shouted over the music.

"Va tutto benissimo!" That's very, very good! She happily sighed. She had told me to move to America many times. She didn't think I belonged here, if she knew what I was doing here at all, I think she would - herself - buy a fly ticket to me, and send my sorry ass to America. But she didn't knew about my Mafia life. I remember the day I officially started at Hector, he told me about the code. It was a 10 spot long list with "rules".

1. No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it.

2. Never look at the wives of friends.

3. Never be seen with cops.

4. Don't go to pubs and clubs.

5. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is duty - even if your wife is about to give birth.

6. Appointments must absolutely be respected.

7. Wives must be treated with respect.

8. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth.

9. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to family.

10. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold moral values.

I thought that the rules fit me perfectly. So I had said yes, to become his "soldier", but a few months ago I started to feel uncomfortable around my "brothers". I didn't trust anyone of my "brothers", not even Hector. So I started to listen when Morena talked about me moving to America. And now I was finally able to move. I had already packet my things and Hector had my flight tickets. Now all I had to do was say goodbye to everyone, and when I say everyone I mean, Morena, and Flo Jo.

Edward P.O.V

Her soft pink lips pressed against mine. I didn't dare move my hands from my sides, but I wanted so bad to touch her. She held still, the only thing touching against us was our lips. Both our bodies stood still. Don't get me wrong, I loved kissing her, the kiss just missed something. Some spiciness missing, I wanted her hands in my hair, I wanted to hold her against me, I wanted to be able to just.. Touch her. Then all to soon she leaned back.

"I gotta go, Edward" Tanya said. I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her yellow summer dress, made her blond hair stick out, her blue eyes shinning in the morning light, her hair was styled in a tight ponytail, making her look more awaken than she really was.

"Just stay a little more," I pleaded her. She shook her head, no.

"The bell is gonna ring in a moment, we got to go to" she smiled a smile to me. She took my hand and lead me to our first class. The hallway was filled with student who waited for the bell to ring. Tanya didn't want to be late so she always came at least ten minutes before the class actually started. Then suddenly every student held their breath, the silence stood out. Tanya stopped in her walk as did I. I looked around to see the sudden change. I couldn't help but stop breathing as the rest of the students when I saw her.

Her long brown hair wild looking, against the contrast of every other girls hair, her black eyeshadow made her brown eyes look lighter than normal brown eyes, she was dressed in black from head to toe, a black t-shirt with red print, black leather jacket and tight black leather trousers. Something about the way she walked showed confidence in a way nobody else could, her face held high, and her long legs walking in a steady rhythm.

Then just as quickly as it had quieten down people started to talk again.

"Who's she?"

"I've heard she have killed people!"

"She have a black Ford,"

"No! I've heard she's got the Guardian!"

"No way!"

"She's the devil"

"Do you know her?"

"She comes from Rome,"

"No, she comes from Milan,"

"She's my cousin,"

"I've known her all my life, her name's Phoebe"

"Come on Edward, we gotta go to class" Tanya's voice broke my trance as she tried to pull me after her. I turned to Tanya, and the guilt started to work it's way into me. How could I even think such thoughts of another girl, no girl wasn't the word, the new girl Phoebe or what her name was, was not a girl, she was a woman. Stop it, Edward! I looked back at where I had seen her just a second ago, but she was gone. With a sigh I let myself get pulled after Tanya to our first class.. I guess I would see her in the cafeteria.

Translations: So I've used , really much! And I know that I've made SO many mistakes, but I can't speak/write/read Italian, and I've never been able to! So... Here's the translations:

Calmo' fare, Isabella :: Calm down, Isabella

Calmo' fare, Diego :: Calm down, Diego

Riposi in pace, Diego :: Rest in peace, Diego

Cosa stai facendo? :: (I can't actually remember what that meant, I think it was something like: "What were you doing in there")

Roulette Russian :: Russian Roulette

Si, Diego :: Yes, Diego

Ion sono riesco ad andare a America del nord! Dappertuttu non é qui, tranne qui! :: I am moving to North America! Anywhere but here!

Hai fame verso partenza sud America? :: Are you moving to South America, then?

America del nord :: North America

America del nord! Questo è il punto al freddo parti! :: North America! That's the cold part!

Isabella, se fossi in te, al tuo posto- :: Isabella, if I were you, I would-

Ion sono riesco ad andare a America! :: I'm moving to America!

Va tutto benissimo! :: (I can't remeber that good either, something like: "That's very, very good")

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